How to Keep Swimsuit Straps From Falling

Many swimsuits feature some form of straps on them. While a lot of the straps are for creating an appealing appearance and fitting on your body, a lot are also for making the extra support you might require. With this, you can say that swimsuit straps serve a dual function.

That said, these excellent attachments can also be a source of worry for you when swimming. In this regard, wearing a swimsuit with falling straps is uncomfortable and embarrassing. Besides, your swimwear is not doing its job if the straps fall off your shoulders. To prevent this, it’s always best to know how to keep swimsuit straps from falling

You want to feel confident in your bathing suit and enjoy yourself at all times. Thankfully, there are some simple ways you can keep the straps on a swimsuit from falling so that they don’t bother you or distract you from having fun.

Why Does My Swimsuit Strap Keep Falling?

Swimsuit straps should stay put on your shoulders hand; if your straps are falling off, it’s usually due to the following reasons:

1. The Straps are too long

Any swimsuit that has an excessive length of straps is bound to fall off your shoulder. This can be due to you purchasing the wrong size of bathing suit. It can also be due to your swimsuit stretching with every use.

2. The Straps are too thin

Also, if your swimsuits use a thin design, they might slip off your shoulder easily since they might lack the necessary grip to stay on your body.

3. The Straps are too stretchy

Swimsuits come from an elastic material, and your swimsuit strap will often use similar materials. This can lead to it becoming too stretchy. If this occurs, there is a huge chance of it sliding off your shoulders easily.

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4. The Straps are too loose

Loose straps are the most common reason for swimsuit straps falling. If you fail to tighten your straps properly, they stand a good chance of coming down off your shoulders. While you might feel they don’t need much pulling, chances are they need tightening up a tiny bit more to stay put.

5. Buying the wrong size

Many times, the cause of your swimsuit strap falling is just the size you bought. For instance, if you have a size 12 top with a 30-inch bust measurement, and it fits perfectly on your body, but the bra is not comfortable because of how wide the cup area is at the bottom. This can lead to pain or discomfort when wearing this type of swimsuit because your breasts aren’t sitting in their natural position. Asides from this causing you pain, discomfort, and strain on neck muscles, you also alter the fit of the swimsuit, which can take a toll on the straps and knock them off balance on your shoulder.

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How To Keep Swimsuit Straps From Falling

Different body types will require separate configurations for swimsuit straps. For instance, if you have small boobs, you probably know how annoying it is to adjust a swimsuit top every ten minutes. The good news is that there are several ways to keep your swimsuit straps from falling, and your first option is to try different options until you find the one that works for you.

1. Try a strap clip to pull your straps together

Many women struggle with the problem of swimsuit straps falling off their shoulders. This can be a nuisance, but it is also potentially unsafe on a crowded pool deck. Luckily, some products can solve this problem.

Strap clips use their design to hold your swimsuit straps in place, so they don’t fall off your shoulders or slip down your arms while swimming or sunbathing. They look like plastic clips and attach easily to your suit’s straps. They come in various sizes and shapes, so if one doesn’t work for you, another likely will.

2. Use waterproof fashion tape

Fashion tape comes in several different sizes and is easy to apply. It’s just two strips of adhesive, one for each side of the strap. Most importantly, you won’t break the bank to get one, and a roll of good quality double-stick fashion tape will only set you back about $10. What’s more, it’s water-resistant and long-lasting, so it won’t go anywhere even if you get wet or are in high heat.

To apply your fashion tape:

  • You’ll need a pair of scissors and a strip of fashion tape that’s a bit wider than the strap, so there’s overlap. And a couple of tweezers to help you place the piece since your fingers might stick to it.
  • Once you have these things ready, pull the adhesive backing off one side of the strip. Press it to one end of a strap while firmly holding down the fabric with your free hand to prevent peeling. Repeat on the other side and wear.

3. Use a strap cushion

The next time you have a falling-strap emergency, look no further than the strap cushion. Available in drugstores, these rubber cushions are great for keeping your straps from slipping off your shoulders while swimming. They’re also waterproof and are suitable for use on other articles of clothing that need additional support.

To use the strap cushion:

  • Align the two holes of the strap cushion with your swimsuit’s straps, then clip it on to secure it in place.
  • For added security, cut slits in the strap cushion before clipping it onto your straps so that they remain firmly attached to your body as you swim and move around.

4. Sew a support hook at the back

If you want to keep your swimsuit straps from falling, try sewing a simple hook onto the back of your swimsuit. You can hook your straps together in the back when you’re ready to take off your suit.

You can purchase a bra hook at any fabric store or make one yourself by folding a small rectangular piece of fabric in half at the short end and stitching along the long edge. Trim away any excess material, and remember that you may need to experiment with different lengths until you find one that suits your needs best.

5. Sew cups inside your swimsuit

If you have a swimsuit with removable cups, try this method to give extra support:

  • Grab a small piece of fabric, like a handkerchief.
  • Cut it into two triangles roughly the size of your swimsuit cups. It’s okay if they’re not the same shape as the cup; you want them to be slightly smaller, so they don’t become apparent.
  • Sew one triangle inside each cup, and voila, your straps should stay in place much better now. Be sure to use thin material that won’t become uncomfortable when wet and doesn’t show through the outside fabric of your swimsuit.

6. Sew elastic to your strap

Another method to keep swimsuit straps from falling is that you can rely on an elastic material to help you out. Stitch a piece of elastic to the inside of your belt. This will help keep it in place, as the flexible and fabric will stick together better without any space between them. This method works best if you choose an elastic that is thick enough to hold up your strap but not so thick that it makes the belt obvious or uncomfortable.

Your elastic should be almost as long as your strap but not so long that it covers or extends too far past the shoulder. It also shouldn’t be short that it doesn’t reach all the way around. Try sewing on two pieces of elastic, one in the middle and one at each end, to make sure it stays in place no matter the position of your arm.

7. Buy swimsuits with smaller strap length

In the end, the best option for keeping swimsuit straps from falling is to buy bathing suits with smaller strap lengths. Check out the strap length on the next one you try on, and don’t buy anything where this is too long. It’s as simple as that.

Alternatively, you may consider wearing a sports bra underneath your swimsuit. This serves as an extra layer of support and comfort, and many of these bras have adjustable straps. It’s also a good idea to choose one that’s strapless or has removable straps, depending on the style of your swimsuit.

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Are Strapless Swimsuits Better Than Ones With Swimsuits?

Strapless swimsuits are great for tanning since strap marks ruin your otherwise flawless glow, but they’re not as comfortable or supportive. If you have a large chest, strapless suits will likely fall and won’t give you the support. Also, strapless suits, in most instances, are not for swimming. You’ll be tugging at it constantly to keep it up and may end up having a nip slip.

Lastly, strapless swimsuits may not be as stylish as ones with straps. While the lack of straps means that you can wear unique tops and bottoms together without them getting in the way, there’s also no doubt that many of their designs are pretty limited. In the end, it comes down to personal preference on which to wear.

Conclusion – How to Keep Swimsuit Straps From Falling

If you’ve ever found yourself running during a water aerobics class to hoist up your straps once or twice, you’ll appreciate what a lifesaver these products are. But comfort and convenience aside, the next time you hit the beach or pool with your pals in slightly more revealing swimwear, consider how confident you will feel when you know your suit is staying put.


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