Best Swimsuits With Leggings

Some people just love waterfronts and the open sea; like me, water offers to them a gentle reminder about the things to come and a wavy peace that calms life’s storms we are constantly dealing with.

All year long I dream about dipping my feet in the sand, and when I finally do it, I do not want to leave. While most people enjoy this experience in their glowing skins, I spend it well crisped by the sun. 

As a swimming enthusiast, I never find it easy shopping for swimwear, every session brings a new challenge. It is easier to pack a lot of products for the sunny experience at the beach not to get too scorched by the open sea’s sun.

It has been a difficult time amidst the serenity until I discovered swimsuits with leggings. Yes, swimsuits with leggings, before you throw them off, I am going to explain why and open your eyes to the trick beneath. 

Swimsuits with leggings or otherwise called swim leggings are amazing suits that offer loads of benefits that you never have thought of. In this article, I’ll tell you exciting things about swim leggings, the guide to selecting the right one for you, and some great products you would be interested in trying out. 

What are Swimsuits with Leggings?

Swim with leggings basically mean a pair of regular leggings with a top, except these, are made for swimming. They are also made from the materials of your regular, quick-drying bathing suits, but they are designed for in and out of water use.

Swim leggings are popular among surfers and the sporting world, as well as other athletic people who spend a lot of time in the water, and also me, who just enjoy the cold feel of the water.

The Best Swimsuits with Leggings  

I have selected some great swimsuits with leggings for you. The brands and qualities are awesome, so you can just go ahead and check them out. 

1. Yonique 3 Piece Plus Size Swimsuits for Women


Yonique 3 Piece Plus Size Swimsuits for Women Tankini Tops with Sports Bra and Swim Capris Athletic Bathing Suits Black & Flamingo 16 Plus


Yonique is one of the biggest fashion retailers. They strive to provide charming and stylish swimwear for ladies. Their specialty is in tankini suits. With the help of their professional production line and corporate designers, they naturally combine different elements such as stripes, geometric patterns, and laces together. Whatever the nature of your job or personality, you will find a swimsuit just for you with them. It has the following features:


  • The suit is 15% spandex and 85% polyester
  • It has an elastic closure
  • It has a high content of spandex for great elasticity
  • It is a 3-piece athletic tankini suit that includes a sports bra, a tankini top, and swim capris
  • The swim top has an open-back design that shows strappy cross straps and a D-ring detail
  • The bra has an adjustable strap and removable padding
  • It is a sleeveless suit with the top matching the black crop legging shorts
  • The swimsuit is lightweight and not see-through


  • The strap and adjustable padding offer good coverage and support
  • The top and black crop legging is very flattering and comfy
  • The high spandex content makes it stretchy and suitable for anybody and without any pression
  • The high-quality polyester and spandex material is breathable and quick-drying
  • You will feel at ease during and after diving or swimming
  • The suit is lightweight
  • It is form-fitting without dragging mid-swim
  • You can go hours on them in the sun without sunblock
  • It is comfortable and fits well
  • The brand’s customer service is great


  • The straps on the bra are sometimes twisted or incorrectly attached
  • The material for the top and pants may be considered thin and slippery

2. LALAGEN Women’s Plus Size Rash Guard Capris Tankini

LALAGEN Women's Plus Size Rash Guard Capris Tankini Athletic Swimwear Floral XXL


The Lalagen retail store represents true beauty for women’s swimsuits. This is one of their best products featuring a two-piece suit with a tankini top and short leggings bottom. The product has the following features:


  • The fabric combines Mesh, Spandex, and Nylon
  • The material is 18% spandex and 82% nylon
  • The plus size swimwear has removable sponge paddings and a power mesh insert
  • The suit features a spaghetti strap top, paired with a matching swim short legging for fun at the beach
  • The plus-size suit’s bottom is sophisticatedly designed in capris style that’s also compatible with other active sports
  • The swim legging is available in different sizes and can be selected using the size chart.


  • The sponge padding and power mesh provides great bust support
  • The short pants protect against sunburn during outdoor swimming
  • It is perfect for multiple uses including floating, swimming, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, fitness, diving, and paddling.
  • It is super-soft and fits perfectly


  • The pant may sometimes be too big
  • It is nice but it may not be true to one’s size
  • The top may come too big in the bust
  • There can also be sagging on the side, at the bottom
  • The straps may come faulty
  • The fabric may sometimes deteriorate after a long time

3. Aleumdr Women’s Racerback Color Block Print Tankini Swimsuits

Aleumdr Womens Color Block Print Racerback Tankini Swimsuits with Swim Capris Green M 8 10


The Aleumdr swimwear features some exclusive suits for every taste. Their tankinis are very prevailing to update your beach and pool look, while also filling the summer colors. This color block top and black shorts are soft and elastic and made from an elaborate fabric. This product has the following features:


  • It is 18% spandex and 82% nylon
  • It is a pull-on closure swimsuit with legging
  • It is a summer beachwear featuring a sexy tankini suit set
  • It is a comfortable and quick-drying fabric
  • The tankini style suit has a top with basic swim bottom
  • The round neck has a lace-up detail in the front and a racerback design


  • It is perfect for all water sports and home pool parties.
  • It is a great sizing suit for curvy girls
  • The bottom and top fit very well
  • It is easy to slip on and off for a swimsuit with legging
  • The cut and color are very flattering
  • The material is thin and stretchy, but it is stretchier when wet


  • There is the problem of incorrect sizing
  • The top bust area cups may sometime be too large
  • The stomach grab may sometimes be off
  • It has a weird, long tie that doesn’t stay tied well

4. ZKESS Women Color Block Zipper Swimsuits Surfing Bathing Suits

ZKESS Womens Plus Size Zipper Rash Guard Surfing Swimsuits Sleeveless Color Block Swim Tank Tops Capri Legging Pant Swims Bottom 2PCS Bathing Suits Wet Set Black XXL


ZKESS is a prevailing women’s store that focuses on innovative and personalized fashion design. They provide customers with excellent, professional, and thoughtful service. They give their customers a delightful shopping experience by offering high-standard products.


  • It is 82% nylon and 18% spandex
  • It has a pull-on closure
  • It features a sleeveless rash guard swimsuit with a soft, removable, padded racerback
  • The Capri swimwear has a legging swim bottom
  • The rash guard women’s suit is lightweight with a breathable spandex and nylon material
  • Its figure-flattering top has a scoop neck, blouson silhouette, racerback, and swim bottom Capri pant
  • It has non-adjustable wide straps and a swim vest top that creates a swimsuit shape


  • The spandex and nylon fabric give you a comfortable feeling
  • It is a perfect plus size swimwear
  • It is quick-drying and easy to wash
  • It is suitable for all water sports
  • It is thin, lightweight, and comfortable


  • There is sometimes excess material at the front of the groin area
  • The pant may sometimes be a loose fit for those with thin legs
  • It may also come unflattering sometimes and poorly fitting

5. BLENCOT Women’s Plus Size 2PCS Zip Rash Guard Surfing Swimsuits

BLENCOT Womens Plus Size 2PCS Zip Rash Guard Surfing Swimsuits Sleeveless Color Block Swim Capri Legging Pant Swims Bottom Black XXXL


BLENCOT Women’s plus size 2pcs sleeveless swimsuit is a plus-size sportswear with no underwire but a removable bra padding. It is a tankini suit which is the favorite for women of all ages around the world. The plus-size surf suit features different designs that contribute to its fresh look. The product has the following key features


  • It is a combination of polyamide and elastane fabric in 82% and 18% respectively
  • It has a pull-on closure
  • It is available in all sizes
  • It is a plus-size women’s swimwear with no underwire but includes a removable bra padding
  • It is a rash guard capris tankini suit with a tank top and a Capri pant designed for all outdoor sports


  • The short legging gives you extra coverage for all swimming activities
  • The modest fashion is made beautiful with a tankini top and short legging combination
  • It is suitable for all sporting activities in and out of water
  • It is made from a fabric with a quick-drying effect without clinging or weighing you down when soaked
  • It can keep you warm in cold water or the environment
  • It has a durable, silky feel


  • No cons

6. Akaeys Women’s Full Body Swimsuit

Akaeys Women's Full Body Rash Guard One Piece Long Sleeve Leg UV Sun Protection Swimsuit, Black-2, Small


This Akaeys full bodysuit for women is a one-piece long sleeve and long-leg swimwear with UV protection. It is super stretchy and quick drying. The Akaeys brand is focused on such materials as this when making excellent swimwear for women.


  • It is made from a combination of spandex and nylon
  • It has a zipper closure
  • It is made from a highly stretchy fabric that retains its shape every time
  • It is washable in a machine but handwashing is recommended


  • The lightweight and breathable spandex and nylon material makes you comfortable
  • It is easy to wash and quick-dry
  • It is an active suit for all water sports
  • The brand has a 100% refund or replacement policy


  • The suit may sometime come too small
  • The sizing may be wrong and the material may be too thin
  • The zipper is not strong for long usage

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Factors to Consider When Getting Swimsuits with Leggings

Swimsuits with leggings aren’t like regular leggings. They differ in many ways and you can’t buy them like you do regular leggings. In my experience, I have put up some factors you need to consider before buying a swimsuit with leggings. 

1. What you need it for

The first and foremost thing to consider is what you intend your swim leggings for. Are you a professional swimmer or just a lover of the sport? How often do you intend to use it? the answer to these questions will help you select the quality and budget for your swim leggings. This will help guide your choice so you won’t overspend or underspend. 

2. Buying from specialty stores 

As I previously mentioned, swim leggings aren’t like regular leggings and so you can’t buy them the same. For swim leggings, the first place to look is a specialty store. Specialty stores are stores that only deal with a particular kind of product.

Different swimsuit specialty stores make excellent swim leggings, you can start from there. Since they don’t deal in any other type of wear than swimwear, you can trust the quality of their products to a good extent. 

3. Quality 

After beginning your search from a specialty store, the next thing to check is the quality of the suit. To be sure about the quality, you might do a quick research about the best fabric for swim leggings, so you know what to look out for.

You can also ask previous users for the best swim leggings product. Quality is rated in grades, knowledge of all will help you make the best decision. 

4. Durability 

Durability stems from quality. The quality of your swim leggings will determine their durability. The higher the quality, the more durable it is and vice versa.

Swim leggings are exposed to conditions normal wear would break in front of. That means durability is paramount for swim leggings, which without, cannot fulfill their purpose. 

5. Budget 

Working on a budget is a quality of a good buyer. It’s always good to have a planned-out sum of money you intend to buy from. No matter what you get, you know you are not spending out of the range of that sum. Budget a reasonable amount for your swim leggings based on usage, quality, and durability. 

6. Sizing 

As an experienced buyer, trust me you don’t want to go into a store for wear without knowing your size. If you check the cons for most products, sizing is mostly the problem.

A lot of people don’t understand sizing is different for every product. Swim leggings stay snug-fit, so their sizes are different from regular wear. Check out the size chart for such a product or speak to the customer care representative for proper guidance on selecting the right size for you. 

7. Reviews 

Reviews are probably the most important aspect of buying. Reviews give you the best information about the product you intend to buy from people who have used it.

You might also want to note that the same problem buying a product might not persist with two people i.e. two people can buy the same products and yet give different reviews about it. But you can still stroll the comments to learn one or two things about your swim leggings before buying them. 

8. Speak to a representative 

This option is for when the previous guide is not available or doesn’t have enough usable info. It’s not always that you get relevant comments in the reviews, for this case, you can alternatively speak to a representative of the store about the product you intend to buy, so he or she can give you the proper guidance to selecting the best swim leggings for you. 

Benefits of Swimsuits With Leggings 

1. They provide sun protection 

Yes, swim leggings protect your skin from sunburn so you won’t need to apply sunscreen. If you are out all day or underwater, there is a high chance you will be getting sunburns, but with this wear, you won’t get a single sunburn even if you forget to use or re-use your sunscreen. Covering your legs with swim leggings exempts you from having to apply sunscreen at all while leaving your skin protected. 

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2. They provide warmth

Like your full-body swimsuits, swim leggings also provide warmth inside water. The thickness/ thinness and quality provide you with insulation when swimming in cold waters or seasons. 

3. Protection from biological irritants 

There is a great number of irritants in the sea, and if you are well protected, you could save yourself from stings and bites, and other pain-inflicting animals in the sea. Swim leggings protect your legs from these biological agents and sharp corals.

4. Protection from chafing and rubbing 

Chafing is common, especially in plus-size women like me. I get it from doing all sorts of things like a long walk or wearing the wrong pants. Wearing a swimsuit can present similar difficulty and make me uncomfortable unless I apply an anti-chafe balm of strong thickness to protect me the entire time.

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I can also get chafed underwater, getting out of it, or walking to my car, down the beach; all these get my skin irritated. My swimsuit with leggings brought an end to all these, it suddenly made it easier to climb, swim, run, and generally make me live a chafe-free life. For other highly intensive water sports, using a swim legging is a better option than a normal swimsuit.  

How are Swimsuits With Leggings Better Than Regular Leggings?

I know you might be wondering if your regular leggings can offer the same protection as swim leggings, no they are quite different and cannot be used interchangeably. Here are some reasons why:

1. Regular leggings are not designed to withstand harsh conditions 

As you know swimming involves exposure to harsh environmental conditions sometimes. There is the salinity and chlorine content of the sea, there is the high intensity of the sun, and so on. What does this mean? It means your regular leggings could break down in face of these conditions. Another thing is, that regular leggings can leech off some particles that could pose a threat to marine life, so they cannot be used as swim leggings.

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2. Regular leggings are not designed for quick drying 

One of the key features of swim leggings is their quick drying after usage in water. They are moisture-wicking, meaning they pull moisture and sweat off and evaporate quickly through the pores in the fabric. Clearly, that isn’t the same with regular leggings that would take hours to dry when you are soaking wet. 

And as you know, sitting around in a wet legging is bad for a lady, as bacteria, moisture, and chafing are a few of the natural consequences of lying around in a wet legging. 

Conclusion – Swimsuits with Leggings

I hope I’ve been able to do justice to the concept of swimsuits with leggings, the best features to look out for when buying one, and the benefits of using them. I also hope it’s clear that they differ from regular leggings in many ways. Look through for some great products that are worth buying and be sure to thank me later. 



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