How to Make a Bathing Suit Top Bigger

Bathing suits are generally known as swimsuits. These suits are appropriate for swimming. It makes the participant feel comfortable while carrying out this activity. A bathing suit has a lot of benefits for individual participants. For instance, it protects the skin from sunburn.

You’re probably well aware that bathing suit tops aren’t usually adjustable. Your options for a snug fit are limited to the size on the label, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do if your top is too tight.

Even though we tend to believe that bathing suits are not usually adjustable, we can still apply some logical ways to make them adjustable. How to make a bathing suit top bigger is very much easier if you can follow the necessary steps.

You can fix this issue by altering the top yourself (instead of paying someone else to do it). You’ll notice that your bathing suit no longer feels like a sausage casing, and you’ll still be able to keep up with your friends in the pool.

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How to Make a Bathing Suit Top Bigger

If you’ve ever purchased a bathing suit that fit perfectly in the dressing room but was later revealed to be too small, we feel your pain. It happens all the time, especially if you don’t try together on the top and bottom (which is never a good idea).

It’s essential to avoid buying a swimsuit that’s too tight. A small bathing suit is likely to stretch out over time and tear and can be more uncomfortable. Bathing suits shouldn’t hurt or restrict your movements. So what do you do if your swimsuit top ends up too small? Here are some options.

1. Get a panel (a larger fabric)

One of the ways to make a bathing suit top bigger is to use larger size fabric. I recommend using a pattern for a larger size to see what the finished garment looks like. You can also add material on the sides and front or back. Then add a bow.

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You can make your bathing suit bigger by adding a lace panel to the side. The majority of swimsuits have no sewing allowance. It is difficult to sew out the initial measurement to expand it. The lace panel will be added to the side to expand it. It will create more space to make it more fitting. After adding a lace panel to each side, ensure you shape it to your exact size by using your body’s actual measurement.

2. Change the one-piece swimsuit to a two-piece swimsuit

Another way to make your bathing suit bigger is to change it from a one-piece swimsuit to a two-piece swimsuit. You can cut the one-piece swimsuit into two from the waist size. Please, be careful while cutting. 

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How to Make a Bathing Suit Bigger Using Elastic

The first two mentioned methods are the standard technique that may be employed to enlarge their bathing suit. You only need an elastic, measurements, and a sewing machine to make it bigger. 

1. Begin by cutting the elastic to the appropriate length

If you want to make a bathing suit top bigger, first think about how much bigger you need it to be. If the size that would fit your body is unavailable, consider buying one size up and having it professionally altered. However, if the next larger size is still too small or you don’t want to pay for alterations, there are ways you can stretch out a swimsuit yourself. 

One way is to soak the top in water and gently pull at it until dry. Another approach is to sew elastic into the swimsuit’s straps and threads between each row of stitches in its cups. While both methods take time, they’re easy ways to expand a top just enough so that you can wear it comfortably. Next, using a zigzag stitch and a long stitch length, sew the elastic to one side of the bathing suit.

2. Pull taut while sewing around the rest of the bathing suit top.

Hold the two sides of the fabric close together with your bathing suit top on while you pull the bottom elastic taut. Keep pulling until you’re satisfied with how tight it is. Repeat this process for all elastic pieces on one side of your bathing suit top. After you’ve pulled taut all of the elastic pieces around one side, sew them in place by following along at their edges with your sewing machine or needle and thread.

3. Once you reach your starting point, sew the elastic shut with a straight stitch 

Once you’ve reached your starting point, sew the elastic shut with a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch. If you’re doing a zigzag stitch, set it to wide width and long stitch length. If you’re using a sewing machine, make sure to keep the elastic taut as you sew.

4. If necessary, stitch over any parts that look loose or need to be reinforced

This is also where you could add holes for attaching strings if required. Using a zigzag stitch, sew the elastic to the inside of the swimsuit top. Make sure you’re sewing over the elastic with every stitch. Use a long stitch length as you go around, but be careful not to make it so long that your stitches will come undone in the water! You’ll want to use straight stitches at each end to prevent stretching and keep your work secure.

If necessary, stitch over any parts that look loose or need to be reinforced. This is also where you could add holes for attaching strings if required.

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How Do You Fix a Swimsuit Top That is Too Small?

You can alter a bathing suit top (or any swimwear, for that matter). However, it is not as simple as sewing in a piece of elastic or cutting off the excess fabric. Swimsuits are made with specialized materials that require special techniques to alter; you’ll have to take them to an expert sewist.

While the seams of your bathing suit can be let out, they are not meant to be altered. So adding length will likely involve sewing on more fabric and not simply letting the existing fabric out further. This may result in an awkward-looking transition between old and new material.

It is usually safe to remove fabric from a bathing suit top’s side seams if there is excess material there; however, if the side seams are close together already, the alteration might add stress on the sides of the breast cups and cause stress them to warp over time. 

Therefore, removing the fabric from its side seams might not be good if you need extra room in your swimsuit top cups. If you decide to go this route anyway or make any other significant alteration, make sure that you wash and dry your swimsuit by hand instead of machine cleaning it like you usually would so that its new shape does not get stretched out through washing or drying cycles.

To avoid getting bothered about fixing your swimsuit top, you can always do the following while selecting your swimsuits:

1. Look for a larger size. You’ll probably find something else that works better in another size. It’ll be cheaper because of our policy of offering free shipping on all orders over $50.

2. If that same style doesn’t come in any larger sizes, try looking at other options by browsing similar styles or checking out our selection of new arrivals.

3. Maybe this style just isn’t right for you; everyone’s body is different. If you like the overall design but need more coverage or lift, consider looking for a further cut, whether it’s the same brand or not, that suits your needs better without sacrificing quality or comfort.

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How to Stretch a Bathing Suit Top?

Finding the appropriate size for a swimsuit can be challenging. Sometimes, the swimsuit is too big or small. This makes us look for ways to alternate them and make them fit. Many often agree to alter their swimsuit based on two reasons. It is either they have gained weight or lost weight. But this section focused on stretching a bathing suit once it gets tight. Here are ways to stretch a bathing suit.

1. Rinse inside cold water

Using cold water, rinse the bathing suit. Remove the water by wringing it out. This process should be repeated multiple times more. You can stretch out the swimsuit. 

2. Hold the swimsuit on each side

Hold either side of the bathing suit’s back with your hands. On each side, gently pull it out. Pulling up and down, repeat this action. After stretching, spread it in a cool place for it to dry.

3. Put your swimsuit on

Wear the swimming suit until it is completely dry. The back of the swimsuit will expand out and dry to match the contour of your back as you wear it.

Conclusion – How to Make a Bathing Suit Top Bigger

If you find that making a bathing suit bigger doesn’t create enough cleavage for you or makes the suit too big overall, then consider making the top smaller by tying it together and sewing some stitches into it after putting it on over a shirt so that way it’s perfect for when you’re wearing just by itself.


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