How To Get Period Stains Out Of Bathing Suit In 2022

If we’re asked to write down a list of recreational and relaxing activities, swimming wouldn’t be exempted in any way. At every point in your life, the need to take a break from all the non-ending stresses and bustle that accompanies your journey is highly paramount. For such reasons, swimming was established as a way of relaxing the nerves in other to ease your burdens and get you energized and fueled up for the rest of your journey.

And just so you know, swimming comes with a couple of distresses. It ranges from your bathing suits down to the water. One of which is well known and has been witnessed by several people. And what could we be referring to? Getting period stains on your bathing suit. For ladies, their monthly visitors may catch up with them unaware which could be pretty embarrassing especially when you’re at the beach or pool. This alone can ruin the rest of your day.

Now, someone may want to ask “how do I get period stains out of bathing suit bottoms”? This question may seem a little bit tough but as tough as it may to you, we’ve got answers for it.

How To Get Period Stains Out Of Bathing Suit

Follow the following steps on how to get period stains out of bathing suit bottoms.

Step 1: Get A Detergent

It is important to get a detergent that is suitable for bathing suits. Not detergents that will cause the suit bottom to get bleached or a sort of reaction. There are quite a few detergents that are perfect for bathing suits alone. Those are the kind of soap you ought to be using for your bottom suits such that when worn next time, you won’t in any way feel indifferent or irritated down there.

Step 2: Place The Period Stained Bathing Suit In A Bowl With Water & Add Your Detergent To Wash

In the second phase, get a bowl that would be large enough to contain your bathing suit bottom. Except, the suit bottom isn’t that wide like our clothes. Fill the bowl with water. Ensure that the water covers the suit bottom so the place that has the period stains can soften a little bit. Now, pour in the detergent or washing soap into the bowl.

Here, you can either decide to have it soaked for some minutes or have it washed as quickly as you can. The choice is yours to make. Whichever you decide to go for, doesn’t matter. What’s important is getting the stain out of the bathing suit bottom.

Also, you can choose not to have it washed the normal way. You can get the affected spot wet with little water, take a clean piece of cloth and dip it into the detergent and apply it directly on the affected spot. Do that for about 5 minutes and rinse with water. You can give it another shot if the stain persists.

Step 3: Rinse & Give It A Second Shot Before Rinsing Again

After washing for a few minutes, take it out and rinse with clean water. You can choose to flush out the soapy water and pour clean water into the bowl. Place the washed bathing suit into it and rinse. While rinsing, take a good look at the spot that housed the stains. If the stains aren’t cleared, then go over the washing again. After that, you can rinse and check out the spot for one last time. When you’re certain it’s cleared, you can then rinse and spread outside.

Please Note;

When it’s time to have the bathing suit bottom spread outside, you mustn’t get the bottom in the sun directly. Placing your bathing suit directly in the sun will cause damages from the sun’s rays. So you’re to lay the suit bottom on a flat board where the sun can’t penetrate it. Ensure that where you want it placed is right under a shade.

Also, there are some stain remover that can be used to take off period stains from your bathing suit bottom if you do not want to go through the aforementioned steps or if you may want to use the stain remover instead.

Here is a few stain remover that you can have a look at by clicking on the amazon links that are being provided below.

Though, there are some procedures you’ve got to follow before you start making use of the crotch shot.

How To Use The Crotch Shot Stain Remover

  1. Wetting The Crotch Of The Bathing Suit Bottom: Foremost, you must have the crotch of the suit wet with water. Like I mentioned above when I was giving steps on how to wash the period-stained bathing suit, I talked about wetting the suit which would soften the affected area.
  2. Rub The Crotch Shot On The Affected Area: After wetting the crotch, you’ll have to rub the shot on the affected area twice or thrice. Try not to exceed the number of times stipulated here. Two or three crotch shot application is more than enough.
  3. Leave For About 15 to 20 Minutes: Don’t wash immediately. Leave the bathing suit to absorb the crotch shot for the required time. You can proceed to wash the suit.

2. Spotless Feminine Stain Removal

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The next period stain removal on the list is the spotless feminine stain remover. It is easy to use with no complications or irritation.

Here’s how to use it

  1. Get The Soiled Place Wet: Just like the first procedure in the first product, get the soiled part wet with a little bit of water.
  2. Pour The Spotless Feminine Stain Removal On It: After getting the affected spot wet, you can then pour the stain removal on it. Leave for some minutes and wash it off with a mild soap or detergent. Please try to get a detergent that can be used on the bathing suit without it causing any inconveniences.

There is one aspect I would love to divulge into before concluding this article. Which is, getting period stains out of our clothes. Period stains do not only affect our bathing suits unconsciously. They stain anything wearable as far as we’re putting something on. So what are some of the ways you can adopt to rid period stains out of your clothes?

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How To Get Period Stains Out Of Cloth

1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Don’t think about any form of consequences because it wouldn’t. Using hydrogen peroxide won’t deter or soil your clothes but rather, they would get the period stains out of the clothes in minutes. The only challenge that it may incur is that it may get the colour of the affected spot changed a little bit. Well, this is not 100% being that it might be under probability.

Get the hydrogen peroxide and apply it directly to the place. After application, get water to rinse the hydrogen peroxide off and wash with a mild detergent before taking it outside to air dry.

Take Note

To be on a safer side when trying this, you should give it a shot on a part of the clothing that isn’t visible. Test run it to see if it’s going to lead to loss of color from the affected spot or not. If it doesn’t, you can move ahead. If it does, then you’ve got to switch to a second alternative. Check number 2 for another alternative

2. Salt

Salt is one useful household item that can be used to solve several problems. Get the salt on the spot, leave for some minutes(10 – 15 minutes maximum), and rinse off. Go ahead and wash with soap/detergent and water.

3. Lemon Juice

The usefulness of lemon juice spurs over a considerable amount of things and products. Being that it is a juice that we drink, it works Magic in getting rid of stains and other items because of its natural ingredients. For period stains, trust lemon juice to get them out in a jiffy.

Cut the lemon into half and squeeze one part of the lemon juice into the stain. Leaving the juice to settle down and to walk its way into neutralizing the stains is the next course of action. When you’ve given it the number of minutes(30 minutes maximum) it needs to absorb and to have the stains weakened such that it becomes easier to flush out, you can then wash it with your detergent and water.

4. Aspirin

Quite shocking right? Aspirin can take off the period stains and relieve you of the burden of having to scrub out the stain. Since it is found in a tablet format, you’ll need to break it down and form it into a paste by adding a little bit of water. Rub the paste into the part of the cloth that has the stains. Leave for 30 minutes and wash off by rinsing it out and laundry the clothes or garment.

5. Baking Soda

The 5th way to get period stains out of your clothes that we want to look at now is with the use of baking soda. It is a commonly known household name and all that is required from you to do is to form the baking soda into a paste by adding water. Apply the paste on the cloth and wait for about 20 or 25 minutes before laundry it.

4. Meat Tenderizer

Without being told, I believe out of the items we’ve listed here on how to get period stains out of clothes, this would be the most shocking. I can tell you never saw it coming. However, it works quite well in such situations. Meat tenderizer is used for cooking and can as well be used to remove period stains. First, take the clothes and have them soaked in water. Not warm or Luke warm water but in cold water.

Mix the meat tenderizer in water to form a paste. Apply on the stain and let it settle for 30 minutes. Rinse it out and proceed to have the clothes washed.

5. Saliva

Oh yes. With the amount of enzyme found in saliva, it is enough to get that period stain out of your clothes. Spit out quite an amount of saliva into the affected area and use your hands to work it around the stain. When you’ve done this, take the cloth to a running tap and run cold water on it. Pour your soap or detergent into it, run water on it, and wash extensively.

6. Salt And Shampoo

I know we’ve talked about the importance of using salt in wiping out period stains from clothes but then, we would have to stress over it over again. This time, not plain salt but the mixture of salt and shampoo.

Get the salt and the shampoo out and set aside a bowl for the mixture. The aim is to form a thick paste out of it and have it directly applied to the area that has the period stains. You’re expected to wait for a couple of minutes preferably 10 to 15 minutes before you wash it out and laundry the clothes.

Please Note;

These ways do not apply to clothes only. If after going through the steps mentioned above or using any of the recommended products and the stain persists, feel free to apply any of these aforementioned ways on your bathing suit.

How To Get Period Stains Out Of Bathing Suit – Conclusion

Period stains are one hell of a stain that pounces on us either consciously or unconsciously. Your day at the pool or beach can be short-lived with such an incident.
So if you happen to be cut up in such brouhaha, follow the steps and methods above to get the period stains out of your bathing suit and clothes inclusive.


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