5 Best Bathing Suit For Hip Dips In 2022

Bathing suits are one wear that never gets out of the clothing category knowing what they stand to accomplish when worn. Over the years, bathing suits have been made in varieties of designs, patterns, and even styles that have made them more fanciful to the eyes of all.

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 3 Picks Of The Best Bathing Suit For Hip Dips

Product NamePrice
(Our #1 Picks) Miraclesuit Women's Plus Size Swimwear Marais Tummy Control Soft Cup One Piece SwimdressCheck Price
(Best Overall) Sculptress Women's Silicone Hip Pads Standard LengthCheck Price
(Best Value) Sculptress Women's Silicone Hip Pads - Short StyleCheck Price
It doesn’t just end there, the manufacturers go as far as ensuring that there is a specific suit for all body types regardless of how our body structures are being built or formed. Now, here is a question asked, what are the best bathing suit for hip dips?

First, there are tons of bathing suits that are specifically designed, made, and styled to perfection for those who have hip dips. I will take you down the lane on some of these amazing bathing suits that are great for hip dips. Before we dig in, let us look at what hip dips are.

What Are Hip Dips?

When we talk about hip dips, we are talking about the hips being depressed into the rest part of the body. Normally, the hips are to follow the curve down to the body, but in such a scenario, the hips tend to be indented in a way.

Please Note;

This article is written for the sake of those who wish to get a bathing suit that would have their hip dips enclosed with the help of the suit. Without saying much, it is no longer news that not everyone has a higher degree of confidence and boldness concerning their bodies.

While some people would not care about their hip dips, others may not want to put it out there for all to see. That is why we have taken it upon us to get some gorgeous bathing suits that would help cover that part of the body. What is most important is doing what you truly want to do that makes you super elated.

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Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing The Right Bathing Suit For Hip Dips

Now that we know what hip dips are, let me explain the kind of bathing suit for hip dips to be reviewed, through the buyer’s guide.

Let me quickly tell you the essence of having a buyer’s guide for these hip dips suits. With the help of the buyer’s guide, you get to pick out the bathing suit that would be suitable for you in all aspects. By aspect, I meant money-wise, quality-wise, durability-wise, and value-wise as well.

Let’s look at them one after the other.

1. Price

When a product is displayed, the first thing that comes to one’s head is usually the price tag attached to the product. The price of the product will determine if we can afford it or not, after, evaluating what we have got in our account.

Likewise the bathing suit for hip dips. They are found at various prices and sometimes, the prices attached are determined by different sizes. However, we are going to list out the ones that can be afforded by all without having to break our account.

2. Quality

After the price, comes quality. I always tell those around me to be more intentional about the quality of an item before making the move to purchase such an item. Just so you know, it is the quality that will determine if what you have gotten will stand the test of time or not.

So it isn’t about the price of the item per say. Some prices are way cheaper and others are way expensive but despite all of that, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the item is of a higher quality.

That is why we went as far as picking the best bathing suit for hip dips that are made of quality materials just for you. These suits to be mentioned above are suits that wouldn’t disappoint in any way.

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3. Durability

By durability, we meant how long a product can last. Is it something that would wear down easily or not? These are some of the questions you ask yourself when you intend to get a product.

For instance, bathing suit for hip dips comes in different categories to which not all would be durable. Some of the bathing suits may wear down quicker than you ever imagined. That is why I will ensure that the bathing suit for hip dips to be looked out will be suits that are going to stand any tear or wear.

Trust me, you wouldn’t want something that gives just a few days of satisfaction. We are going to make sure that you get a bathing suit that would be as durable as it rightly should

4. Value

Of what value is a product to you if it doesn’t get what it takes to make it valuable? The bathing suit for hip dips is for those who truly feel the need to get such kind of suits because of their little imperfection that they may want to cover up. These bathing suits would certainly be of great value to you.

Best Bathing Suit For Hip Dips – Reviews

1. Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear Solid Mila Soft Cup Romper Swimsuit with Adjustable Straps

Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear Solid Mila V-Neck Soft Cup Adjustable Strap One Piece Swimsuit, Black, 16

Check Price On Amazon

The first on the list is the magic suit Mila bathing suit for hip dips. I chose this particular suit first because it is one suit that can adequately cover up the hip dips for you. It is a two (2) piece bathing suit that comes with a short coverage for not putting the hip dips in the display.

Is it quality, durability, and value? They have got you covered in all those areas. The magic suit is a sight to behold. So beautiful and elegant. What draws me more about this suit is the fact that it is so simple yet, outstanding in all ways.

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1. Wide Leg Cut

The essence of the manufacturers producing the bathing suit to have such a feature is to allow the suit bottom to be able to hide any imperfections or flaws. This is why it is a perfect fit for those with hip dips.

2. Removable Cups

If you are the type that desperately needs a hip dip with removable cups such that you can take it off and place it back whenever you want, then this magic suit is for you. Here is a brand offering maximum satisfaction to you.

3. Neckline

A look at the displayed picture shows the neckline of the Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear for hip dips has a V neckline. What such a neckline does is to properly focus attention on the bust as it brings it up to display. What an amazing feature that is.

4. Design

The first thing that caught my attention about the Magicsuit Women’s Swimwear for hip dips is the design at the back of the bathing suit. It isn’t as straightforward as expected but it gives a kind of a wrap top look which beautify the suit more and more.


  • The bathing suit for hip dip fits perfectly both at the bust region and also at the waist.
  • It is flattering
  • The quality of the suit is topnotch
  • It is highly affordable
  • It is valuable
  • The bathing suit has a top-notch design.


1. It is found in limited colours

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2. Miraclesuit Women’s Swimwear Solid Aurora V-Neckline Soft Cup Bra One-Piece Swimdress

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Solid Aurora V-Neckline Soft Cup Bra One Piece Swimdress, Black, 18

Check Price On Amazon

What’s the second perfect bathing suit for hip dips we have got on the list? The miracle suit women’s one-piece swimwear. The simplicity inherent in this suit is worth appreciating over and over again. It is just the right bathing suit for those hip dips.

It is a bit long which makes it easier to get the hip dips covered all around. The miracle suit women’s swimwear is just what is needed to feel so confident about yourselves without having the hip dips in the display for all eyes to feast on.


1. Tummy Control

While the bathing suit helps to hide the hip dips, it also provides a medium where bulging tummy is controlled. So they are not put out there. Instead, the bathing suit will hide the bulging tummy away from the public.

2. Style

This style of bathing suit screams bold and sexy. Being that we aim towards getting what is right for the hip dips, it wouldn’t be bad to look all sexy and bold as you hit the beach or pool. The style of the bathing suit is something to look forward to.

3. Versatile

The versatility of the miracle suit can not be overemphasized. It cuts across the functionality of a bathing suit. Such kind of swimwear can be worn to quite a several places. Is it for a vacation, for a pool or beach party? This is just perfect for all these occasions and more.


  • It is made of a high-quality material
  • It fits into all body sizes
  • It is stretchy
  • The bathing suit covers hip dips so well
  • It comes with a V neckline
  • It can be worn to diverse places excluding the beach or pool


  • The straps of the suit can not be adjusted.

3. Miraclesuit Women’s Plus Size Swimwear Marais Tummy Control Soft Cup One Piece Swimdress

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Must Have Marais Tummy Control One Piece Swimdress, Black, 10

Check Price On Amazon

I have this soft spot for miracle suit for a couple of reasons. Not necessarily because they have nice bathing suit per say, but because of how unique, classy and elegant their swimwear are. Like they tend to make their suits exceptional all around.

Not also saying you can’t see the same in other suits, but a miracle suit gives you the best for your money. We have an example up there. Indeed, you can see how classy this plus-size swimwear is.

Since we have discussed the other suits with their various sizes, I decided to handpick one specifically for those who are plus size with hip dips. The bathing suit would have those hip dips cover appropriately in a matter of seconds.


1. Coverage

Are you a plus-size looking for that bathing suit that provides little coverage to both your body and the hip dips? Then check out the miracle suit Marais swimwear. It will not only have those parts covered but will as well adore your body to bring out your perfect figure.

2. Shaping

In a way, the bathing suit kind of shapes the body to make it more flattering and comfortable. So even though you are plus size, the miracle suit will have your body moulded to look attractive and sexy. Isn’t this so amazing? It certainly is.

3. Adjustable Cups

This bathing suit comes with cups that can position the bust in the right way as they help to give your look a fitting all day long while swimming.


  • The miracle suit comes with tummy control as it puts the body in shape.
  • The one-piece bathing suit for hip dips has a V neckline to accentuate the bust.
  • It gives you curves
  • It is valuable and durable
  • It has amazing features for all plus sizes.
  • Aside from being perfect for hip dips, you get to enjoy some of its features as well


  • It is found only in colour black
  • It is a bit expensive

4. Magicsuit Solid Brynn

Smismivo Tummy Control Swimwear Halter One Piece Slimming Vintage Retro Swimsuit Womens Ruched Plus Size Push Up Bathing Suit Black

Check Price On Amazon

If you are wondering if this bathing suit will help to conceal the hip dips, it sure would by using the stretchable ties attached to each side of the suit. The Magicsuit Solid Brynn is so flattering and shimmering that you just can’t take your eyes off the beauty it oozes.

This is not the kind of bathing suit you behold every day. That is why I earlier said that the suits for hip dips to be reviewed would be the very best.


1. Flattering

I love it when I put on a bathing suit that has a way of flattering my body. The fact that you are buying it for a purpose which is hip dips, doesn’t mean that you should pick out a suit that solves that solution alone. You look for other features that would make the suit look so eye-catching.

2. Hides Bulging Tummy

Have you been looking for ways to get those bulging tummies hidden in a bathing suit? Search no further. The Magicsuit Solid Brynn will do just that for you. It hides bulging tummy in a manner that one would never suspect.

3. Adjustable Straps

With these bathing suits for hip dips, you would not have a reason to have regrets or complaints about the straps. Whether they are way too tight or not. The Magicsuit Solid Brynn has adjustable straps that let you adjust the bathing suit straps whenever you deem fit with less stress.


  • The bathing suit is a great fit for hip dips
  • The suit speaks of a great quality material
  • It is highly durable
  • It gives options with the drawstring ties
  • It is of a great value
  • It comes with some amazing features


  • It is found in only one size
  • It is found in only one colour

5. Miraclesuit Women’s Swimwear Fit and Flair Swim Skirt Tummy Control Bathing Suit Bottom with Zippered Pocket

Miraclesuit Women's Swimwear Fit and Flair Swim Skirt Tummy Control Bathing Suit Bottom with Zippered Pocket, Black, 10

Check Price On Amazon

This is the very last suit on the list. Yes, it is a miracle suit brand again and that is mainly because they got the right and best suit for all occasions. I opted for a skirt this time around because it works best for having the hip dips to be concealed within seconds.

This fit and flare skirt adds to the uniqueness of the bathing suit as it is going to do perfect work in hiding the hip dips


1. Round Cut

The fit and flare skirt have a round cut which helps to elongate the legs to make them look a lot sexier and thinner.

2. Pocket

I can’t tell if it’s just me, but, I love bathing suits that kind of have a pocket attached at the side. It creates room for quite some things. For instance, sunglasses, scarves, and phones. So all you need to do is to take it out when it is time to jump into the water. How gorgeous and thoughtful this is.

3. Versatile

What other occasion would you want to rock a bathing suit bottom too? Vacation, pool party? This skirt is just right for all that occasion. Aside from having it to help protect the hip dips from the public, it’ll is great for other outdoor activities.


  • It is gorgeous and flattering
  • The material used in the production shows the quality
  • It is long-lasting
  • It is simple yet classy
  • It is versatile


  • It doesn’t come with a top
  • It is found in colour black only

Hip Dips Pads For Clothes

At this point, we are quickly going to look at some hip dip pads that can be worn in our everyday clothes. So if you also want to get a solution to your hip dips while putting on your wears, you can check the following hip dip pads for clothes to be reviewed below.

1. Sculptress Women’s Silicone Hip Pads Standard Length

SPANX Shapewear for Women Tummy Control High-Waisted Power Short (Regular and Plus Size) Soft Nude SM

Check Price On Amazon

The sculptress silicone hip pad is one type of pad that can be used to rock as much wear as you want. That is, if you are looking for ways to hide your hip dips in clothes, then the sculptress is right for you. Nonetheless, you can get the short ones in your swimwear provided the bathing suit is a bit long.


1. Coverage

This sculptress is one great coverage for hip dips and it does a nice job in hiding that side of you.

2. It Ease Movement

Are you having a second thought if it is going to let you walk comfortably? Well, I will tell you not to worry about that at all. The Sculptress Women’s Silicone Hip Pads will lead to the easing of movement. Whenever you are walking, you wouldn’t feel restrained or held down by it. It lets you do everything you want perfectly.


  • It comes in different sizes for all body types
  • It is long-lasting
  • It is made with lasting quality materials
  • It is comfy
  • It brings out the curves by enhancing it
  • It is valuable


  • No adhesive

2. Sculptress Women’s Silicone Hip Pads – Short Style

Shapermint High Waisted Body Shaper Shorts - Shapewear for Women Tummy Control Small to Plus-Size Black X-Large / XX-Large

Check Price On Amazon

Here is a short hip dip pad for those who wish to go for the short one rather than the long one. The sculptress gives you a figure that lets loose all of your fears or insecurities. When attached to the sides of the body which are the hips, they bring out a shapely figure.

And what is the best way to slay in an outfit other than the Sculptress women’s silicone hip pads?


1. Gives A Unique Figure

Who wouldn’t love to dazzle in beautiful wear with the sculptress hip pads? There is no better way to up your looks with this pad. It is what you need to have those hip dips gone for some time till you can take them off.

2. Medical Feature

Here is a feature you will love. The sculptress hip dips are gotten from what is called medical grade which in a way align with the temperature of your body to avoid issues and complications. As you keep walking, you will certainly feel at ease.


  • It is thick
  • It has an adhesive that gets the pad glued to the hips
  • It is made of a great quality
  • The sculptress is durable
  • This pad can be worn on different occasions
  • It is valuable


  • The sculptress is a bit expensive

Best Bathing Suit For Hip Dips – Conclusion

So are you still perplexed on the right bathing suit for hip dips? I honestly do not think so because the reviewed bathing suit has done justice to your search and as well, silenced your fears.

Attached are links to guide you as you click on to find out more about the bathing suit.


You may see some products here which has either been used by us or independently selected by (obsessive) editors. As an affiliate of Amazon, Anything purchased through our links may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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