How to Hide Love Handles in a Swimsuit

Love handles are parts of the skin that protrudes outward from the hips. It occurs due to the retention of fat around the hips and abdominal area. Love handles can be made more visible when you wear tight clothes. In order to reduce the appearance, you might want to avoid tight clothes for a while. Love handles show that there is an accumulation of excess fat around the hips and abdominal area.

Some of the things that cause love handles include; hormones, age, lack of physical activity, not sleeping well, eating high in fats, sugars and high calorie foods, and un-diagnosed medical conditions.

Love handles are something that some people would prefer no one sees especially when they are wearing a swimsuit. So, how exactly do you hide this love handles when you are wearing a swimsuit

How to Hide Love Handles in a Swimsuit

1. Choose to Wear More Dark Colors

Wearing darker colors blend more with your skin and does not show off your stomach. Trying to wear your swimsuits in dark colors tends to draw attention away from your love handles.

2. Try Wearing a Beach Cover Up

If you are self conscious about your love handles then you can try wearing a beach cover up. When you wear beach cover ups that are cute, they can take away the attention from your love handles. Read our previous post on how you can crochet bathing suit cover up.

3. Wear High Waisted Bottoms

When choosing swimsuits, try wearing those with high waisted bottoms, they are good at hiding the love handles on your hips.

4. Try Wearing a One Piece Swimsuit in Place of a Bikini

One piece can help you to hide your love handles better than a two piece swimsuit. While there are two piece swimsuits that can get the job done, one piece swimsuits are known to hide love handles better.

5. Wear Pattern or Prints Swimsuits

Pattern and printed swimsuits have been known to draw attention away from tummy bulge, fat, etc, they can surely hide your love handles and draw the attention away from them.

6. Wrap Your Towel Around your Body when You Sit

In case you want to sit down for some sun while you are at the beach then you can easily wrap your towel around yourself if the public view of your love handles will disturb you. This can help to hide your love handles from view.

7. Use Accessories

Using accessories can help to hide whatever attention could be on your love handles and draw it to your accessories.

8. Wear Swimsuits with Flattering Necklines

Wearing swimsuits like v necklines or plunging necklines will definitely draw attention away from your love handles to your necklines.

9. Wear a Tummy Control Swimsuit

Tummy control swimsuits will not only hide your belly fat but also the love handles on your hips. It will effectively hide the love handles that you might be worried about when you are going to the beach.

10. Stay Away From Too Fitted Swimsuits

Too fitted swimsuits can always reveal your love handles, rather wear swimsuits in your size. Nothing too small or too big, they will only draw attention to your love handles.

For Men, they can do the following to hide their love handles

1. Wear Loosely Fitted T Shirts

Loose fitted t shirts can help hide the love handles that you might have. They cover up the excesses and none is wiser.

2. Avoid Bright T Shirts

When picking your tshirts try not to wear bright colors. Bright and loud colors have the tendency of drawing attention to the love handles on your hips.

3. Stand Up Straight

Do not slouch while standing, stand straight and lift your head high. When you slouch your shoulders shoot out and your belly compresses into the center this position will vividly show your love handles. Stand straight, your shoulders high and your head in line with your body.

4. Wear High Waisted Swim Shorts

Wearing high waisted swim shorts will help you to hide your love handles, this is because they will be tucked into your waist. Unlike wearing your swim shorts at your hips, wearing them on your waist helps to hide the love handles effectively.

What is the Best Swimsuit if You Have Love Handles?

If you have love handles and you intend to hide them, I will recommend the following swimsuits for you, you can go ahead and check them out.

1. CUPSHE Women’s One Piece Swimsuit Tummy Control

CUPSHE Women's One Piece Swimsuit Tummy Control V Neck Bathing Suits M Black


This swimsuit is made out of chinlon and spandex, it has an elastic closure and it is a v neck design with shirring design at the waist and adjustable shoulder straps with padded cups. It is suitable for vacations, summer Beach, pools, honeymoon, and cruise. Measurements are true to size.

2. Zando Women’s Swimsuits Tummy Control Swim Dress

Zando One Piece Swimdress for Women Tummy Control Swim Dress Slimming Skirt Bathing Suits Swimwear Swimsuits Dress Black White 2XL (US 14-16)


This Swimsuit is a one piece tummy control swim dress with a mesh or floral printed design and made out of polyester, mesh and elastane. It is soft, comfortable, and a breathable one piece bathing dress for women. The tummy control gathers the breast together and gives good coverage. It also helps to shape your body figure to look slimmer. It is suitable for beach, beach party, pool party, swimming pool, summer vacation, hot spring bath, honeymoon etc.

3. Kanu Surf Men’s Barracuda Swim Trunks

Kanu Surf Men's Barracuda Swim Trunks (Regular & Extended Sizes), Oahu Red, Large


This swimsuit is made out of polyester with a drawstring closure. It can be washed with a machine and has an elasticized waistband with drawstring and contrast side stripes. It features cargo pockets by the side and is suitable for the beach, pool, surfing, honeymoon and other activities.

How Can I Lose My Love Handles Before Wearing Your Swimsuits?

We all know summer is almost here and you will want to wear your swimsuit and take selfies and have fun. Only that one problem is that you have gained love handles over the past few months. Well, it’s fine, we can lose them right before you need to hit the beach for summer. Here are a few things that you can do to be rid of the love handles;

1. Start Eating Healthy

Eating healthy foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oil etc can help you to trim the fat around your waistline. You can start adding a few of these into your food and you will realize that you are burning away fat from your body.

2. Eat Fibre

Eating foods like beans, vegetables and fruits will give you the fiber you need to battle the accumulated fat on your waistline. Fibers keep you full for a longer period of time so you might not have to eat as you would do normally.

3. Do Not Sit in a Spot for a Long Period of Time

Sitting for a long period of time is bad for your waist. It is advisable that you take small exercises and move around in order to burn the excess calories and fats in your body.

4. Cut Added Sugar from Your Diet

Added sugar like the ones found in drinks, soda, candies, cookies etc can have a drastic effect on your body fat. It is better to avoid the added sugar, especially the ones found in junk food and drinks. Sugar like fructose can cause an increase in your belly fat thus adding love handles to your waistline. Cutting back on the sugar can protect your waistline from love handles.

5. Exercise

Try to engage yourself in different types of exercises including any physical activity. You can make a simple routine that can help you to stay on track and lose your love handles quicker.

6. Sleep Well and Stress Less

Stress can help you to add love handles to your waistline. It encourages an increase in body fat, you should try to stress less and sleep well. Depriving yourself of sleep can also cause an increase in your belly fat. It is better you stress less and sleep better in order to lose your love handles as soon as possible.

Is Muffin Top and Love Handles the Same Thing?

A lot of people ask, “is muffin top and love handles the same thing?”

The answer is yes. It is the shape of the love handles you have hanging around your waistline that is called muffin top. Some people just go right ahead to call love handles muffin top. It is just a roundabout way of saying it.

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Conclusion – How to Handle Love Handles in a Swimsuit

Love handles are  the accumulated fat around the waistline, this is as a result of excess body fat and can be more pronounced when you wear tight clothings. To hide love handles, it is better to go with darker colors, bolder patterns or prints, one piece swimsuits or high waisted swimsuits, wear cover ups and avoid tight clothes. 

For men, they can hide their love handles by wearing loose t-shirts, high waisted swim shorts and standing straight without slouching. Love handles can also be less pronounced if you avoid wearing tight clothes or the wrong size of clothes on your body. Try to rest more, sleep more, drink more water, eat fibers and cut off added sugar with regular exercises in order to cut excess fat forming love handles on your waistline.

There are also swimsuits to help if you want. As long as you enjoy your summer, then you are good to go.


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