Can You Wear A Pad Under A Wet Suit? Let’s Find Out

Swimming is one activity or a form of relaxation that requires quite a lot. It isn’t something that you wake up to and jump right into it expecting to get maximum results of getting the nerves relaxed. It takes full planning to get every little thing right without leaving a stone unturned.

At this point, we are going to look at one aspect that must be covered before hitting the water. It is a question that has been asked on some occasions and we are here to provide answers to it. Which is, can you wear a pad under a wet suit?

The answer to the question above is Yes. One can certainly wear a pad under a swimming suit. However, you’ve got to be well prepared for it as it involves putting some factors in order before embarking on your journey as the case may be.

In other words, before wearing the pad underneath the wet suit, you will first have to know what and what are some of the things you have to watch out for to successfully pull through with it.

Please Note;

For you to be able to achieve such, you should wear the pad underneath a wet suit to the ocean rather than putting it on to a public pool. If it’s an ocean, the waves would be able to carry residue from the pad away unlike the pool.

We all know how the structure of a pool is. It has boundaries which means anything that takes place within the pool remains in the pool. And for someone who would want to wear a pad under a wet suit, anything is possible.

It wouldn’t be best to swim with others in the pool being that there might be little droppings from the pad which would be kind of gross to others(of course they wouldn’t know but it isn’t ideal). The more reason why wearing a pad to swim in the ocean is best.

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Expert Steps To Wearing A Pad Under A Wet Suit

Step 1: Stick The Pad To The Dry Suit First

The first process would involve sticking the pad on the suit before wearing it. This way, the pad tends to stay well on the drysuit rather than on a wet suit. So, carefully take it out and stick the back of the pad onto the pad so it sticks perfectly well.

Also, pick out a pad that is thin such that when you put it on, it won’t bulge drawing attention to your body. Nevertheless, wear a suit bottom that can hug your body like a second skin. When the pad is wet, it becomes hard to stick to the suit. So the only thing that can hold the pad in place is the bathing suit bottom.

Step 2: Change The Pads In Between

At this stage, you’re expected to keep changing the pads each time you step out of the ocean. As you know, when a pad becomes so wet, it no longer carries out the duty it is assumed to. That is, they can no longer be useful.

They have absorbed so much water and that would be the right time to have them changed so you don’t feel uncomfortable all through. Because no matter what, you’ll never be yourself using its wetness. And you shouldn’t walk around with all that wetness.

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For every second you step out of the water, endeavour to have your pads changed as many times as possible. Just so you know, sticking a new pad to a wet suit bottom isn’t going to be an easy task. But you’ve got to somehow. Except, you go swimming with different suit bottoms so you don’t have to face the problem of sticking your pad to a wet.

Please don’t walk to the changing room or toilet without having a towel or a cloth wrapped around your waist. There is a slight possibility that you may experience leakage the moment you step out of the water. And trust me you wouldn’t want to subject yourself to such embarrassment. To be forewarned is to be forearm.

Get a towel or a cloth in your swimming bag as you are going to make use of any of them later as you swim.

Step 3: Get A Swimming Trunk In Addition To The Suit Bottom

Since you would want to wear a pad under a wet suit, you should wear a swimming trunk underneath the suit bottom. Getting a swimming trunk would help you a lot by getting your pad in one position. With such, you are doing yourself a lot of favour.

This third step is optional. You can decide to go into the water with just your suit without wearing a trunk.

In all, the best way to swim with a pad under a suit is to change pads often and put on a trunk, or just stick to changing the pads all through.

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Other Alternatives To Use As A Substitute Under A Wet Suit

1. Menstrual Cup

One alternative that you can wear underneath a wet suit instead of a pad, is a menstrual cup. Now, let’s give a little explanation of what a menstrual cup is.

Menstrual cups are specifically designed to help collect fluids that come out from a women’s body. The cup is inserted directly into the vagina where it stores all the fluids coming out and preventing them from soiling one’s clothes.

They are usually flexible such that they can be bend as they make their way down into the women’s inner body. Let’s look at a few menstrual cups that you can use in place of pads.

2. Tampons

What we call tampons are products that are specifically designed to soak up blood during menstruation. They are inserted into the woman’s body just like the menstrual cup, so they can absorb enough blood or fluids that the body releases.

When placed rightly, it stays in the body without falling off or falling out of place. It sticks well and soaks up the right amount of blood at the time of duration. Here are some good tampons from amazon that you can look through;

  • Tampax Pearl Tampons with Plastic Applicator, Regular Absorbency: On some occasions, I use this tampon and I have never had cause for regret. I’m saying this because I want you to go for the best if you would want to give it any a shot. The Tampax Pearl tampons are wonderful and can help you to achieve a great day when swimming without having to constantly switch pads. I’ll share the link to it so you can read about amazing reviews from others.

Why Use A Menstrual Cup

Wearing a menstrual cup to swim rather than a pad will save you from a lot of stress. First, you wouldn’t have to change your cups each time you step out of the water. Menstrual cups will store the fluids till you’re done swimming entirely. Unlike pads that get wet, the cups do not get wet and wouldn’t in any way inconvenience you.

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Types Of Pads To Wear For Swimming

To make it easier for you, let’s talk about some of the pads you can use wear under a wet suit. They include;

1. Teamoy 6Pcs 10 Inches Sanitary Pads, Reusable Washable Cloth Menstrual Pads

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The number one on the list is the teamoy sanitary pad perfect for swimming. Unlike the common pads that are popularly worn, this pad in question is all you need to wear under that wet suit. They are pads that are just perfect for swimming. Their absorbency is something to look forward to.

You don’t need to be told some of the challenges that come with wearing a pad under a wet suit. Aside from having to soak up water and getting your flow stopped for a while, it sure has a few discomforts which you wouldn’t like. The team is one pad you’ll love underneath a wet suit.

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2. U by Kotex Security Ultra Thin Feminine Pads

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This is one pad that can be used under the wet suit to give you a feeling of warmth and comfort without having to change as many pads as possible. U by Kotex is a higher quality brand that specializes in putting your happiness first before anything else.

So if you would want to switch from a pad to a swimming pad for periods, you can consider this. Please click to find out more about the pad

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3. Wegreeco Bamboo Reusable Sanitary Pads (Stylish Pattern) – Cloth Sanitary Pads – Light Incontinence Pads

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This is the last swimming pad on the list. The degree sanitary pad is a great fit for that wet suit. No imbalance nor discomfort. Swim like never before on your period with this fantastic and quality pad. Want to check out more about it? Then click on the provided link.

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Types Of Suit Bottoms To Wear With A Pad

Did you know there are swimming suits that are specifically designed to be worn with pads? Such a kind of suit tends to stand out from the normal suits we have. Why is it so?

This is because they have been purposely built for that single reason alone. Now, I want to show you a few suits that fall under this category. Just three pad suits and we are out.

1. Absorbent/Overnight High Waist Panty: Period Panties

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Going by the name, you can tell what the suit is made to do. The function of this high waist suit has already been spelt out. If you may decide to switch from wearing your random panties with a pad, you can check this out as an alternative for the pad.

If you look at the last name, you’ll discover that it is a period pant that categorically states the purpose to which such a suit was produced like I earlier mentioned. You can check it out here;

2. STELPA Women Absorbent Period Panties, Tampon Replacement, Best Menstrual Underwear, Leak Proof, and Comfortable

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Like I stated at the beginning, I am going to share three of these suit bottoms to wear with a pad. The second suit bottom on board is the Stelpa women absorbent period panties. When you want to hit the beach, you feel safe with such a panty.

All that is needed of you would be to carefully place the pad on the panty. As you go about swimming, you may perhaps not have leakage but to be on a safer side, you should go for changes with a towel tied around the waist.

I believe you would love to read more about Stella women’s absorbent period panties. To make it easier, I’ll share the link for easy access.

Can You Wear A Pad Under A Wet Suit – Conclusion

The question of wearing a pad underneath a wet suit has been answered above with facts, examples, and even links to fully buttress our point, so you are cleared on the right step to follow.

Take as much time as you can to process what has been said, so, you get to have the best time swimming and engaging in other swimming activities. Provided alongside the products are links to let you read more about them as well as the reviews, for product evaluation.


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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