How To Keep A Strapless Bathing Suit Up In 2022

What is the best way to get your body in shape other than swimming? Going by research carried out years ago, it shows how swimming activities help to put one’s body in order. The more we work and are stressed by the activities of the day, the more worn out our bodies would be.

And one of the best ways to regain our strength and calm our nerves is by having some recreational activities in which swimming is very much included. But with swimming comes challenges especially with our bathing suit. For instance, someone asked, how does one keep a strapless bathing suit up?

The strapless bathing suit is one of the most tedious suits to wear if they do not have the necessary stuff to hold them down. I have been to the beach countless times to see individuals who find it difficult to truly be comfortable in their bathing suit.

Sadly, these persons may truly want to engage in some activities like playing games like volleyball, tennis but couldn’t. This is because the strapless suits they tend to put has one or 2 challenges to which is posing to be a problem to them.

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For others, the strapless bathing suit is the best suit they have ever worn and would always rock to the pool, beach, or ocean. They feel so comfortable in them that no matter what they engage in right there, they would never feel any discomfort. Being that they so much love and admire them.

For those that are looking for ways to have their strapless suit in place, follow through with the rest of the article to get the needed requirements that would enable you to have your strapless suit intact like the others.

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Expert Ways To Keeping A Strapless Bathing Suit Up All Day

This is the time we get to show you the ways to keep your strapless bathing suit up and static.

1. By Using Detachable Straps

No doubt this is one of the most known ways to keep a strapless bathing suit up. A suit with straps breeds fewer problems because they can always be adjusted whenever the person putting them on chooses to do so. For a strapless suit, this is the best alternative.

Detachable straps are straps that are attached to a piece of clothing and can be detached when necessary without stress. If you know you can’t keep up with your bathing suit not being positioned in a place, you should get detachable straps for the strapless suits.

Nevertheless, you may face a slight challenge. Which is, having to sew in a stretchy hook for the detachable straps to be hooked. Click on the links to check out some detachable straps that you may fancy.

2. Braza Swim Flash Tape with Exclusive Crack N Peel Liner

How do you keep a strapless bathing suit up? By using the baza swim flash tape to keep the suit up. I recalled having to recommend this to a friend who was having this same issue. And amazingly, it worked so well that she resorted to using it whenever she ends up wearing a strapless bathing suit to swim.

I wouldn’t want to stress more on this. So I would drop a link (Braza Swim Flash Tape with Exclusive Crack N Peel Liner) to the product so you can find out more about it and to see if it is something you would love to get.

What Causes Strapless Bathing Suit Not To Be Static

However, a strapless bathing suit can’t be static for two reasons which are;

1. Loosed Elastic

With a strapless bathing suit comes some sort of elastic that helps to hold the strapless suit in place. It is the elastic that enables the suit to be static. Without it, you won’t be able to body the suit perfectly.

But what happens when the elastic is no longer in place? The strapless bathing suit tends to pull down as you walk, swim, and carry out other activities peculiar to the beach or pool.

2. Lack of Hooks Or Clips

This isn’t so common but there is some strapless bathing suit that is produced with some hooks or clips that let you clipped the strapless suit at the back of the suit. Just as a bra is, so are some strapless bathing suits.

The only thing that differentiates them is the fact that the suits do not have hooks. So when the hooks that were being attached to the bathing suit can not be found anywhere probably having fallen off or broken, the suit becomes slightly tedious to rock using the fallen hooks.

3. Bigger Bust

If you are that type of individual that has a bust that is kind of big, then that could be why your strapless bathing suit keeps going up. There are strapless bathing suits that do not support bigger bust being that they lack what would act as a support to the bust. I’ll treat this separately as we go further. You can scroll down to read more about this.

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Types Of Strapless Bathing Suit That Are Static

I would love to show you some strapless bathing suit that stays up no matter what. They are suits that I have worn and can assure you that they wouldn’t pose to be inconvenient at all. They include the following;

1. ZAFUL Women’s Floral Print Smocked Bikini Set Back Knot Bandeau Strapless

Check Price On Amazon

I know that feeling when you set your eyes on something breathtaking and can’t take your eyes off it. This is the same way I felt about this strapless bathing suit. It is so perfect and stays in one place.

The colour combination and the styles implored are more than enough for you to fall crazily in love with this bathing suit. With this, you don’t have to keep your bathing suit up. Its tying remains the same without any movement. You’ll certainly have a fun day at swimming with a zaful strapless bathing suit.

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2. ZAFUL Women’s Bathing Suit Adjustable Back Lace-up Bandeau Bikini Set

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Zaful is one brand that never fails to disappoint. They have some of the best bathing suits that can be found in a shop. It doesn’t just end there, their materials and quality are topnotch. What is it not to love about the suit? Nothing. Nothing.

Take a good look at the strapless bathing suit seated there as it radiates its natural beauty. Isn’t the suit so adorable? One thing I normally do with mine has it tied around my neck whenever I am not in the mood to have it worn as a strapless suit.

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What Category Of People Can Put On Strapless Bathing Suit?

For some reason, we’ve got to treat such a question to know if you can rock a strapless bathing suit or not. Not everyone can just pick out a bathing suit to wear. First of all, suits are made in different sizes, patterns, and styles for a variety of people.

What am I trying to pass across? That is, what may look great on one individual, may not look great on you. The fact that it fitted so well on the person’s body doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t on yours. It is just like sizes attached to bathing suits too. We have from small sizes down to bigger sizes as well.

So the category of people that can put on a strapless bathing suit are mainly people who are small chested. A strapless bathing suit works best for people who do not have a large bust. This is because, the more they walk and try to immerse themselves in as many activities as they can, the more the bathing suit keeps going up.

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It is produced specifically to support little amounts of flesh. They do not make them with underwire as it is with thousands of bathing suit out in the public. So if someone with an extremely large bust should wear it, there wouldn’t be any support for the breast. That’s why it is mostly purchased by those with a small or moderate chest.

Moreover, some large busted persons tend to have solutions for strapless bathing suits thereby wearing them to that beach or pool that they intend to wear them to. But in all, I wouldn’t advise you to settle for just any remedy that would place you in a pool of embarrassment later on. The best you can pull through with is getting straps for the bathing suits.

Please Note:

The last paragraph is for persons with large chests that may want to rock the strapless suit nonetheless. This can be achieved with straps only. To add, it is under probability. While it may work for others, it may not work for you. All the same, there isn’t any harm in trying. But be very careful so you don’t get to put yourself in a spot that you may end up regretting.

Now, let us look at some of the reasons why people wear a strapless bathing suit.

Why Do People Wear Strapless Bathing Suit?

There are a couple of reasons why people wear a strapless bathing suit. Let’s check them out intensively.

1. Tanning

This is the major or let me rather say the number one reason why people wear bathing suits. People get their skin tanned for two reasons. The first reason to which they have their skin tanned is to ensure that their skins are tanned (darkened). We have got persons who naturally love tanning their skin and such persons get the strapless bathing suit as it is best to have the skin tanned. (Read Also: How To Get Tanning Oil Out Of Bathing Suit With Steps)

The second category of people that loves rubbing tanning cream on their body is to have their skin properly shielded or protected from the sun. They wear the strapless bathing suit to be free and comfortable with nothing touching their shoulders.

You go swimming and see lots of persons with their cream which is to show that they want to have their body protected from the sunlight. For this purpose, the strapless bathing suit is best on occasions like this.

2. Style

Here is one other reason why people love wearing strapless suits. They do such due to the style adopted by the manufacturers of the suit line. Strapless suits have a way of enhancing one’s shoulders perfectly. It let you be loosed and free with nothing holding or weighing you down.

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The strapless bathing suit stays around the bust region covering just that aspect alone. And they are usually short in a way that you get to bare your tummy to the world. Also, the strapless bathing suit comes with bottoms that are short as well. So 80 per cent of the strapless suit shows your body as they cover a little part of the skin.

How To Keep A Strapless Bathing Suit Up – Conclusion

Having thoroughly looked and expatiated on the ways to keep a bathing suit up, it is now left for you to carefully follow through the ways to achieve greater results by not giving room for discomfort in any way.

Also, there are links attached to some of the aforementioned products elaborated above. Kindly click on them to find out more about those products as they could be of great yours to you. Or possibly, act as an alternative so you don’t ever have to go through rigorous stress in pulling your bathing suit up.


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