When Do Swimsuits Come Out in Stores?

Shopping for swimsuits can be a nightmare if you do not know what you are doing. The hassle and stress of getting a new swimsuit are quite high especially when it is almost time for summer. Everyone wants to get their swimsuits and prepare for summer. In fact, it is one of the exciting things to do, shopping for swimsuits I mean. However, for this moment to come, you have to wait for stores to start selling new swimsuits.

This raises the question, when do swimsuits come out in stores? Swimsuits come out in stores between April and May. This gives a good time for you to do all your swimsuits shopping before the start of summer properly. A lot of people try to skip getting swimsuits around this time because of the inflation of prices that will happen in stores during the release of new swimsuits.

If this is your plight then no worries, you can still get your swimsuits later when people are done getting what they want or during the clearance sales of swimsuits that happen in stores. This is usually late, so if you intend to swim and have fun during the summer you might need to get yours when everyone else is getting theirs or immediately the season ends before a new year.

What Stores Sell Swimsuits All Year Round?

The demand rate for something might wane according to season, price, etc, but there are other things that are in demand for the whole year. One very good example is swimsuits. People swim all year round. They swim, snorkel, dive, ski, surf or even just want to get fresh air every other month of the year. For this reason, it is important to ask the question, which stores sell swimsuits all year round?

There are actually stores that sell swimsuits for the whole year which you can patronize. In fact, a lot of them have great designs you can choose from. Some of them are;

1. Swimsuit Stores

These are stores that cater to just swimsuits and other accessories. They are always open because they know that people swim all year round and will need swimsuits for any water activity they intend to embark on.

2. Sports Stores

Sports stores are some of the stores where you can get swimsuits all year round. If you do not mind swimsuits that are built more for their performance than for their designs then you can actually step into a sports goods store and pick your new swimsuit.

3. Department Stores

It might not be all department stores that sell swimsuits all year round but those that do are usually the biggest department stores around like Target, Walmart, and Macy’s. One of these stores is bound to have swimsuits at any other time of the year. And if you are very lucky, you can get super dope designs you will really love.

4. Resorts and Indoor Pool Stores

Other places you can get swimsuits all year round are those in an indoor pool or those at a resort. Because of the demand for swimsuits when their customers want to swim, these stores are usually stocked up for the year. This works because there will always be people who forgot their swimsuits or have a change of mind at the pool or the resort. If you are in need of a swimsuit, you can check with those stores inside resorts and Indoor pools. Though the thing is that your options might be limited.

5. Online Stores

Online stores sell everything. In fact, this might be your best bet. Online stores usually have everything you want and the best part is that you can buy your swimsuit anytime you want. There are plenty of websites that have great swimsuit options that are very nice. You can also get online vendors on spaces like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

 If you are not willing to wait and you have zeroed your mind to order, note that the sizes might not be exactly what you want because you cannot fit them as you do in physical stores. Make sure to check the description of the swimsuit and if the size will fit you. If you aren’t too sure or you find it difficult to get your size then it might be nice to go to a physical swimsuit store to get your swimsuit.

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Does Target Sell Swimsuits All Year Round?

Target is a department retailer store that sells everything from groceries to household items to electronics, clothes, etc. You can get almost everything in Target. If this is the case then, does Target sell swimsuits all year round?

Yes, Target sells swimsuits all year round. However, it depends on where you are. Target only sells swimsuits year round in places where there will be sales and they will be able to sell out whatever they have in stock. However, in places where there is little to no sales, they do not bother to sell all year round. 

What this means is that don’t get disappointed when you enter a Target store in your neighborhood and you find no swimsuit. This might be as a result of low sales or no sales at all. What you can do at this point is to probably order from other online stores or look for other department stores. 

Does Target Sell Swimsuits in Stores During Winter?

Does Target sell swimsuits in stores during winter? Yes, they do. They sell in stores during winter and if you are lucky, you can get swimsuits with very great designs. To get swimsuits in Target in stores during winter though is quite shaky and is dependent on a number of things. The first thing is location.

Your location determines if you will be able to get your swimsuit during winter in a Target store or not. The reason is because of the northern and southern climate. While places like Florida enjoy constant stock up of their Target stores, the northern stores cannot boast of the same thing.

Another condition that will determine if you are getting a swimsuit from your Target store this winter is the sales. Target stores stock up swimsuits only if there will be good sales and those swimsuits can easily be cleared. However, if there are usually little to no sales of swimsuits in a particular Target store or stores then you might not find what you want in a Target store because they will not stock up.

Does Walmart Sell Swimsuits in the Winter?

Just like Target, Walmart is also a department retailer store that sells almost everything you can think of. They are known to cater to the needs of their customers. I think it’s safe to ask, does Walmart sell swimsuits in the winter? Yes, they do. Walmart stores sell swimsuits during the winter. However, don’t get mad when you get to a Walmart store and you do not find a swimsuit. 

The reason for this is because there are locations where they sell better and locations where they do not sell at all or sell just a little bit. Though this absolutely changes during the summer season or when summer is about to come to an end.

However, Walmart has an online store and you can order your beautiful, sexy swimsuit from their online store if you do not get what you want from their store. In case the swimsuit does not fit, you can return it and purchase something else only if you follow their return policy.

Does Macy’s Have Swimsuits in Winter?

Does Macy’s have swimsuits in winter? Yes, they do, they have swimsuits during winter. Of all department stores, you will most likely get your swimsuit at Macy’s. You can simply walk into their stores and pick for yourself the swimsuits that you want. Their website is also stocked with swimsuits options that can appeal to your senses. So, if you don’t find what you want, you can simply head right over to Macy’s website and choose that sexy bikini that you have always wanted. 

Did Victoria’s Secret Stop Selling Swimwear?

Victoria’s Secret as we know is one of the most popular lingerie and underwear stores that we have ever known with their ability to recreate fantasies. At one point one of the lines that they had was the swimwear line, however, a few years back, we suddenly realized that Victoria’s Secret swimwear was out of stock and there seems to be no plan of bringing them back. Hence our question, did Victoria’s Secret stop selling swimwear?

Yes, they did stop selling swimwear. In 2016, Victoria’s Secret announced that they will be ending their swimwear line in order to focus on their lingerie line better. This cost them to lose about $25 million dollars because of the abrupt ending of their swimwear business.

The good part is that in 2019, the brand announced that they are bringing back their swimwear line and launched 1st March after a three year vacation. However, most Victoria’s Secret swimwear can only be gotten online or in their select stores. If you want Victoria’s Secret swimwear then simply head online to order or enter one of their select stores and explore.

Conclusion – When Do Swimsuits Come Out in Stores?

If you are a swimsuit lover like I am then this is the season for you to get ready for summer. Like I have answered the question, when do swimsuits come out in stores? Swimsuits become available in stores around April/May as we begin to prepare for summer. If you are not willing to get your swimsuit at the high prices that come with getting swimsuits that are highly in demand then you can get yours before or after summer.

Feel free to check for your swimsuits in any of these department stores; Target, Macy’s or Walmart. I hope you find what you’re looking for.


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