How Do You Fix Cleavage in Swimsuits?

Women are more open with their cleavage these days, the peep through the middle of the boobs seemed like an attractive affair to make women feel absolutely good about themselves and keep enough attention glued to them. As rampant as it may seem, some women aren’t very supportive of the body-revealing trend, especially in such a private place. It’s quite a disparity of differing opinions.

Swimsuits are tight-fitting dresses that are used for all sorts of water activities and leisure at waterfronts. One of the characteristics of swimsuits is their body revealing nature, either in mere body shapes or in real life. They are designed so to enable comfort while navigating through water. One of the revealing aspects of swimsuits is the cleavage for women.

Those who would rather have better cover often ask; how do you fix cleavage in swimsuits?

Fixing a revealing cleavage is not a big feat, there are ways to expand the gap without changing the entire look of the suit. There are different reasons why cleavages are exposed in suits, it’s not always to flaunt the body and we will walk you through how you can bridge the gap and restore the elegance back to your favorite suit. But first, let’s look at how to detect if you have a cleavage problem.

How Do You Know You Have a Cleavage Problem?

There is a normal way a swimsuit should look in every body shape and size. A suit should stay just tight enough and just fit to the body without excesses and extra tension to maintain comfort throughout. Also, a moderate cleavage is allowed for a casual or professional setting to keep up your confidence at the workplace without distracting your peers.

You have a cleavage problem the minute the gaze at your chest starts spiking and more people tend to notice your boobs first before you. This is when there is too much of the layer between your two breasts revealed from your top. It could either come from wearing smaller suits or dresses or having large boobs that are not well contained. Bigger boobs are the most susceptible to cleavage problems.

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They are bigger than usual and often have problems picking out the right size for swimsuits and dresses generally. Oftentimes, when a smaller size is worn, due to compression, it forces the remaining parts of the boobs through the top opening and shoots out like a volcanic eruption. They are often misunderstood for trying to flaunt their big assets.

Revealing more than an inch of cleavage may be tagged as a boobage problem at work and it may be perceived as being overly sexual. Knowing is simple, keep it moderate from home, and check yourself in the mirror for the plump before stepping out.

How To Fix Cleavage Problem in Swimsuits

It is quite difficult to find a swimsuit long enough to cover the stomach and with a high enough neckline to cover the chest. So, what do you do? This is the solution;

1. Get a coordinating fabric

A revealing cleavage is a problem of less clothing where it should be more, so all you have to do is add it. Check the fabric of your suit and get a small cut of it or at least something similar with close relations. Alternatively, you can cut open an old suit if it works. A piece of coordinating fabric is to ensure continuity in the look of the suit and to keep a matching sense for the new mix.

2. Make a hem on the fabric

The torn-out fabric will have fringes hanging out and you cannot sew them into the gap you are trying to cover like that. First, you have to make a hem along the edge of the fringes. This will be on top of the triangular shape the gap will in turn take. The hem is what will show as the top after you sew it in the gap and it will look pretty.

3. Put on your suit to get the right measured coverage

After preparing your fabric, the next thing to do is put on your swimsuit to check the length you will be covering. This measurement cannot be taken off the body as you might get the wrong numbers. Put it on, then measure the cleavage length you will be applying the cover unto.

4. Remove the suit and sew in the fabric

After getting the measurements, take off the suit and start by sewing the fabric on, using a stretch stitch. Try sewing from the front side then follow the original stitching pattern on the suit so you won’t notice the difference between the new stitch and the old. That’s it, now you can swim in full stretch.

Can A Swimsuits Cleavage Be Altered?

Yes, a few alterations can be done to the cleavage of a swimsuit if it doesn’t fit properly. Like other fixable problems like a dress too big or too long, a simple reduction can bring them to the right size in no time, but alterations for dresses that are too small require a bit of expertise and are best left to the professionals. Professionals have the tools and a long time of experience to fix your cleavage problem.

When a dress is too small or the cleave too revealing as in your swimsuit. First, consider also taking it to a tailor for proper cutting and stitching. Nevertheless, you can attempt it yourself at home with DIY steps that would instantly turn you into an emerging tailor. All you need is a matching extra fabric and a sewing kit to get you started.

All forms of alterations should be done under proper guidance. Start by checking the information from the manufacturer about your swimsuit. Some suits and fabrics are best suited for professional handling due to their delicate nature maybe. But other than that, if you check through the user info and there is no special indication, you are good to go, bring your suit to life by any means at your disposal.

Effects of Too Much Cleavage in Swimsuits

There is good and bad cleavage with swimsuits and other tops. A cleavage with just an inch of exposure is considered suitable and fabulous for any outing. It opens up only a fair amount of the breast divide to highlight the entire chest area. A two or more inches cleavage is considered bad and too revealing as the gap increases. These types of cleavages may bring some unwanted circumstances when you step out.

Cleaving tops is one of the ways women feel good about their fashion these days, it brought an uproar at first but now fairly everyone is used to it now. You can expose a good amount without gaining unwanted attention. But when there is too much out, you might start calling unnecessary attention to yourself. As much as you are trying to look good, when you have too much exposure, the crowd might get uncontrollable.

Secondly, having a lot of your tatas out in the summer sun may leave you exposed to the harsh UV radiation of the sun that might lead to nasty burns, especially in such delicate areas. The boobs is one of the places you don’t want to get sunburned, the aesthetics of ladies heavily relies on the health and outlook of the boobs, so exposing it to the sun might ruin it for you.

Also, a lot of women are harassed every day for having big breasts. Some insecure persons find their extra figure intimidating and tend to attack them on the streets. People with big boobs usually wear dresses with full coverages, but it never hides the massive weight undercover. Imagine, if such big breasts are even exposed in their cleavage, the attack might be devastating.

Tips For Shopping To Get Good Cleavage Cover in Swimsuits

1. Know your boob size

Wrong sizing is the easiest way t shop for the wrong suit. The problem emanates from not knowing your body size before shopping for a dress. It’s best to know your boob size to check for the measurements of the boob area for the swimsuit you are trying to buy. Most wrong cleavages are due to wrong sizing and can easily be avoided by shopping for swim tops in the right size.

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2. Familiarize with the size chart of your swimsuit

Whenever you are trying to buy a dress online, you will find on the retailer’s page a size chart that guides you to select the right size. The sizes are clearly highlighted for every body type and you can easily select the size for you.

3. Use the user guide for your swimsuit

Every item comes with a guide for information about it. Some suits are made in special fabrics that may not be easily altered and would best be adjusted by the manufacturing company. If not, it will include additional info on how to fix some problems on it.

Conclusion on How to Fix Cleavage in Swimsuit

If you were worried about the unwanted attention you usually get when your cleavages uncontrollably get exposed in your swimsuits, worry no more. You can fix the extra gap in the chest area of your dress with simple fabric stitching. They can even be done by DIY procedures and you can enjoy your day with your full chest once again.



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