Will A Hot Tub Ruin My Bathing Suit?

Nothing feels great like having the leverage to go into a world of exploration. As we evolve, we are no longer limited by our thoughts and desires. Nothing practically feels odd because we can now live through these thoughts and ideas that once seems impossible.

Taking a glance at the bathing suit world, there is a wide variety of options presented at our feet. Wearing the bathing suit to the pool or beach isn’t the only way to enjoy the suit. There are quite a few ways to explore life with the bathing suit. Did you know that bathing suits can be worn in a hot tub? They sure can. Nonetheless, it will cost you something. Like the question asked, Will A Hot Tub Ruin My Bathing Suit?

Yes, a hot tub will ruin bathing suits. The degree of the hotness, chlorine, and chemicals used in the water can all affect the bathing suit when worn into the hot tub. We will explain in detail the reasons why these factors can ruin your bathing suits. To add, we will look at ways to protect the bathing suits from being ruined by the hot tub after providing an answer to the question, will a hot tub ruin my bathing suit?

Why Hot Tub Can Ruin Your Bathing Suits?

1. Degrees Of Hotness

An extremely hot tub won’t be too great for your bathing suits. Going into the hot tub in a bid to relax the nerves after a hectic day with your bathing suit wouldn’t be a bad idea. Except you have been briefed on the unruly circumstances that follow. If the hot tub is extremely hot, it will affect your bathing suits.

Not so quick, but after some time. Entering the hot tub and coming out from it doesn’t imply that the suit will be ruined instantly. No, that is not how it works. It takes a while before you start seeing changes in the bathing suit. The reason why it doesn’t affect the bathing suit at that moment, it’s because the degree of the hotness settles on it which slowly leads to the disintegration of the bathing suit.

I know how soothing a hot tub can be and the healing properties inherent in it. As fun and exciting as it looks, it has the power to ruin your bathing suits. Most importantly, if you keep on entering the hot tub so often. This is why it is ideal not to get too acclimatize with the hot tub. If possible, limit the hot tub for the sake of your bathing suits.

2. Chlorine

There is no way this topic would be expatiated without having to chip in chlorine. A hot chlorinated tub will get your bathing suits in bad shape. Ordinarily, chlorine and bathing suits can’t be placed side by side because of the harmful elements found in them which causes the suits to be ruined.

Imagine a steamy hot tub filled with chlorinated water? Of course, that would be paradise in heaven. Sadly, as fun as it may seem to be, there are disadvantages attached. We all know the damage chlorine does to bathing suits. It weakens the suits, has them ruined, and not just that, it changes the color of the bathing suit on some occasions.

Now, try and paint a picture of a hot tub bath with chlorinated water. That would be a double tragedy because your bathing suit is in for a big thing. But, the damages can be minimized if the bathing suit being worn happens to be a suit that is chlorine resistant. This way, your suit won’t be ruined so quickly. If it were to be just the hot tub, it could take a couple of weeks. But a chlorine-resistant suit in a hot tub will take a long time to be completely ruined.

Here are a couple of chlorine resistant bathing suits you may find attractive.

1. Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece

Speedo Women's Standard Swimsuit One Piece Endurance Ultraback Solid Contemporary Cut, Black, 12


Are you looking for a classy chlorine-resistant bathing suit? Not the popular kind of chlorine-resistant suit, but one that stands out in all ramifications? The Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece fits into such descriptions. It is simple with an alluring design.


1. Chlorine Resistant

This is the major feature or highlight of the Speedo bathing suit. Entering into the hot tub with a chlorine-resistant bathing suit will help to maintain the suit and its color such that it isn’t destroyed completely. The Speedo chlorine-resistant suit is that suit you can’t turn your eyes away from.

2. Sun Protection

The Speedo bathing suit has a sun protection feature that helps to shield the harmful rays of the sun from one’s skin. Unlike other bathing suits, there are quite some features to look out for with the Speedo Women’s one-piece suit.

3. Quality

What is a bathing suit without quality? The quality of a suit matters greatly. The Speedo suit comes with the best quality materials you can ever find. This is to say that aside from the chlorine resistant and sun protection feature, you get to enjoy maximum quality.


1. Pilling resistant
2. It is stretchy
3. It is highly durable
4. It is classy
5. It comes with a high cut


1. Limited colors

2. TYR Women’s Twisted Bra Solid Control Fit Top

TYR Women's Twisted Bra Solid Controlfit Top (Black, 10)GET THE BEST PRICE ON AMAZON

Tyr is one renowned brand for bathing suits. Having been in the suit world for years, they have imprinted their names in the hearts of their users. Known for producing excellent and breathtakingly bathing suits, the TYR knows just what its users would love and cherish.

The TYR women’s one-piece suit is a chlorine-resistant bathing suit with lots of amazing features. Please out their features.

Features Include

1. Adjustable Straps

The TYR chlorine-resistant bathing suit gives room for its straps to be adjusted. To avoid having to get imprinted marks on your shoulders from the inability of not being able to adjust the strap. To avoid the infliction of pain, adjustable straps were made available.

2. Flattering

Like I said in the intro, Tyr sure knows how to keep one glued to their brand of bathing suits. The suit is built in ways that make it flattering such that it gives fitting to your body when worn. Trust me, you would not want to miss out on this.

3. Durable With Inbuilt Cup Bra

A durable bathing suit is a suit worth having. Not only are their swimsuits durable, but they come with a cup bra that helps to keep the boobs in place. Also, the cup bra provides support for the bust.


1. It is a flattering and comfy bathing suit
2. The designs are topnotch
3. It gives you value for your money
4. It is stretchy which allows for comfort
5. It is produced with the finest materials


1. It doesn’t come with an underwire

3. Chemicals

In most hot tubs, certain chemicals are used to keep the water safe for swimming purposes. These chemicals are more like preservatives like what is being used in foods. And while this is seen as a good cause, it has its disadvantages on bathing suits.

The chemicals coupled with the degree of hotness from the hot tub would weaken the bathing suit more and more. While it may take a longer time to notice it, the bathing suit will be disintegrating in a gradual process. To worsen it, if you keep using the same bathing suit over and over again in the hot tub, it means the longevity of the bathing suit will be shortened.

Please note, we are not in any way restricting you from having a bubbly time in a hot tub. Exploring, relaxing, and having a great time in the water isn’t a bad idea. However, this is to pre-inform you of what to expect after such an activity.

How To Wash A Bathing Suit After Entering A Hot Tub

Washing your bathing suits after swimming is a prerequisite that must be done to protect the suits and help increase their longevity. The instant you step out of the hot tub, the first thing should be to wash the bathing suits. If you aren’t washing instantly, get a Ziploc bag to put the suit on and then proceed to wash them after arriving at your destination.

Now, rinse the bathing suit first before washing. For those with bathing suits that aren’t chlorine resistant, you are expected to rinse the suit first before anything else. Rinsing the bathing suit would take off the chlorine out of the suits.

Get a bowl and fill it with water or fill your sink with water and place your bathing suits in it. Get your detergent, pour a little portion of it into the water, and hand wash. For those with bathing suits that aren’t chlorine resistant, rinse the suit then follow the aforesaid process stated above.

Rinse the bathing suits after washing with clean water, take them out, and air dry. Understand that you are not to place the bathing suits directly in the sun. If you have a shade, place the bathing suits underneath the shade and leave them to air dry. If you don’t, try and lookout for a serene place devoid of direct sunlight, and have the bathing suits properly air-dried

Will A Hot Tub Ruin My Bathing Suit – Conclusion

Having provided the answer in the affirmative, it is left for you to make adjustments so you don’t end up getting your bathing suits ruined by the hot tub. Prevention they say is better than cure.

A ruined bathing suit can never be revamped. Why not heed the following instructions rather than having to purchase new bathing suits? You certainly wouldn’t regret this.


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