Can You Go Swimming After Getting Nipple Piercings?

Nipple piercing is popular body art. It is the process of inserting a small piece of metal through your nipples, then wearing an earring-like piece of jewelry in the hole. Many people enjoy nipple piercings for many different reasons. But many often wonder if getting a nipple piercing will not affect those activities that interest them. 

Getting your nipple pierced is not an ugly idea, but there are some precautions you need to take. After piecing, you still also have to be extra conscious of it as any little pull on can lead to unbearable pain. And if you are a fan of swimming, one question you need to deal with when nursing the idea to pierce is; Can you go swimming after getting nipple piercings?

There are both positive and negative answers to this question. This means you can certainly go swimming and at the same time you cant go swimming after getting your nipples pierced. Read on for a clear bread down of this answer.

Can You Go Swimming After Getting Nipple Piercings?

Can you go swimming after getting nipple piercings? You cannot go swimming immediately after getting nipple piercings. You will have to wait for some weeks. This waiting means the piercing place on your nipple must have healed to a certain point. Swimming with open skin can cause more harm than good. 

On the other hand, you can also go swimming after getting a nipple piercing. But this is after the necessary things are done to prevent infections. I will give out reasons you should not go swimming after a nipple piercing and also list some preventive measures that can be employed. These tips can only reduce the risk of getting infection.

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Why Can You Not Go Swimming After Getting Nipple Piercings?

Getting your nipple pierced does not mean you can participate in swimming activities again. But you have to create a time for it to get healed. These are the reasons you cannot go swimming after getting your nipple pierced.

1. Swimming pools can cause infection

The water in pools often contains bacteria and germs that can cause your piercing spot to become inflamed and infected. This could lead to scars forming around the piercing spot or even an allergic reaction to chlorine that would take away from the overall aesthetic of your new nipple jewelry.

2. Swimming can cause pain at the piercing site

If you’re swimming laps in a pool, you might notice increased pain or soreness at your piercing site due to friction against your swimsuit. The best way to avoid this is by covering up with bandage wrap before you hit the water or tape over any openings. 

This will help prevent irritation caused by chlorine or other chemicals, which are known carcinogens that cause severe inflammation and make it difficult for wounds to heal. You could also try using waterproof bandages available at your local pharmacy or drug store.

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What Can I Do to Swim After Getting My Nipple Piercing? 

It’s normal to be excited about taking a dip in the pool after getting your nipple pierced. When you first notice the sensation of cool water hitting your new adornment, it feels like such a treat. However, if you’re not careful, going swimming too soon after your piercing can affect healing process. Worse still,  it can result in complications like infection or migration which is your piercing moving from its initial placement.

The most important thing for you to know is that it is recommended to wait at least 3 or 4 weeks before getting back into the pool. You should also avoid deep-sea diving and hot tubs as much as possible. If you decide to go swimming early, some precautions need to be taken:

  • Make sure to clean the piercing with an antibacterial soap around 30 minutes before swimming.
  • Take it slow; don’t do laps. Go back and forth between sides of the pool or take more minor strokes near the edge of the pool instead.
  • Do not dive headfirst into any part of the pool (even shallow parts) because it might cause trauma to your newly pierced nipples.
  • Apply antibiotic ointment on top of your nipple jewelry before getting in the water.

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Recommended Waterproof Nipple Piercing Covers for Swimming

Fancy pools and beaches aren’t always friendly in terms of hygiene, so it’s wise to talk to your piercer about getting a waterproof nipple piercing covers. The added safety can help reduce the risk of infection, which is common when swimming with freshly pierced nipples.

Overall, it’s best to take care in and around the water. So be sure to clean before swimming and avoid harsh chemicals. Also, take good care of your new piercing even when taking a dip or diving into the deep end for extended periods. Because different-sized cover rings are available, make sure you get the right one from your piercer. 

Even if your nipple piercing covers are waterproof, they may not protect your newly pierced nipples from harm if they’re ill-fitting. If you’re unsure which size or shape of the ring is best for you, consult a professional piercer. You can get the following waterproof nipple piercing covers for swimming. 

1. PRETTYWELL waterproof nipple cover 

PRETTYWELL Nipple Covers for Women, Waterproof Adhesive Pasties, Reusable Nipple Cover Silicone Nipple Pasties


Prettywell nipple covers are reusable, washable, waterproof, and safe to wear. They are made of premium silicone which is durable and skin-friendly. Prettywell nipple covers will not fall off even when you go swimming or jogging in the presence of moisture. Using this waterproof nipple cover will prevent pool water from reaching the piercing spot. 

2. NIPPIES Non-Adhesive Nipple Cover

NIPPIES Non-Adhesive Nipple Covers for Women – Reusable Silicone Inserts with Travel Box Crème


NIPPIES is the only product protecting your nipples from exposure to infections while swimming. The product is reusable, waterproof, and breathable silicone inserts. They can also be worn in other sports like jogging or Yoga. The adhesive on each nipple cover will stay strong for up to 4-8 hours so you can enjoy swimming or other activities like yoga. NIPPIES Non-Adhesive Nipple Covers for Women are also suitable for use after getting a nipple piercing. 

3. FJYQOP Silicone Nipple Covers 

FJYQOP Silicone Nipple Covers - 5 Pairs, Women's Reusable Invisible Adhesive Pasties Nippleless Covers Round Nude


The FJYQOP Silicone Nipple Covers are the perfect solution for women who wish to protect their nipples while swimming after getting a nipple piercing. Featuring a comfortable shape, these reusable covers can be worn repeatedly. Made from high-quality silica gel and hypoallergenic adhesive, they are safe and harmless to the skin. Each order contains five pairs of nipple covers in different sizes so that you can find your size easily.

4. The Neats Nipple covers

NEATS Nipple Covers for Women, Reusable & Hypoallergenic Silicone Pasties Champagne


Neats Nipple Covers for Women is a reusable silicone pasty, is hypoallergenic, water and chlorine proof, and can also be worn while showering. Neats nipple covers are designed to protect sensitive nipples (piercing spots) from chafing and biting from the cold or rough objects on your skin. These pasties are reusable, hygienic, and easy to attach and remove. The Neats Nipple Covers for Women provide comfort for swimming and provide an added boost of confidence when you need it most.


LIVING JIN Nipple Protector - Value Pack (50 Pairs), Anti-Chafing Nipple Cover Sets for Runners, Nipple Tape, Nip Protectors, Nipple Stickers, Adhesive Bandage


Protect your nipples from the impact of chlorine and other chemicals with the LIVING JIN Nipple Protector. The nipple covers are designed to prevent drying and rips and protect them against infections while swimming. Made of medical grade silicone, this is a great product for swimmers looking to get the most out of their swims. You can use it after getting nipple piercing for swimming. 

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How Long After Nipple Piercing Can I Swim?

Swimming after getting a breast or nipple piercing is not unheard of, but it is something to take into consideration before engaging. In order to make the healing process as smooth as possible, you should wait at least six weeks from when your piercing occurred.

The most apparent issue swimming after getting a breast or nipple piercing is the risk of infection. This is a genuine concern for anyone with an open sore in the area. Also, you can introduce impurities into the pool from your open wound. Even though some people have no problem swimming after their piercing, this will be more prevalent among those who choose to go swimming.

There are risks associated with open sores and infections, including irritation in the surrounding tissue (including bruising). Also, it can lead to swelling in the area that may lead to pain for days, and even fever and chills if the opening becomes infected.

Conclusion – Can You Go Swimming After Getting Nipple Piercings?

Yes, you can go swimming after getting a nipple piercing. Also, it’s possible that your piercer will tell you not to swim immediately after your piercing. According to Body Piercing HQ, an organization dedicated to educating the public about piercing safety, most people have significant healing time before they’re ready to take the plunge into a pool or ocean.

They advise against swimming until three months after getting pierced so that your jewelry has time to stabilize and protect itself from infection-causing bacteria and germs. Though you can wait out the initial healing period, you might also want to invest in some waterproof nipple shields for when you do go for a dip.

These soft silicone covers are easy to put on, take off, and come in various designs, like flower patterns and rhinestone shapes. The covers keep your piercings well-protected as you soak up the sun at the beach or splash around with friends in a nearby body of water.


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