Magicsuit vs Miraclesuit (Which is Better)

As a lover of nature and leisure, you can never get in the way of hanging out at a pool or beach. Playing and relaxing inside water feels like a release from the many stress we pick around our daily activities.

To even enjoy the serenity better, we wear our swimsuits to better navigate through the ripples or waves of our leisure time. Relaxing and getting compliments for looking great, is there anything better? 

Swimsuits make us comfortable throughout our water use and make us dashing on-shore. Their design includes a very stretchy fabric that makes it snug-fit and glued to take up the body shape and flaunt the areas necessary.

Like that wasn’t enough, swimsuits began to diversify to include lots of appealing varieties that include; tankinis, bikinis, miracle suits, magic suits, and lots more.  

Miracle and magic suits offer different options as opposed to the rest; they carry peculiar features that tell them apart from other swimwear. In this article, we will be facing off the two brands by their similarities and differences, then include some great products you can trust to buy. 

Differences Between Magic suits and Miracle suits

The main difference between magic suits and miracle suits is that magic suits offer a more contemporary line of swimsuits and the styles of these suits are often in solid colors without so many prints while Miracle suits rather offer a traditional style since they’ve been around longer and they are often in huge varieties of simple colorful slimming prints.

Another difference is that magic suits come in three styles, which are; a one-piece swimsuit, flattering high waisted bikini bottoms, and tankini tops that offer all-over control and an adjustable halter-top for support and added comfort.

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Miracle suits come in various styles as well, they can be a one-piece, high-waist tummy control swim bottoms, shaping tankini, or two-piece suits with stylish modern designs that will accentuate your curves and keep off your bumps and lumps. They wrap around your torso, clinching to your waist, and minimize your flaws.

The Miracle Suit Brand?

Miracle suits are unique and innovative suits that specialize in contouring, shaping, slimming, and firming the body. Their uniqueness lies in the Miratex fabric which has three times more spandex in a standard suit fabric than any other.

This is why when a woman puts on a miracle swimsuit, she suddenly appears younger and loses 10 lbs in the 10 seconds it took to put it on. 

So, their specialty involves a design that makes women look slimmer without using uncomfortable girdle linings. The Miratex fabric is used in such a way that, it goes around the body, making a woman feel in total control of the fabric while it smoothens and slenderizes her body.

They come with no additional linings and extra bulk, just all-over comfort, and control.

The suits also come in different bust support designs which include hidden underwires, soft cups, ordinary foam bras, and foam bras with underwires. So, a lady will get all the support and comfort she needs to rock an outing without an ounce of displeasure.

The miracle suits are designed with such details as draping, shirring, pleating, ruching, and skirts to emphasize the positives and cloak the trouble parts. 

Recommended Miracle Suits

Check out these great products from the miracle suit store

1. Miracle suit Rock Solid Europa Women’s Swimwear 

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Rock Solid Europa Asymmetrical Underwire Bra One Piece Swimsuit, White, 8


Whether you have swim plans or you want to stay on dry land, this gorgeous asymmetrical suit from the miracle suit store will take you anywhere.

With a one-shoulder design with an underwire bra lift that will look chic on the beach or in your backyard. The firm bustline will make you comfy for all-day wear.

The unique and innovative fabric from Miratex delivers thrice the control of other ordinary swimwear fabrics. The suit has no linings or panels, only slimming and slandering control.


  • The fabric is 82% nylon and 18% lycra spandex featuring a button closure 
  • The exclusive miratex fabric offers a lighter 10 lbs in 10 seconds
  • The underwire bra gives lift and support without compromising comfort
  • The asymmetrical halter is forward and flattering 
  • It has adjustable straps that allow a custom fit that stays snug to your body 
  • The cleverly draped fabric covers the trouble spots.

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2. Miracle Women’s Swimwear Oceanus Tummy Control

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Must Haves Oceanus Tummy Control V-Neckline One Piece Swimsuit, Black, 10


This solid Oceanus suit is a stylish and classic one, its stunning solid design makes your waist and hips essentially disappear through the help of the shirred and wrapped waistline, contoured to a fit to match your every curve.

The low scoop back and plunging give room for spunk while staying subtle.

The suit would make you look and feel extraordinarily slim and you won’t want any other one after it. It comes in an array of spectacular and bright colors, made from the Lycra spandex for a long-lasting fit. It has the following features:


  • It combines 69% of nylon and 31% of Lycra spandex
  • It has a button closure 
  • It also offers the 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds Miracle suit feature
  • The Miratex fabric provides an all-round-control to shape and slim your figure 
  • There’s a V-neckline with a soft cup bra that accentuates the bustline without revealing too much 
  • It has a fixed strap that stays firmly without digging or sliding down
  • The smartly draped fabric conceals extra pounds in your midsection
  • The slimming design is flattering for all body types
  • The wrap style whittles down your waistline and visually slims down your stomach.

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The Magic Suit Brand

A magic suit combines a supreme slimming fabric with flattering and stylish fashion to get an unbeatable swimsuit package. Their varieties include the slimming one-piece suit, the flattering tankinis, and the high-waisted swim bottoms that offer total tummy control and deliver the best in form, fit, and function. 

With magic suits, you will get a lasting flattering build and gorgeous swimsuits made to look elegant on all women. All women deserve to feel beautiful, and magic suits ensure this certainty with whatever suit they choose.

The magic suit stores are full of exquisite suits made to fit and flatter all who rock them. The styles are numerous to select from, and you will get your fit in their three popular categories:

The 3 Best Magic Suit Styles 

1. The one-piece swimsuits 

The magic one-piece swimsuit is for you if you are looking for something offering total control. They are slimming one-piece suits which are the solution from incredible shaping fabric, looking sleek, subtle, and stylish. These pretty-looking one-piece bathing suits will leave most attention drawn to you throughout an event.

2. The tankini top  

Wearing a two-piece swimsuit is pulling the bull by the horn for most women. The good news is that, you don’t have to worry about that anymore, the magic suit tankini tops can give you the coverage and confidence to rock a flattering two-piece swimwear without a single flaw. Your date has never felt better in these magical suits. 

3. High-waisted swim bottoms 

Looking to the future, and you discover you need something uncommon to set fresh eyes on yourself with a new boost of confidence to leave you breaking boundaries.

This fashion statement is for you, with a high-waisted swim bottom and a flattering back that can look good on anyone who dares to try it. You get to spend time looking dazzling and showing off your curves in this slimming swim bottom. 

Check out these awesome magic suits with amazing features and reviews:

1. Magic Suit Women’s Solid Tankini Top

Magicsuit Women's Solid Alex V-Neck Tankini Top with Underwire Bra and Adjustable Straps, Black, 14


The solid Alex tankini top magic suit highlights the best features that make your silhouette stand out from the rest. The adjustable side-tie waist is made offset by flattering across your shape to instantly disguise and minimize where needed.

The classic V-neckline offers an underwire bra with a soft removable cup. Check below for more features:


  • It is 5% Lycra Spandex and 95% nylon
  • It has a tie closure 
  • It has a built-in underwire bra with soft removable cups with adjustable shaping. 
  • The angled hem lengthens your figure and smoothens out excess pounds in the midsection.
  • It has a naturally flattering design that instantly gives you a thinner look. 

2. Magic Suit Women’s Swimwear Rita Soft Cup

Magicsuit Women's Swimwear Solid Rita V-Neck Tankini Top with Soft Cup Bra and Adjustable Straps, Black, 12


The triple-featured design from the magic suit store includes a slimming perfection that covers any unwanted flaw while also minimizing your hips and waist. The thin, supportive, and adjustable shoulder strap goes to a full straight back.

The fabric is of superior quality that provides great support. Check below for more details 


  • It is made of 95% nylon and 5% lycra spandex
  • It also has a button closure 
  • There is a V-neckline with soft, removable cups and an underwire bra that accentuates the bustline, revealing your best features. 
  • There is a flattering ruffle style top that also camouflages excess pounds
  • The adjustable strap is customizable to fit your unique shape

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Magic Suit vs Miracle Suit

The magic suit store features the quintessential Oceanus one-piece magic suit which has a timeless and stylish silhouette. Its soft, gorgeous bra cup can accommodate a D-cup while staying comfortable and offering maximum support.

The fixed strap gives a secure fit that leads to a delightful V-neckline. Down, is a stunning tummy control wrap that quickly shapes up your figure.

The miracle suit store features the solid Gandolf one-piece swimsuit with a striking and slimming bathing suit feature with a fully-molded cup underwire bra that leads to a fabulous scalloped neckline. The tummy control fabric holds you in place to make the swimwear complete. 

Also, where a miracle suit is more sophisticated and luxe, a magic suit looks more sleek, carefree, and subtle. The magic suit is for the fun-loving part of us and to propel the easy-going, carefree vibe. Miracle suits rather look to make a statement and provide varieties of sophisticated suits that play up your best assets and curves.

Conclusion – Magic suit Vs Miracle suit

Both brands are our sanctuary for stylish and elegant swimsuits with V-necklines and adjustable cup bras. Honestly, their similarities supersede their differences, they are both amazing swimsuits with more users constantly going back for them.


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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