Why Are Water Polo Swimsuits So Small?

If you’ve ever seen a water polo match, then you’ve noticed the small swimsuits the female players wear. Why are the suits so small? I don’t mean “oh they fit around their bodies” or “they fit on their torsos” but they’re really small, almost like a (whisper it) thong.

The constant pulling and clawing of the opposing team is enough reason not to ask “Why are water polo swimsuits so small?”

Water polo swimsuits are designed with a very thin layer of material so that players can move as freely as possible in the water without feeling restricted or weighed down by their suit.

This also helps reduce drag and allows for better maneuverability in the water. The thin material also makes it easier for players to dive into the water without getting wet or cold.

Water polo is a very physical sport, and as such, small swimsuits will put the opponent at a disadvantage when it comes to grappling and pulling in the sport.

Such intense sports require not just physical strength, but also mental, and to a very large extent, the smaller swimsuits ensure an opponent is outwitted in an aspect he would have likely got an upper hand.

Water polo is a sport that requires players to swim and dive in the water. In order to do this, they need to wear a special type of swimsuit, which is tight and restricts their movement.

1. Prevents opponents from grabbing

Water polo is a very physical game, and players have to be incredibly fit. This is why water polo swimsuits are so tight — they help you stay agile on the court, and opponents will have nothing extra on their bodies to grab during play.

2. Water Polo Swimsuits Are Tight to Prevent Sinking

The main reason why water polo swimsuits are so tight is because they need to fit under the players’ suits. If a player’s suit was loose in any way, it could cause problems with their buoyancy and make them sink. This is especially true for younger players who may not have developed strong swimming skills yet.

3. Water Polo Swimsuits Are Tight for Comfort

Another reason why water polo swimsuits are so tight is that they help make it easier for players to move around in the water. They also protect them from injuries caused by collisions with other players or the ball itself.

Top 3 Water Polo Swimsuits That Are Comfortable To Wear

1. Arena Women’s Waterpolo Fl One Piece Swimsuit

Arena Women's Standard Solid Waterpolo One Piece Swimsuit, Royal, 28CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

The Arena Women’s Waterpol Fl One Piece Swimsuit is a great option if you are in need of a one piece suit with high compression and support.

It has an ergonomic shape that provides compression and support, reducing muscle fatigue allowing for more endurance during play. The BodyGlide lining helps to prevent chafing and irritation, with added chlorine resistance.

2. Speedo Women’s Swimsuit One Piece Endurance+ Avenger Water Polo

Speedo Women's Swimsuit One Piece Endurance+ Avenger Water Polo Speedo Black, 36


Built for endurance, comfort and performance, The Speedo Women’s Avenger Swimsuit is engineered to stand up to rigorous swimming workouts.

The high-neck design prevents water from entering the suit and helps keep you comfortable during long training sessions.

3. FINIS Men’s Water Polo Suit

FINIS Men's Water Polo Suit, Navy, 26


FINIS Men’s Water Polo Suit for Men’s/Unisex – Swimming & Diving, Navy. If you’re searching for a comfortable and convenient suit for your swim season, then this men’s water polo suit is perfect for you.

The adjustable neoprene arm bands help to keep water out and the optional power stretch fabric helps to keep you warm when it gets chilly.

4. Dolfin Women’s Water Polo ONE-Piece Swimsuit

Dolfin Women's Solid Waterpolo Suit Navy 40


Dolfin Water Polo ONE piece.The Dolfin Women’s Water Polo ONE-Piece Swimsuit features a great fit and performance, with a shirt cut neckline and slightly wider straps designed to stay put all day, even when swimming.

The Women’s Water Polo ONE-Piece Swimsuit from Dolfin has a flattering one-piece design with an updated look and feel. The chlorine resistant swimsuit is perfect for all water sports, showcasing your team spirit.

5. Adidas High Neck Waterpolo

adidas High Neck Waterpolo 1pc Back,30 Black


Adidas high neck Waterpolo is perfect for your training. It features a high neck, flatlock seams, compression fit, and climalite® technology to help keep you dry, comfortable, and focused on the game.

The adidas High Neck Waterpolo is crafted from a soft and stretchy fabric that helps to keep you comfortable throughout your training session. The neckline offers enhanced coverage while the slim fit keeps you looking and feeling your best on the pool deck.

6. TYR Phoenix Splice Female Waterpolo

TYR 404WWPBD6A26 Women's Phoenix SP Destroyer Water Polo Suit, Navy/Red, Size 26


Designed to stand up to the competition and protect from environmental conditions, TYR Phoenix Splice Female Waterpolo delivers the fit and performance you can count on.

The TYR Phoenix Splice Female Waterpolo Swimsuit from TYR is designed for the water polo player who wants to stand out in the pool. This high-performance swimsuit has been engineered with a new fabric technology that provides UV protection, chlorine resistance, and long-term shape retention.

7. BALEAF Women’s Athletic Training  Swimwear

BALEAF Women's Athletic Training Adjustable Strap One Piece Swimsuit Swimwear Bathing Suit Black 38


BALEAF Women’s Athletic Training Waterpolo Swimwear designed to fit your body and make you look good. These leotards are comfortable, easy to wear in the water, and look flattering on any woman. With its beautiful colors and designs, these leotards will make you stand out on the pool deck or anywhere else you may go.

The BALEAF Women’s Athletic Training Waterpolo Swimwear is great for training and practice when the team just needs to get up and moving.


Why do water polo players wear speedo?

One of the main reasons water polo players prefer wearing briefs commonly known as “speedo” is due to the mobility and hydrodynamics it gives the athletes in the water. It also means the opposing player has very little material to hold onto when making a tackle or a challenge.

Why do they wear those caps in water polo?

They wear those caps in water polo because it helps to reduce the amount of water entering the ear and still allows players to hear themselves in the game.

The caps are designed with a hole in the middle so that they can breathe through their nose while underwater.

They also have two holes on either side of their head so that they can hear what is going on around them on land, but also hear underwater when they get into a game.

Do swimsuits look bigger or smaller in water?

Generally, swimsuits are bound to increase about an inch in water as a result of the material (spandex) used in making them.

Are googles allowed in water polo?

In water polo, googles are not allowed. They are okay to wear in other sports, but in water polo they aren’t permitted because they can be dangerous.

Googles are often worn in water polo because they protect the eyes from being injured by balls. However, they can cause problems for players who wear them and play against other players who don’t.

For example, if you have goggles on and you come up against someone with no goggles on, that person is going to be able to see much better than you can. This could give them an advantage or disadvantage depending on whether or not he/she was able to score a goal or not.


Water polo is a sport that has been in existence for a long time, and its popularity is bound to grow in time to come due to the huge recommendations it gets from health practitioners all around the world. It’s only a matter of time before it becomes a household sport around the world. Feel free to drop your comments, suggestion, and observation in the comment section.

At the end of the day, it’s clear that the science is on our side. And as new technology makes bigger and better water polo swimsuits available, it’s likely that more players will find themselves sporting high-quality suits that enhance their performance. As for what happens next, we have no idea—but we look forward to finding out.


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