Can I Wear Bathing Suit in Public?

Let’s face it, during summer season, we all will be eager to get out of regular clothing and embrace the much more relaxing bathing suits. While many might associate the term “bathing suit” with the female gender, the term itself is gender-neutral. Bathing suits are specially made garments to aid in water-related activities such as swimming, surfing, diving and even sunbathing.

If you are a fan of the summer months, water parks and white sandy beaches, you are most likely familiar with bathing suits and all they stand for. While enjoying recreational activities can be fun, such activities often dictate the kind of garments that can be safely used to perform them. Most certainly, you wouldn’t want to wear your corporate garments to go camping or hunting. In like manner, this scenario can throw up the question; can I wear a bathing suit in public?

As with everything in life, rules govern our conduct, and while some places will allow you to wear bathing suits in designated public areas, others don’t. Regardless, the truth is you can rock your favorite bathing suits in whatever manner you are most comfortable with. The most effective answer applicable to you will be guided by your location (city and country).

Is It Legal To Wear Bathing Suits In Public?

As earlier stated, there is no one uniform rule on wearing bathing suits in public places. Different cities and countries have different rules, and even within cities, there are designated places where you are not allowed to wear such in public.

For instance, in places in parts of the Middle East, wearing bathing suits in public can attract heavy fines. Although in more recent times, countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others are revisiting these laws. The western world often bothers with social acceptance rather than legality. Still, it’s essential to know the existing rules in your location before stepping out into the public in a bathing suit.

What Does History Say?

Today, it’s easy to get bathing suits in just about any and every design, but this wasn’t usually the case. At some point in time, governments and communities were highly concerned about what bathing suits looked like. Up to the period leading to the early 1900s, bathing suits were excessively bulky and cumbersome. A critical turning point in this was the Annette Kellerman arrest.

The Australian-born swimmer who came to the U.S. in 1907 was arrested for indecent exposure after visiting a Boston beach while wearing an athletic swimsuit. She would go on to defend herself in court that the U.S. modesty laws were preventing her from practicing her sport. She won the court case and spearheaded the change for more bathing suits that allowed free movement in the water.

Where Can I Wear a Bathing Suit?

Bathing suits were created for use in any water-related recreational activities. So, if you are going to engage in watersports like surfing, swimming, sunbathing, beach walking, or diving, you need to wear a bathing suit.

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Aside from using them in water sports activities, bathing suits are also suitable for most waterside events or gatherings. There have been pool parties with bathing suits as the dress code. Today, bathing suits have found use in other aspects of our daily lives, and it’s becoming a widely accepted trend.

2 Life Hacks to Help You Wear Bathing Suit in Public

While bathing suits were created for water-related events, there are ways you can still rock them out there in public. The major trick here is not to spotlight the bathing suit but instead use it to accentuate your other attires. Below are 2 proven hacks that can help you pull this off:

Bathing Suit as Bodysuit

You might not know this, but many people are already rocking their bathing suits as stylish bodysuits. This trend has even been popular with brands creating styles that can easily be mistaken as actual clothing items. For example, you can pair a one-piece style with a pair of jeans for a classic appearance.

Bathing Suit as a Crop Top

With this hack, you can genuinely wear your bathing suit in public without many people being aware. And with most bathing suit styles taking the appearance of crop tops, this makes them a favorite outfit combo to ride out the summer heat. Having your suit on a high-waist pair of pants or denim shorts is a real fashion statement. You can even include a blazer to round off a polished appearance.

How To Wear a Bathing Suit in Public Comfortably

Before you can consider the possibility of wearing a bathing suit in public, you first have to consider buying the perfect bathing suit for yourself. While this might sound as simple as going to a store and picking one up, the reality is farther from this.

Follow the tips below to help you make the perfect decision about rocking a bathing suit in public:

1. Know and Own Your Body

Before you even consider buying a bathing suit, your first task is to know and understand your body type. This is crucial as what you believe will mostly be based on your judgment of the body shape. In general, there are five major body shapes, namely pear, hourglass, apple, inverted triangle or rectangle. Each classification comes with perks and shortfalls, so knowing this can help you maximize your purchase.

2. Prioritize Your Comfort

When planning to buy and wear a bathing suit in public, an important consideration is your comfort. Depending on personal preference, starting with a modest bathing suit can help you ease your experience and build confidence in your body.

However, with different designs of bathing suits comes the headache of choice and comfort. For instance, if you are not comfortable having your butt cheeks on display, bathing suits with high waist designs will be appropriate for you. Likewise, if you are conscious of displaying your abdominal region, one-piece bathing suit designs are your best bet.

3. Consider Which Body Part You Wish To Accentuate

Make no mistake. Bathing suits are considered fashion accessories even if they weren’t created for this purpose. Not everyone spotting a bathing suit at the beach, pool or waterside is there to partake in water-related activities.

In actuality, a large proportion of these people adorn their suits to flaunt their curves and shapes. Who says you can’t do the same too? For this purpose, you want to consider which part of your body you wish to make more prominent and noticed by the audience. Your body shape will undoubtedly determine this. However, you still can accentuate just about any part of your body. It gets easier if you have an hourglass shape!

4. Always Get a Bathing Suit Cover-up

You rocking a bathing suit in public is not complete without a cover-up in hand. If and when you need to change, this can come in quite handy, and there are no changing stalls. Also, if you wish to step off from the water area to get your favorite snacks or something else, you can easily use your cover-up as an additional layer of clothing.

Just as with bathing suits, cover-ups come in different designs and materials. Find and buy one that appeals to you. My favorite cover-up comes from BISHUIGE. They make a wide variety of cover-ups with different designs and from other fabrics; feel free to check them out on Amazon for amazing deals!

Can I Change My Bathing Suit In Public? 

Yes, you can. There might be a need for you to change your bathing suit while out swimming, and this is possible. Many beaches, water parks and pool areas provide you with access to the evolving stalls. But in the instance that you don’t have access, there are a few ways you can still go about changing your bathing suits.

One way is to find the nearest convenience store and use their restroom. If that also isn’t an option, you can try the options below:

Using a Bathing Suit Cover-up

Personally, this is my most preferred method of changing a bathing suit in public. Why? The process is simple and can be done faster without help, so for alone days at the pool or beach, you have nothing to worry about.

There are different kinds of bathing suits cover-ups, and all you have to ensure is that you aren’t using a transparent one. Simply put on your bathing suit cover-up, and you are good to go. If you feel like removing the bathing suit itself, you can as well remove it from underneath the cover with ease.

Using a Towel

If you have access to an adult-sized towel, you can easily change your bathing suit in public. This method works better if you have access to two towels and a helping hand. Regardless, you can follow the steps below to get this done in no time:

  • Wrap the towel around your waist and fold the top into the rest.
  • Keep in mind not to fold the towel too tight to allow for the movement of your legs.
  •  If you have a friend around, you can simply ask them to hold up the towel to form a wall around you while you change.
  • With your towel around you, carefully proceed to remove your bathing suit. Depending on the design of the bathing suit, you want to start from the top and work your way downwards.
  •  Once off, put on the new garment in a reverse manner, and you are done in no time.

Conclusion – Can I Wear Bathing Suit in Public?

When it comes to wearing a bathing suit in public, there are a few things you need to know. First, your location and prevailing laws or rules will determine whether you can. Not many people are comfortable displaying ample skin in public, but use the above tips to your advantage if you wish to.

Also, you can join the new trend of multitasking your bathing suit to create fantastic fashion styles and wow onlookers.


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