5 Best Bathing Suit For Uneven Breast Size in 2023

5 Best Bathing Suit For Uneven Breast Size in 2023

If we are to look back at the previous years, we would take into cognizance the fact that bathing suit has truly transcended for years now. Aside from the outlooks which have indeed taken a different turn, there are other amazing features to look out for.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Bathing Suit For Uneven Breast Size In 2022

Product NamePrice
(Our #1 Pick)
Miraclesuit Pin Point Marais Tummy Control V-Neckline One Piece Swimsuit
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(Best Value)
Magicsuit Solid Mila Soft Cup Romper Swimsuit with Adjustable Straps
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(Best Overall)
Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Illusionist Azura One Piece Underwire Bra Mesh Inset All Over Control Swimsuit
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 Why is this so? Well, the answer is pretty simple. It is because they tend to target individual needs which would make their buyers a lot satisfied with what they have ordered for. In other words, there are bathing suits for every need or purpose. It is more like getting a perfect answer to your question. So what is the bathing suit for uneven breasts?

The best bathing suit for uneven breasts are suits that come with adjustable breast cups that let the breast look equal without anyone knowing they are uneven. Also, bra inserts are one solution to uneven breasts. You either get a bathing suit with cups or, you attach or bra inserts or sew-in bra cups into the suit.

We are going to look at both ways separately, but first, we have to get the buyer’s guide to help you pick out the best suit.

Please Note;

This article will solely be for those who intend to get the best bathing suit for their uneven breast. While some may be very okay and confident with that part of their body, others may not. And it is for reasons like this that we talk about the bathing suits that those other persons can rock to swim.

So if you feel you may not be too confident to go swimming that way, there is no cause for alarm then. Just follow up with some of the best bathing suits that will be listed below.

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Buyer’s Guide On The Best Bathing Suit For Uneven Breast

1. Price

It is common knowledge that when it comes to wear, the first thing that should be done would be to check out the prices attached to the wear. You do this by taking a look at the price tag. There is a reason why this consciousness is paramount. It is a result of the amount of money we have in our account and the amount of money we are willing to spend on the given wear.

For some persons and I know you will agree with me, they already have the specific amount they would love to spend for the wear and as such, they tend to go for the prices first. I know for the best bathing suit for uneven breasts, you may not want to spend so much in achieving this.

Well, we have got some of the best suits for reasonable prices for you. You necessarily would not get your account broken for this.

2. Value

When it comes to buyer’s guide, I do not hesitate to stretch on the need to get wear that would be valuable or be of great value to you. What will be the essence of spending on something that you know would not be of value to you?

The bathing suit for uneven breasts is needed by you because it will help to put that uneven breast in perfect shape. They would not be seen by the public as uneven, instead, they will be seen as even.

That is, you are already aware of what this suit will do for you. And for that reason, it will automatically become a lot valuable to you who intend to wear the bathing suit for uneven breasts.

3. Size

By size, we’re referring to the bra inserts. These bra inserts come in different sizes. Some are way bigger, some are way smaller. It all boils down to the size of your breast. It is the size of your breast that will determine the right bra insert to be sewn to the bathing suit.

So when you have handpicked the one that will fit into the breast, you get your sewing kit and start sewing around the suit to form a cup on the suit. Watch out for the ones that would be shown below.

4. Long Lasting/ Durability

I know we all hate it when we purchase wear that didn’t even last up to the expected number of months that it should. Such a feeling can be heartbreaking and devastating. It would seem as though you wasted your money and time getting something you truly wanted, only for it to get spoilt within a period.

Nonetheless, our goal is to ensure you are satisfied with your time at the pool or beach. For that, the best bathing suit for uneven breasts to be reviewed will be long-lasting suits and the same goes for the bra inserts.

Best Bathing Suit For Uneven Breast Size – Reviews

1. Miraclesuit Pin Point Marais Tummy Control V-Neckline One Piece Swimsuit

Check Price On Amazon

A miracle suit is one suit that never disappoints. Regardless of the need or purpose, they got you covered. This is one best bathing suits for uneven breasts. Why? The reason isn’t far-fetched. The miracle suit comes with cups that would put the breast in place. (Read also: Best One Piece Swimsuit For Sagging Breast)

It necessarily doesn’t matter if the breast is uneven. With the soft cups, your breasts are safe. No one would ever detect the kind of breast you have got in there. This brand suit would do justice to it.


1. Accentuate

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to put on a bathing suit that can accentuate the bust line? If no, now is the best time to give it a shot. Miracle suit is majorly known for that aspect. They make beautiful suits that can accentuate the bust and that is what you need.

2. Simplicity

How simple yet gorgeous is this damsel? There are no many designs, yet, it is just the best for the uneven breast. it will stand out when placed side by side with another bathing suit.

3. Slimming

Ordinarily, I would not want to get a bathing suit that isn’t slimming. Although we know our focus here is on a bathing suit for uneven breasts, however, despite that, it is advisable to get a suit that will give you that slimming body.

One beautiful thing about having a bathing suit that slimmer, is that it enhances your body figure pretty well.


  • The bathing suit controls one’s bulging tummy
  • It is made up of high-quality materials
  • It lasts long and wouldn’t get spoilt easily
  • It flatters all body types
  • It is one great suit


  • A bit expensive

2. Miraclesuit Razzle Dazzle Siren Tummy-Control Underwire Bra One Piece Swimsuit

Check Price On Amazon

Just a look at this beauty would sway you away. It’s so pretty that its beauty shone like the stars. This is one bathing suit that you can never get tired of so easily. It is one quality and a gorgeous suit that you can not see anywhere else. (Read also: Best Swimsuits for Small Bust In 2022 (Reviews))

The razzle-dazzle suit has a soft and nice bra that will get that uneven breast in place. No stress, no hassle. With the underwire cups, you are more than good to go.


1. Style

Such kind of bathing suit style does not come by quickly. We are going to agree that it is a simple bathing suit. Despite it being simple, it is as well classy rather put your curves on full display. The style is awesome and that makes the suit stand out.

2. Shape

The bathing suit is shaped in a way that it brings out an hourglass figure as the suit comes with a flattering design. And with this flattering comes tummy control. So while you get such a suit for uneven breasts, you are at the same time getting control of your tummy.

3. Versatile

Here is one other feature associated with the miracle razzle-dazzle suit. What occasion do you have? A party at the beach? Is it a vacation somewhere around the pool or beach? Then this suit is right for you. For it will suit any occasion that you have. It is simple and classy.


  • The bathing suit has one of the best quality there is
  • It gives you a confident feel
  • It is one pretty suit for all body types
  • It is valuable
  • It can be used for other purposes like vacation and pool party


  • The bra cups can not be removed

3. Magicsuit Solid Mila Soft Cup Romper Swimsuit with Adjustable Straps

Check Price On Amazon

I am very picky about the kind of bathing suit to be presented to you. And the reason being that I want you to get the best one that would solve the issue of the uneven breast. So presenting to you again is the magic suit romper swimsuits. (Read also: Can You Wear Swim Dress In The Pool?)

This bathing suit oozes confidence using the quality and style shown to all. Alongside are soft cup bra that will make the uneven breast to be even.


1. High cut

The bathing suit has a high cut that will bring out the legs and make them a beautiful sight to behold. Looking at this from another perspective, the high cut can as well conceal imperfections on the legs and even hips.

2. Adjustable Straps

Here is another thing to love about the bathing suit. It has adjustable straps attached to them. These straps are placed in a bid to adjust them to suit you and be firm on the shoulders without falling out.

3. Design

There is no way I will skip this without having to throw little light on it. The design of the magic suit romper is topnotch. The back of the suit is cut in a way that a part is longer than the other which makes the design of the bathing suit so prominent.


  • The bathing suit brings a fashionable look when worn
  • It can be worn for vacationing and beach or pool parties
  • The suit is produced with some great swimsuit materials
  • It is so classy
  • It comes with a swim panty built-in


  • Limited colours

4. ZAFUL Bikini Textured Removable Straps Padded Bandeau Two Piece Bathing Suits

Check Price On Amazon

Zaful suit brand is one brand that would never let you down. The majority of the time, they are handpicked over other brands because of their suits designs that tend to capture the eyes of all. And their bathing suits are produced in varieties of sizes that fit all and not a selected few. (Read also: How To Keep A Strapless Bathing Suit Up In 2022)

This also will be perfect for uneven breasts seeing the bra cups attached to the suit as it would be needed in getting the uneven breast in their places such that it does not look uneven.


1. Removable And Adjusted Straps

Two wonderful features in one suit. Isn’t that beautiful? So you are left to decide on what you want to do with regards to the bathing suit. Would you want to have the straps removed? Or would you want to adjust the straps of the suit? The choice is yours to make.

2. Fabric

The bathing suit fabric is so unique and produced with good materials that when it is being worn, it doesn’t seem to irritate the skin at all. It is comfortable on all skin.

3. Versatile

I love reviewing bathing suits that are not only worn for the sole reason of swimming alone. Instead, I look for something more knowing that aside from swimming, there are other activities that one may want to engage in around the pool. So you can wear this Zaful bathing suit to pool parties and even on vacation.


  • The bathing suit has amazing features like the adjustable and removable straps
  • It can be presented as a gift for honeymooning
  • It is valuable
  • It is not expensive
  • It is stretchy and long-lasting


  • It may not be the best for those who do not like exposing their bodies

5. Miraclesuit Women’s Swimwear Illusionist Azura One Piece Underwire Bra Mesh Inset All Over Control Swimsuit

Check Price On Amazon


This last pick is as a result of the bra cups attached to the bathing suit which is perfect for uneven breasts. The miracle one-piece Azura bathing suit is everything that is needed to spend an amazing time at the beach.

It is thick and not entirely see-through which brings it to a classy level compared to another bathing suit. The bra mesh is what will hold the bust and make sure they are in place whether uneven or not.


1. Shaping

The miracle suit has a way of shaping and slimming one’s body when adorned with such beauty. It gives you a figure that leaves others speechless where your banging body is in total display.

2. All Body Types

This bathing suit for uneven breasts isn’t restricted to a certain category of persons alone. It can be found in different sizes which can fit into any body shape. So you do not have to stress yourself out on if the bathing suit would fit or not. For it perfectly will.

3. Tummy Control

In a way, the miracle one-piece Azura bathing suit for uneven breast has a feature which is tummy control. The suit helps to control your tummy so it isn’t put out in the public. It will cover up those bulging tummy you have got.


  • The bathing suit comes in the finest material you will ever see
  • The quality is topnotch
  • The suit gives a value which is making unequal breast equal
  • It slimmer and flatter the entire body
  • It comes with a high cut


  • A bit expensive

Other Alternatives To Bathing Suit For Uneven Breast

At this juncture, we are going to look for other alternatives to bathing suits for uneven breasts. Aside from the suits that we have stressed, we should look for other ways to make the breast even other than a bathing suit.

As mentioned above, you can either get bra inserts to be inserted into the bathing suit, or you get a bra cup and have it sewn into the bathing suit. Preferably at the bust region. Such that when you put on the bathing suit, the cups would hold the breast in place.

Please Note;

Since we are dealing with uneven breasts here, it would be best to place the bra insert on one part of the bra only. That is the part of the breast that is uneven. Here is a reason as to why.

If you are to place the bra inserts on both sides of the breast, one side will be bigger than the other. And the side that will be bigger will be the side of the breast that is even. The more reason why you should have the bra insert on just a part of the bra to make the breast even.

1. Waterproof Silicone Gel Bra Inserts – Breast Pads Chest Push Up & Firming Bust Enhancers Padding for Women with Storage Bag

Check Price On Amazon

This is the first bra insert on the list. For the sake of swimming, it is made to be waterproof to allow you the benefit of swimming to your satisfaction. It is so comfy that it doesn’t fall out or get the skin region irritated by any means.

And to crown it all, it is one bra inserts that you can use over again provided you give it the right care.

How To Use

The bra inserts can be used in two different ways entirely. Foremost, we will look at the number one method which involves tucking the insert into the bra before proceeding to the second.

I am going to show you how to go about the bra insert. First, get the bra you want to put on to the beach or the pool. Then use a sharp object like a razor to open one end of the side of the bra. Then, proceed by tucking in the bra insert into it. To close the open place, you will get a hand machine to stitch it up.

To read more about this, click on the attached link above for more information about the bra insert and how to go about it. There are pictures virtually attached to them.

Here is the second method on how to use the bra insert. You are not to stick it like the first one. Instead, you will place it directly on the bra and have it worn. But in all, you must have very careful so as not to slip and one of them or both falls to the ground.

How To Sew In A Cup Bra

Sewing in a cup bra to the bathing isn’t much of a big deal. Trust me, it would not take so much of your time to achieve this. What’s important is getting the right tools for the job and you are free to proceed. You will be needing the following which are;

  • Hand machine
  • Bra cups
  • Office pin

Step 1

Get a hold of the cup bra and place it on the bathing suit ensuring your breast are directly in the cups.

Step 2

Take it off and use the office pins to hold the cup to the bathing suit around the bust region.

Step 3

Get the hand machine ready and start stitching up the cups to the bra little by a little while taking off the pins gently. Please endeavour you stitch it properly so it doesn’t loosen while you are swimming.

With these steps, you can forge ahead to sew in the cups to the bathing suit. Remember, this is optional. You can either follow these steps, or you go through the other methods.

Best Bathing Suit For Uneven Breast Size – Conclusion

Without much ado, we believe we have been able to provide you with the best bathing suits for uneven breasts. There are three (3) ways to go about it as mentioned above.

They include getting the right bathing suit for it (stated above), getting bra inserts, or sewing in bra cups to the bathing suit. It is left for you to choose your preference and the method which you feel would be more suitable for you.

Included are links that would help you to read more about the reviewed bathing suits.

You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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