Is The Swimsuit Dryer At The Gym Safe?

The gym center encompasses virtually every fitness activity that is required to keep the body in its best form. As we all know, keeping fit is the surest way to a healthy lifestyle. The body needs daily dosages of exercises to keep it stable and hale. And for purposes like these were gyms created to give us that healthy lifestyle we desperately crave for.

Among other things, are equipment provided for easy facilitation. Aside from bodybuilding equipment, we have a dryer that is made available to those engaging in swimming and other water-related exercises. And here is a question that seems to be plunging the minds of a couple of persons which is, “Is The Swimsuit Dryer At The Gym Safe”?

The candid answer to this is a big No. The swimsuit dryers found in gym centers are usually not safe. Research conducted shows that a community swimsuit dryer (by ‘community’ we are referring to the use of equipment by hundreds of people), puts people’s wear at risk. This is why we are going to be listing out some reasons why the swimsuit dryer at the gym isn’t safe.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use The Swimsuit Dryer At The Gym

1. Dryer Can Damage Swimsuits

This is one of the major reasons why you should stay clear of the swimsuit dryer positioned in the gym. While dryers can be used for our wet clothes, it isn’t good to have your swimsuits in them because of the delicate materials used in the production of swimsuits.

The materials used in producing cloths are usually different from that of swimming suits. While clothes are thicker to some extent, swimsuits are usually lighter due to the purpose they are to serve. By nature of their materials, it wouldn’t be a good idea to have it thrown into the dryer to dry. Your swimsuits could be ruined as a result of this simple action.

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In other cases, it may require time before the swimsuit is completely ruined. That is, it might not be ruined instantly, but over time and continuous usage of the swimsuit dryer at the gym, it will get ruined eventually. So what’s the best solution?

Air drying your swimsuits outside is the best way to keep them alive. Not placing it directly in the sun, but air-drying the suit under a shade will help preserve the life of the swimsuit.

2. Chlorine Water

Did you know that chlorine ruins swimsuits? Chlorine has elements that break down swimsuits thereby, having the suit completely ruined. One reason why you should not use the swimsuit dryer at the gym is that drying your swimsuits with chlorine on it will put the suit at risk.

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The chlorine on the suit will certainly affect it. The chlorine would have the swimwear weaken, while the swimsuit dryer on its part, will have the swimsuits weaken or destroyed. This is why we have some swimsuits brands that specialize in producing swimsuits that are chlorine resistant. This way, your swimming wear is safe from being affected by chlorine.

Another reason why you should not use the swimsuit dryer at the gym is because of the amount of chlorine that must have settled in the dryer. This may sound absurd, but it is the fact. Since you are not the only one having your swimsuits dried up in the swimsuit dryer, the possibility of chlorine settling in the dryer is higher. As such, to be on the safer side, hand wash swimsuit and air dry.

But if you want to take the risk, which I would not advise, then rinse the suit before dropping it in the dryer. This is the only way. The main purpose of rinsing the swimming suit before placing it inside the dryer is to get rid of the chlorine first. So you don’t add yours to the dryer which would build up accumulated chlorine.

However, if you have a chlorine resistant swimsuit, you can as well place it in the dryer if you feel the need. Like I earlier stated, a swimsuit dryer ruins a swimsuit but then, not everyone would heed to this. If you feel you want to give it a shot despite the disadvantages, then it’s up to you to make that choice.

3. Dirty Dryer

If no one has told you this, then I will. Not all swimsuit dryers are properly cleaned and highly maintained as they should. A dirty swimsuit dryer can cost you your bathing suit to become dirtier when dried or ruined.

A swimsuit dryer that is open for all at the gym is prone to dirt. But if those in charge of the gym are constantly doing their best to have it cleaned, then you may want to take the shot even though you shouldn’t. Aside from the possibility of the suit being dirty, your bathing suit might be ruined either by the dryer or the chlorine present in the suit at the time of drying.

All in all, you have to be certain that the dryer is always being cleaned and maintained. When you place your wet suit inside the dirty swimsuit dryer provided by the gym, you are exposing your swimming suit to more dirt. And in the long run, you are destroying your bathing suits unknowingly. Hence, you are expected to watch out and be careful. Or better still, take the swimsuit home to air dry.

How Do I Keep My Wet Swimsuits Since It Isn’t Safe To Use The Gym’s Swimsuit Dryer?

I know you must be wondering what you can do to your wet swimming suits since they can not be placed in the swimsuit gym dryer made available. Well, here are a few things that can be done;

1. Use Plastic Bags

The use of plastic bags has been saving lives from time immemorial. Imagine the word without a plastic bag? Terrible right? For your wet swimsuit, you can have them placed in a plastic bag rather than placing them in the dryer.

Nonetheless, it wouldn’t be nice to just dump the wet swimsuits in the dryer. You could do yourself and your suit the favor of squeezing out the water first before placing it in the plastic bag.

If you do not squeeze out the excess water from your swimsuit, wherever you are going to place the bag, there is a possibility of the place getting wet or damped. This is why we are stressing the need to squeeze out enough water from the swimsuit before using the plastic bag.

2. Wet Bag Or Mesh Bag

If you can lay your hands on a wet bag or a mesh bag, that would be awesome so you drop the wet swimming suits into any of the bags. Here is something you should take note of. The fact that you are using either a wet bag or a mesh bag doesn’t mean you should place in the wet swimsuits directly.

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As stated before, you are expected to squeeze out the water from the swimsuit first so the wet or mesh bag isn’t filled with water.

Recommended Mesh Bag

Here is a mesh bag you may want to check out for your wet swimsuit.

1. Bagail Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags

Set of 5 Mesh Laundry Bags-1 Extra Large, 2 Large & 2 Medium Bags Laundry,Blouse, Hosiery, Stocking, Underwear, Bra Lingerie, Travel Laundry Bag


This isn’t the everyday kind of mesh that doesn’t live up to standard. The Bagail mesh is such a strong and durable mesh that holds up the wet swimwear perfectly well.

It is the best mesh for having your swimsuits highly protected from dirt and dust. To add, you can move around with your mesh bag when traveling so you can always have a bag to place your wet swimming suits without worries.

3. Ziploc Bag

There is no way we will be talking about bags to use for wet swimming suit what mentioning the popular Ziploc bag. They are wide and versatile, which makes them suitable for quite a several items. With your Ziploc bag, your wet swimsuits are protected.

Rather than using the swimsuit dryer at the gym to dry your suit, take them home and have them hand washed and air dry properly. By doing this, you are prolonging the lifespan of your bathing suit. The heat from the dryer would certainly be too hot for the wet swimsuits. Instead, go for the natural method of air drying.

Recommended Ziploc Bag

Here is a Ziploc bag you may want to check out for your wet swimsuit.

1. Ziploc Space Bag Clothes Vacuum Sealer Storage BagsZiploc Space Bag Clothes Vacuum Sealer Storage Bags for Home and Closet Organization, Protects from Moisture, Dust and Pests, Pack of 5 (L, Jumbo), Clear


This bag is spacious enough to accommodate as many swimsuits as possible. They are usually tight and have long-lasting durability. As for the closure attached, it is airtight making no room for air to penetrate the bag.

It is the ideal bag to help keep your bathing suit safe and free from dripping off water or making one’s car damp. Why stress so much when Ziploc bag got you covered?

Is The Swimsuit Dryer At The Gym Safe – Conclusion

As stated in the course of this article, swimsuit dryers at the gym aren’t safe regardless of what you are being told. Explained above are reasons why you shouldn’t take the swimsuit to the dryer machine.

Rather, get the necessary items as mentioned in the article aided by links, to store your wet swimsuit and taking them home to wash and air dry. With this, you are helping to preserve your swimsuit.


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