What is a Monokini Swimsuit?

A bikini can be too revealing for some women and a one-piece can be too basic sometimes and you would want to wear a swimsuit that is exotic but not giving away too much. Monokini is a good option for this. It is stylish enough for you to wear to a pool party, hotel tub, the beach, or sunbathing.

It is a common choice of swimwear among women that want to look sexy and stylish without revealing too much. Now you might be wondering what is a monokini swimsuit?

Monokini is a swimsuit that was first designed by Rudi Gernreich in the year 1964. it was a topless one-piece garment that had two thin straps connected to a brief looking like the lower part of a bikini covering the genitals. Over the years, the monokini has evolved and manufacturers have created versions of it that now covers the breast.

Monokini swimsuit is a type of swimsuit that combines the styling features of a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit into one attire. The front of the monokini looks like a one-piece while the back has the shape of a bikini has cuts outs to show more skin. It can be considered a skimpy one-piece swimsuit.

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It has large cutouts on the sides, back, or front.  The cutouts are connected with either fabric, mesh, or chain to link the top and bottom sections together to make it look like a one-piece from the front.

Types Of Monokini

1. Halter Monokini

This type of monokini has straps that go around the neck to the back instead of going over the shoulder and showing the back.

Tempt Me Women One Piece Mesh Swimsuit

Tempt Me Women One Piece Mesh Swimsuit Royal Blue High Neck Cutout Monokini M


2. Design Monokini

This is a type of monokini has an epitome design with cutouts on the sides that shows off the curves of the body.

ELOVER Women’s One Piece Swimsuit Sexy

ELOVER Monokini Swimsuits for Women One Piece Bathing Suit Cutout Halter Swimwear Black Medium


3. Pleated Monokini

This is a monokini that has pleats to hide tummy flab. It helps to give an impression of a smaller waistline. It is mostly preferred by larger women.

CUPSHE Women’s One Piece Swimsuit High Neck TummyControl Swimwear

CUPSHE Women's One Piece Swimsuit Tummy Control Cutout High Neck Bathing Suit, XL


4. Embroidered Monokini

This type of monokini has a sophisticated and artistic design that is elegant. It gives you a petite and attractive look.

Eternatastic Women Crochet Knit Monokini Swimsuit Lined One-Piece Bikini Swimwear

Eternatastic Women Crochet Knit Monokini Swimsuit Lined One-Piece Bikini Swimwear M White


Famulily Women’s Embroidery Rose Red Sheer Mesh One Piece Swimsuit Beachwear

Famulily Women's Embroidery Rose Sheer Mesh One Piece Swimsuit Beahwear X-Large


5. Vintage Monokini

This is a type of monokini that has a classic and timeless design. Polka dot and striped are all-time fashion favorites that are cute and sexy.

Ekouaer Women’s One Piece Swimsuit Elegant Inspired Vintage

Ekouaer Womens Elegant Inspired Vintage One Piece Pin Up Monokinis Swimsuit(Purple Flower,Medium)


6. Pushup Monokini

This is another type of monokini that has a halter neckline shape. It enhances the look of the breast giving the impression of a fuller breast. It also accentuates the waist giving it more shape. It sometimes comes with underwires and a bra cup to give support to the breast.

7. Ruffle Monokini

This is a type of monokini that has frills on its neckline. The ruffle flatters the midsection and looks good on people with a small bust. Below is some recommended ruffle monokini.

Lomitti Women’s Ruffle Laced Sexy Monokini Bathing Suit

Lomitti Women's Ruffle Lace Up Sexy Monokini Bathing Suit Cutout One Piece Swimsuit (S, Black)


8. Plunge monokini

This is a type of monokini that has a deep V neck cut showing a lot of cleavages. Below is some plunge swimwear that will provide you with a flattering bust look.

SHEKINI Women’s Monokini Swimwear Deep V-Neck Plunge Backless High Waisted One Piece Swimsuit

SHEKINI Women's Monokini Swimwear Deep V-Neck Plunge Backless High Waisted One Piece Swimsuit (Black, Medium)


Is monokini only for thin women?

Monokini works with all body types. It comes in different varieties and styles that suit the different women’s body types. Halter and V neck monokini will look flattering on women with a full bust. If you have a tummy flab, a pleated monokini will help to hide the flab and give the impression of a smaller and more flattering waist. Sidecut monokini is flattering for women with an hourglass figure.

What does a monokini mean?

Monokini is a single-piece fabric that is a balance between a bikini and a one-piece swimsuit. It looks like a bikini at the back because it shows a lot of skin and a one-piece at the front. Some have cuts, ropes, and ties even at the front. It is swimwear that lets you make a fashion statement without letting it all hangout out.

What is the difference between a monokini and a swimsuit?

Monokini is a type of swimsuit that has the look of a one-piece and a bikini altogether. It provides more coverage than a bikini but still shows more skin compared to a one-piece.  Whereas a swimsuit is a general name for all types of clothing worn for swimming. There are different types of swimsuits like a bikini, monokini, trikini, one-piece swimsuit, and a tankini.

What is the difference between a monokini and one-piece?

Monokini is a single garment that has the look of one piece but it is not. It is skimpier and revealing on the sides of the garment, has an open back with a V-cut bottom.

It sometimes looks like a bikini. Whereas a one-piece swimsuit also consist of a singe garment unlike a bikini rather than a separate top and bottom. It gives good coverage on the upper part of the body. They come in different styles and designs like the full sleeve or short sleeve style.

What does a monokini look like?

Monokini looks like a one-piece swimsuit but it is more revealing with cuts and on the sides, sometimes the tummy area but still covering the boobs. The back is always cut out and left open. From the back, it looks like you are wearing a two-piece but at the front, it looks like a one-piece.

It is usually skimpy compared to a one-piece but still has more than the coverage of a bikini. It is a good option of swimwear for women to choose if they are not comfortable wearing a bikini.

What is the difference between a monokini and a bikini

Monokini is a single-piece swimsuit that is more revealing than a one-piece but has more fabric than a bikini. It looks stylish with patterns to match your curves.  Monokini covers some other parts of the body depending on the style you choose.

It is a common and more appropriate choice for mothers that want to look stylish and sexy without revealing too much. Its cutouts, ropes, and other designs make it look more sophisticated than the bikini.

A bikini has two separate garments that is worn to cover the breasts and the genitals separately. It completely reveals every other part of the body.

What do you wear with a monokini?

Monokini can be worn in many ways and styles. It is a versatile piece that is not just worn the typical way. Pick a dark solid color if you want to give an illusion of a slimmer shape. Dark colors hide imperfections while white and other lighter colors are revealing.

Choose a monokini that is either black, dark purple, or blue for this flattering effect. The monokini is not limited to just the beach or pool as swimwear. It can be worn with other pieces of clothing as a complete outfit for an outing.

You can wear a monokini with a pair of jeans if you want to dress casually if you are running an errand or going to a bar. It can also be worn with denim to khaki shorts for a relaxed feeling when leaving the pool or you want to engage in more activities.

Is monokini a one-piece?

A Monokini is a variation of a one-piece swimsuit. It is a single piece of the garment just like the one piece but it is more revealing. The back of the monokini looks like a bikini and it has cutouts on the side. It’s a good option for a swimsuit if you do not want the full coverage a one-piece offers. It also balances out how much a bikini reveals.

How Do You Put On a Monokini?

Before you put on a monokini swimsuit, you have to prep your body to look good in it. Wax the bikini area to get rid of hair and make the place smooth and soft. Having a full-grown hair down is an unpleasing sight.

Employing the services of a professional, waxing at home can be done but you might not be able to reach those angles. Exfoliate the skin to get rid of all dead cells, make the skin soft and glow. Apply moisturizer to the body to lock in moisture into the skin.

You will need it since your skin will be exposed to the sun. Rub the moisturizer between your palm vigorously before applying it to create heat so that it can be absorbed deeply into the skin.

Always apply a good sunscreen to avoid getting sun-damaged. Take an extra pair of one-piece swimsuits if it is your first time wearing a monokini and you are not comfortable in it.

Conclusion – What Is a Monokini Swimsuit?

Monokini is a swimsuit that is perfect for all women irrespective of age or body type. It flatters the body really well without revealing too many parts like the bikini making it a preferred option. It has different styles which make it look more sophisticated than the bikini and the one-piece swimsuit.

It is advisable to use sunscreen when wearing monokini to avoid getting tan lines from its straps and other parts that are covered. To understand more about the monokini, kindly go through this article to find out more.


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