Is There A Bra For Swimming? (Let’s Find Out)

If there’s one activity or form of recreation that doesn’t necessarily warrant much of a costume, is swimming. We have seen over time, how people dive into the water without having to wear the complete costume for it, which are the bathing suits. While it is inappropriate to swim in clothes in some corporate pools and beaches, we can’t deny that we are at free will to swim with whatever we have on.

Not stating that it has to be virtually anything, but provided it is something that we can swim with. This is why there are endless questions on swimming wears, so everyone gets informed on what other wear aside from the common ones, that can be worn to swim. And this leads us to the question being asked, Is There A Bra For Swimming?

Yes, there is a bra for swimming which is known as the sports bra. Such kind of bra is the only ideal bra that can be worn for swimming. At this point, let’s look at reasons why the sports bra is the commonest bra worn to swim.

Reasons Why The Sport Bra Is The Right Bra For Swimming

Normally, the ideal bra to wear to swim is a sport bra, being that they have the features needed for such a purpose. To this, we will be listing out some of the reasons why the sports bra is the right bra for swimming.

1. Comfort

The sports bra is always the first choice for persons who long for comfort which they can’t find in other brands of swimming suits. To them, having to wear the one-piece or two swimming suits gives them discomfort which they do not find appealing.

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Whereas, the sports bra is the opposite. They feel more comfortable using the support offered by such a bra bringing one to a place of wholeness, as they do not get to be placed in such stiff situations any longer.

2. Sporting Activities

This is the major reason why the sports bra was thought of and produced in the first place. Sporting activities doesn’t require one to wear wears other than sporting wears. For those who engage in sports like swimming, the sports bra is usually at its peak.

So, if you are looking for a bra to swim with, the sports bra should be the number one option. Sincerely, no bra comes close, because the sports bra is the rightful bra for swimming if you ever want to swim with a bra. Aside from wearing it to swim for sporting purposes, the sports bra remains the right bra to go swimming with.

3. Tan

Here is a third reason why people wear sports bras and why you could too. The sports bra is perfect for tanning. How best can one get a perfectly tanned skin, if it isn’t with wear that gives room for such?

Unlike the rest suits that have enough coverage, the sports bra, on the other hand, gives minimal coverage which lets you tan your body without the suit being in your way. Reasons as such, are why the sports bra is the commonest bra for swimming.

4. Sweaty

Did you know that there are people are get sweaty in split seconds? That is, they tend to sweat so much, regardless of where they may be at the moment. For such persons, wearing the sports bra to swim, will expose them to the cool air present at the pool or beach.

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You wouldn’t find them rocking other types of swimming wears like the one-piece or two-piece swimsuits, which can get them looking all sweaty notwithstanding the cozy environment they find themselves in. To avoid entangling themselves in such predicaments, the sports bra becomes the desirable option for them.

Why You Shouldn’t Swim With A Regular Bra

Going into the water with your regular bra would pose a huge risk to your bra, causing them to go down the drain speedily. In a bid to protect your bra from such, we’ll be looking at some of the disadvantages involved in swimming with a regular bra.

1. Unable To Withstand Water

Swimming with your regular bra will not only endanger your bra but would lead to its inability to withstand water. The regular bra isn’t meant for swimming as it gets soaked easily by the water which causes the bra cups to become fuller due to the water it has sucked in.

Such a scenario isn’t too pleased to see as the bra wouldn’t be able to dry out as quickly as the sports bra which leaves you in a drenched state. Its inability to withstand water is more than enough reason to ditch such a bra in place of the sports bra. If you find yourself in a private setting or pool, only then can you take the risk of wearing the regular bra to swim.

2. Changes Color

This is one disadvantage of swimming with a regular bra. Continuous swimming with your bra can cause your bra to have color variations as opposed to that of the sports bra.

The changes are as a result of the chemicals used in the water which ruins the swimming suit through consistent usage. But with the sports bra, there is no cause for alarm.

3. Chlorine, Salt Water, And Chemicals

These three elements are often found in water and they can ruin the regular bra if worn to swim. Chlorine, on its own, can be disastrous when it comes in contact with our bathing suit, not to mention a regular bra which it’s ultimately going to destroy in days.

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Saltwater and chemicals also pose to be a danger to the regular bra. They break down the bra rendering it useless such that it can’t be worn ever again. To be on the safe side, get a sports bra for your safety.

4. Embarrassing Moments

Another reason why you shouldn’t wear your regular bra is to prevent being caught in ugly or embarrassing moments. Imagine your bra getting yanked at while at the pool? Isn’t that an ugly incident? Unlike the sports bra that is tight and glued to the body.

What are we saying in essence? That the regular bra can mess you up and get you in messy situations like your bra being yanked off leaving you in a pool of embarrassment. Henceforward, go for bras that can withstand yanking like the sports bra.

Best Sports Bra For Swimming

The following are the best sports bra ideal for swimming

1. Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Mid Impact Crossback Sports Bra
2. MINORITY Women Racerback Sports Bras
3. Longline Sports Bras for Women
4. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Spaghetti Strap Cotton Pullover Sports Bra

1. Under Armour Women’s HeatGear Mid Impact Crossback Sports Bra

Under Armour womens HeatGear Armour Mid Impact Crossback Sports Bra , White (100)/White , MediumCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Be among the moving train of the users of this bra to get served quality and perfection. The armor women’s bra is tailored for all activities be it in water or outside the water. Among its features are adjustable cups, breathable suits with a cross-back design which all contribute to its sexiness. Also, it is super light, gets dried quickly when wet, and can be stretched in four (4) different ways which are to aid one’s movement.

2. MINORITY Women Racerback Sports Bras

MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bras - High Impact Workout Gym Activewear Bra Color Black Grey Size S


There are tons of sports bras, but not all can do an excellent job in attending to your expectancy. To enjoy your swimming sessions, the Minority brand put together the most amazing features you will find in this bra. If you want a bra for another purpose like sporting activities, they still got you covered.

Ranging from its removable pads to wide straps to give you enough support for your shoulders. It doesn’t end there. It is stretchy and has a double strap that adds to the classy look which all adds to the design.

3. Longline Sports Bras for Women

YOGERSSY Strappy Sports Bras for Women Padded Womens Workout Crop Tank Tops Yoga Sport Bra


If the word elegancy were to be a word, it would be the Longline Sports Bras for Women. Such a sports bra can have you drawn and lost in its beauty. But then, who wouldn’t want to? This brand is here to serve you with its loveliness.

And its features include fitting, removable bra pads, cross-back design, and stretchiness which all accompany the sports bra. They’ve got the bra in all sizes to cater to all who wish to be a user of this great brand that is ever ready to be of service to you.

4. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Spaghetti Strap Cotton Pullover Sports Bra

Fuit of the Loom Women's Spaghetti Strap Pullover Sports Bra, Grey with Black/White/Black Hue, 3-Pack, 36CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

Still, want to check out more bras for swimming? Here is the Fruit of loom women’s sports bra that acts both as a bra for swimming, and as a bra for sporting activities. Whatever occasion you find yourself, the Fruit of loom sports bra is ever ready to grace your body.

To add, it has two straps which are termed spaghetti straps for support. It is a full coverage sports bra that rightly covers the bust through its stretchiness.

Conclusion – Is There A Bra For Swimming?

Yes, there is a bra for swimming, and the only ideal bra for swimming is the sports bra. From the pasted links above, you can get yourself a sports bra for a comfy time at the pool, or for other activities like sports, where the sports bra can be used.


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