Swimsuit Vs Bikini: Which One is Sexier?

Going to the beach has to be one activity you probably won’t see anyone hating. The cool breeze blowing on your skin makes you pampered, while the fresh scent that accompanies it reinvigorates your soul. Also, the beach’s white sands alongside the gentle waves are soft on your foot, making you want to keep walking on them. Talk about the perfect atmosphere!

If the beach appears too far, water parks and poolsides present near-identical scenarios, excluding the gentle waves. Regardless, one joint decision we all face is deciding either to go in with a swimsuit or rock the more daring bikini. Picking the proper wear to engage in your favourite water activities requires you to have a piece of detailed knowledge about the options available to you. Hence, this piece is on swimsuits vs bikinis.

While both bikinis and swimsuits might sound like two peas in a pod, differences exist between them. If you already know this difference, good for you, but if you don’t, read on to learn about them.

Swimsuit Vs Bikini: The Difference

The main difference between swimsuit and bikini is swimsuit is a one-piece garment that holds firmly to your body and is specifically made for swimming or water-related activities just as the name suggests while bikini is a type of swimsuit with the top and bottom half separated. Simply put, bikinis are two-part swimsuits.

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Swimsuits and bikinis are different in their style and design, most swimsuits are designed with conservative appeals. This means they often employ enough fabrics to cover a sizable part of the skin, although variation exists. On the other hand, Bikinis regularly feature a scanty amount of fabric, thereby maximizing the amount of skin exposure.

All You Need To Know About Swimsuits

Swimsuits or bathing suits is the general term that covers any garment designed for water-based activities and sunbathing. This term is broad and covers a wide range of garments for women and men. Asides from this, swimsuits are also acceptable to promote your physical attributes. Events such as beauty pageants, glamour photography, and bodybuilding regularly use swimsuits.

Is a Bikini a Swimsuit?

Yes! A bikini is simply a variation of a swimsuit having two parts. The top and bottom parts can be separately worn, unlike regular one-piece suits.

Types of Swimsuits

Swimsuits vary in name, design and style and below is a brief discussion of a few popular versions:

1. Rash Guard

This type of swimsuit is designed with an athlete in mind. It is often made of polyester, spandex, or nylon and helps protect the athlete against rashes from abrasion in sports like surfing. While being designed initially as a swimsuit, Rash Guards have found use as an alternative wetsuit.

2. Racing suits

This swimsuit form is designed using advanced, technologically improved fabrics. They are capable of improving your performance by helping to reduce drag along the body and reduce the rate of fatigue build-up. They are available as swim briefs, body skin and others.

3. One-Piece/Tank Suit

This has to be everyone’s definition of a swimsuit and is your regular one-piece garment to use in your water or sun activities. It evolved from bulky swimming attires, which had since been the go-to wear for the summer months.

4. Burqini

This type of swimsuit is specifically created for women who don’t want to display their skin but still want to partake in water-related activities. In many cases, users of the Burqini styled swimsuit are mostly Muslims. It covers the whole body and head, excluding the face, and looks like a diver’s wetsuit. The Burqini remains controversial in many cities and states, so do well to read up on existing rules before using one in public.

Why We Love Swimsuits

Swimsuits are a delight to have when going to the beach or pool. But, asides from the freedom they create for you to enjoy your activities, here are a few reasons why we love these garments:

1. Incredible Sun Protection

Swimsuits offer adequate protection against harmful sun rays (UV) as they cover ample portions of the skin. However, while you might love sunbathing, you should equally know that excessive exposure to UV rays can cause premature ageing as well as aid certain skin cancers.

2. Zero-Chance of Losing Any Half

One-part swimsuits have a zero chance of losing any half, which can be an embarrassing experience if in a public pool or beach.

Unfortunately, losing one-half is an all too common reality with bikinis and other two-part swimsuits since their lightweight makes it easy for the water current to unhook. Also, losing half of a two-part bikini is possible during packing; since they are small and can be misplaced easily.

3. Improvised Bodysuits

If you are probably looking for an alternative use for your swimsuits, you can wear them in public in the form of bodysuits. In addition, one-piece swimsuits are less outlawed in public, unlike bikinis which are prohibited in most public areas. Simply put, swimsuits allow you to leverage versatility that you can’t get with a bikini.

All You Need To Know About Bikinis

The debut of bikinis into the swimsuit world came shortly after the end of the Second World War. Created by French designer Louis Réard, his swimsuit was made to rival an earlier version known as “atom” by Jacques Heim, a French designer.

Réard went on to describe his piece as “smaller than the world’s smallest bathing suit.” And subsequently named it “Bikini” after the Bikini islands, which were sites for U.S. nuclear testing. Since then, the world has caught on to the scantily designed piece of garment.

Types of Bikinis

As with swimsuits, bikinis also come in different variants, with successive types becoming more revealing and smaller. Below is a list of some quite popular bikinis out there:

1. Bandeaukini

This style of bikinis is created with a bandeau bra, making them easy to wrap around the chest. Bandeaukinis have been described as highly sensual since they reveal ample portions of the upper breast. It has no straps and is usually made from elastic materials to accommodate any body type. If you are busty or have a pear-shaped body, this is your best choice for getting a bikini that looks perfect on you.

2. String Bikini

Arguably the most popular design of bikini available today is the String Bikini. It creates a sensual appeal as the strings hold firmly to your back as well as the waistband. String bikinis come with two triangular pieces joined with a thin “string” at the groin, thereby leaving the hips bare.

This type of bikini was designed by Glen Tororich and his wife Brandi Perret-DuJon, who happens to be a fashion model. String bikinis are perfect for you if you have an hourglass-shaped body and are willing to turn up the heat at the beach or pool.

3. Microkini

Just as the name implies, microkinis are tiny bikinis. Microkinis are remote in design as such that it only provides cover to the crotch and nipples. Many have argued that this type of bikinis are inappropriate for public beaches or pools as it bothers more on near-nudity rather than swimwear. It often uses additional straps or a form of string to hold in place over the crotch.

4. Skirtini

This bikini design would appeal to many conservatives as it tends to provide a bit of extra cover for the skin. The skirtini comes with a bikini top and a small, skirt-like bottom. This design is typically considered by many as an elegant and top variant.

Why We Love Bikinis

Bikinis are great for so many reasons, and below we take a look at why we love them as a preferred swimwear:

1. Equal Tanning

Please make no mistake. Tanning is one of the reasons we engage in wearing bikinis at the beach or pool. Sun tanning is simply the use of ultraviolet rays coming from the sun to help tone or darken the color of the skin. To perform tanning using sunlight, you need to expose a considerable skin surface to the natural rays. This becomes difficult with traditional one-piece swimsuits but easily achievable with bikinis.

2. Bold Fashion Statement

Not everyone is comfortable baring it all in front of strangers, but some rely on bikinis to make this bold statement. Bikinis allow you to flaunt your body curves, and you can depend on them to accentuate significant aspects of your physique. Regardless of your size and shape, a bikini can help you build confidence while still turning pretty several eyes your way.

3. Great Comfort

Bikinis provide impressive comfort and practicality, especially in swimming or other intense water sports activities. They are often made from elastic materials resistant to chlorine, salt and other chemicals in the water. Also, during the summer months, bikinis are your perfect option to keep the skin free of sweat. Did I mention they are easy to slip out of as well!

What is Sexier: One-piece or Bikini?

It won’t be easy to rank this swimwear over the others. This is because personal preference and taste differ. While the one-piece swimsuit can fully accentuate the body of any individual, the bikini matches this by highlighting body types as well.

Most certainly, the male folk will prefer their women to spot the bikini due to its sensuality; others have also chosen one-piece as it’s able to hide any flaws efficiently. All in all, it comes down to personal choices. Rocking any you are comfortable in will surely increase your sexual appeal regardless.

Conclusion – Swimsuit vs Bikini

Not just a few would think bikinis are more popular than regular one-piece swimsuits. Still, the reality says otherwise. Choosing which swimsuit design to go for often comes down to your self-conscious ability to be comfortable in your body. However, the new trend noticeable today is the mixing and matching both styles to create an even more appealing presence.


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