How Do You Take a Good Swimsuit Selfie?

The beautiful thing about the holidays is all the fun we are going to be having and of course, this includes all the beautiful pictures. Personally, I love the summer season for all the fun I will be having and the pictures I will be taking. Taking these pictures gives you all the memories you need in the future. There is nothing that helps to remember a fond moment than pictures.

One minor problem is that my selfie game isn’t so good. I actually ended up taking pictures that I might not even be able to post on my social media. One of the questions I asked myself was, how do I take a good swimsuit selfie?” I was tired of making the same mistakes over and over again.

I had to do a little research to get better and up my selfie taking game. And I am here today, standing tall and proud to tell you that I finally got it. (Yes!!!) So, here is what I did;

How Do I Take a Good Swimsuit Selfie?

1. Choose an Appropriate Background

There is nothing that spoils a good picture like an unattractive background. Finding the perfect spot to take your selfie is as important as the selfie itself. The clear blue sky, the palm trees, and a view of the ocean behind you are the perfect backgrounds for your swimsuit selfie if you are outdoors on the beach.

If you will be taking your swimsuit selfie before going out, probably indoors, you can look for backgrounds that have natural light. This will make your selfie shots clearer. Do not let your background take all the attention. Remember, it is supposed to give your pictures more beauty.

2. Get Good Lighting

The next important thing after you’ve got a good background is lighting. If the light is in excess or it is not enough then it might spoil your swimsuit selfie shots. The best light to use for these shots is natural light. You can even take advantage of the hours just before sunset, this light is not too dim or too much. It’s just perfect.

Avoid taking shots with the sun directly on your head, this will make your pictures have shadows and it won’t be too good. If you want to take your swimsuit selfie shots in the middle of the day, ensure that you lay down or lean back in order to smoothen out the shadows that might spoil the shots.

3. Give Your Best Pose

Now, we are getting to the good part. Personally, it took me a while to get the best pose for my selfie. It was usually looking very awkward. For your swimsuit selfie shots to bang then you need to consider which pose will make your pictures look good. 

Slightly tilt your head and bend your neck away from your body as if you are looking away from the camera. This creates a form of slimming effect for your pictures. You can also try other poses including the silly ones (I love the silly ones). Always ensure you keep your legs slightly raised to give the appearance of longer legs. If you will be taking a slightly upwards selfie then tilt your head downwards a bit. Whatever you need, your neck should be covered.

Steps to Looking Good in a Swimsuit Selfie

Looking good is a very lucrative business. For you to look good in your swimsuit selfie then you need to know that there are several shows that you should take. Once these things are not done then you will realize that your selfie might not look so good. If these things are put in place, then you are good to go.

Here are some steps you can follow;

1. Choose a Fitting and Sexy Swimsuit

Whether it’s a one piece or a two piece, it is very important to choose the right swimsuit. Get one that will flatter your curves, make you look good and make you feel sexy. Getting the perfect swimsuit will help boost your morale and give you the confidence you will need for your swimsuit selfie pictures.

2. Give It Your Best Pose

In case you are as bad as I am at posing then you should practice first before taking your selfie. You can look into the mirror and practice over and over again until you have the right poses that won’t make you feel awkward. Make sure that you do not place the camera directly on your face. Sway your hips and push it out a bit with your legs slightly raised. Don’t be afraid to practice repeatedly until you get it.

3. Get a Good Light Source

Natural lights are important when taking your pictures, playing around and letting the sunlight make your swimsuit pop. If you know how to, you can manipulate the shadows to make your selfie beautiful.

4. Choose Great Angles

Angles can make or mar your selfie shots, you can try a 45° angle in order to get the best angle fit for you. Depending on what you want, you can also make use of a bigger or smaller face shot, you can make use of the high or low angles.

5. Enjoy Your Swimsuit Selfie Pictures

You need to let loose and enjoy taking your selfie shots, this alone can make your pictures look even more beautiful than you think. For all this to work, you need to enjoy it first.

How Should I Pose for a Beach Picture?

You shouldn’t go to the beach and not take beautiful pictures but I get it, the pose is the problem. What you can do is to practice your pose over and over again until you get what you need for your beach photos.

I have compiled a few poses you can stroke for your beach photos. Some of them include;

  • You can pose with different accessories and jewelry sexily to create a unique pose for your pictures.
  • You can pose for your pictures with the beach population as your background. This allows the shot to be concentrated on you while giving a unique vibe for your beach picture.
  • Show off the palm tree behind you by posing with them. You can decide to just stand in front of them or use them as support for your body as you pose while putting a toe in front of the other.
  • Lay down in the sun or on a sunbed then hold your camera upwards to capture your face and your body, this will give a clear view of your body and your sexy swimsuit.
  • Take multiple pictures of you walking towards the camera, you can also display by throwing your hands up and trying to act like you are being caught unawares by the person taking the pictures.
  • Lay on your stomach and busy yourself with doing different things while your friend or photographer takes shots of your behind. Make sure that your straps and swimsuit are in place before posing for the picture.
  • You can also take pictures of you prepping for your beach photos, these pictures usually end up being beautiful at the end of the day.

Tips for Taking Great Beach Pictures

In case you do not know how to take great pictures while having fun on the beach, then you can do the following, these tips will help you take awesome pictures the next time you go to the pool or the beach.

1. Smile

Smile beautifully, try not to hide your smile or force it, your pictures might end up looking awkward. Try as much as possible to smile naturally with your eyes.

2. Keep Your Expressions Natural

Make sure that your expressions are natural. You can slightly part your lips and inhale or you can just close and open your eyes just before the shot is taken.

3. Use Minimal Makeup

Try to use minimal makeup, instead of serious make up, let your cleavage and bust pop, you can even add your beach cover up to make sure all the details and attention are on you.

4. Keep a Straight Posture

Never ever slouch when taking your picture, always keep your spine straight, your shoulders back and your head high.

5. Show Your Best Side

It is better when you show your best side when you take your pictures. Your best side also makes your picture even more beautiful.

Conclusion – How to a Good Swimsuit Selfie

Taking beautiful swimsuit selfie pictures is very important as you get to have fun and keep all the lasting memories with you. Posing right will always help you to achieve the best pictures. Background and lighting are equally important for a good selfie. The little things make your beach photos beautiful, your smile, your background, your pose, your accessories and even your best side can make your pictures so beautiful as long as you know how to put them to good use.

Most importantly, the pictures are about you so own them, enjoy them and make them beautiful.


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