The Best Hip Dip Bikinis in 2022

It seems there’s a very big wave of women looking for the best hip dip bikini on the market. This is because society has somehow conditioned women to be more conscious about their bodies.

Look around you these days and you will find women working hard to get rid of their hip dips, probably because they have been thought to think it is a flaw in their body. However, this is not so.

The major reason many women have issues with hip dips is that it somehow affects the general outlook of their outfits. Hip dips also make it quite difficult to get the best out of their tight fitting clothes. Hip dips are mostly noticeable when women wear tight clothes like jeans, crop skirts, and bikinis.

Women are especially worried about wearing bikinis because they have to expose the part of their body that shows hip dips. And how do they conquer this fear?

It is by looking for the best hips dip bikini they can find. One that draws attention away from their hip dip to their general outlook. I’ll be showing you the best bikini you can find online.

But first, what are the things you should consider before choosing a bikini?

Buyer’s Guide for Hip Dip Bikinis

Before choosing a bikini, there are some things you must have thought about:

1. Price

The first thing you should think about before making a choice in bikini is the cost. How much do you have to spare, and how much is too much. You have to make this decision before going to the market.

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We have bikinis that cost below $100 and some that go into the regions of tens of thousands of dollars. So, you must choose carefully what you can afford to avoid disappointment.

2. Fabric

The fabric used in making your bikini is very important when you’re choosing. Bikinis are made from different materials, you can find bikinis made from materials like cotton, wool, and sometimes synthetic materials. The fabric you choose will depend solely on your preference because they are all great in their own way. Also, some cost more than others.

Another big difference is that some fabrics, like wool, may absorb a lot of water that allows them to remain wet long after you have left the pool. Synthetic materials on the other hand will not absorb water at all, while cotton materials will only take a very short time to dry off. Keep these in mind before choosing your bikini.

3. Body type

Consider your body type before choosing a bikini. Why? Obviously, not everyone should go skimming around in scanty bikinis. Everyone has different body shapes and is more suited to different types of bikinis.

Plus size women will not look nice in the same type of bikini as a mid-size woman with large hips. Skinny women will not wear the same kind of bikinis as women who are busty. So consider your body type before choosing a bikini; especially if you have hip dips. One question you should ask yourself before choosing a bikini if you have hip dips is: am I confident in my own body?

If you are, then go ahead to choose the bikini you want,  but if you’re not, please be conservative with your choices.  You don’t want to have eyes following you everywhere.

4. Where you’re wearing them

This is important because cultures differ, and people hold different views about dressing in different parts of the world. People in your part of the world may be comfortable with wearing bikinis, but it is not like that across the planet.

But then, it is unlikely you’ll be spending your summer in the middle east where there’s a stark contrast in cultures, then I think you will do just fine. However, you must also consider the set of people you will be spending time with.

While you may be comfortable in your own body, some sets of people may be socially handicapped such that they begin to point out the flaws they think are in your body.

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5. Material

The material of your bikini should be one of your biggest concerns when choosing. Check for the hypoallergenic features of your bikini to make sure it is suitable for you. You should also know beforehand if it is chlorine resistant or not.

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Types of Bikini for Hip Dip

1. Anything with ruffles

Ruffles are a great option because they can direct the eye away from areas you may be feeling self-conscious about. If the hip dips are on your mind, choose a swimsuit with ruffles around the top or bottom to draw attention elsewhere.

Or, if you’re looking to create some curves around your hips and booty, add ruffles there.

This style works especially well for those who want to appear curvier because it creates movement and fluidity in your figure. Ruffled bikinis also make for killer poolside photos because they look great when caught by the breeze.

Pro tip: Keep in mind that horizontal stripes will draw attention to hip dips, while vertical stripes have the opposite effect of making them less noticeable.”

2. One-pieces with cutouts

High-waisted bottoms can also give the hip dip illusion; because they are usually cut straight across, it creates a rectangular silhouette that doesn’t draw attention to one particular spot.

Medium-waisted bottoms and full-coverage bottoms tend to create a triangular effect, causing the hip dips to stand out. If you do want to wear those medium waists and full coverage bottoms, consider a top with cutouts on the sides. The cutouts will help draw attention away from your hip dips and make them less visible.

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3. High-waisted bottoms

High-waisted bottoms are a great option because they can be fun and flirty. They’re in style right now, so you have lots of options to choose from. Plus, these bottoms are flattering on many body types and can be comfortable to wear all day long.

4. Bandeaus and similar tops

These are great options for people with hip dips because they can be adjusted to provide as much or as little coverage as you need.

They can be pulled up or down to cover more or less of your tummy, and they’re typically strapless, so there’s no digging into your shoulders. Many bandeaus also have a tie in the front that can be tightened for more support, and some even have removable straps.

5. Strings, strings, and more strings

In the world of bikinis, ties and strings are your best friends. If you want to cover up your hip dips, your best option is going to be adjustable strings.

These can be tied to fit almost any body type, and they can also be loosened or tightened depending on the weather—or how much sun you want to get in specific areas.

There are several different ways to tie string bikinis that will help give you a little more coverage around your hip dips. The first method is simply wrapping the waistband around once or twice (depending on how thick your waistband is) before tying it so that it covers the dip a little more fully.

This gives you slightly more fabric, thus a bit more coverage.

Another way to use this technique is by criss-crossing the strings behind you, rather than just wrapping them around one time; this creates an x-shape across your hips and allows for even more leeway with regards to covering up those pesky dips.

5. Triangle bikinis (and anything else that’s adjustable)

Triangle bikinis along with any other style that’s adjustable, are the best for hip dips. This is because if the straps don’t fit you well at first, you can tie them tighter or looser depending on what your body needs.

The triangular shape of the bikini also hides hip dips really well and makes them less noticeable. If one side of your hips is bigger than the other, you can adjust the straps to make it look more even.

The Best Hip Dip Bikinis

1. Blooming Jelly Women’s High Waisted Swimsuit Crop Top

Blooming Jelly Women's High Waisted Swimsuit Crop Top Cut Out Two Piece Cheeky High Rise Bathing Suit Bikini (X-Large, Black)


You don’t have to worry about your hip dips in this gorgeous, stylish white floral bikini. Made out of chlorine resistant fabric and constructed high waisted cut to create a flattering silhouette on every body type.

The Blooming Jelly Women’s High Waisted Swimsuit Crop Top. It’s made of the best fabric, it is skin-friendly and comfortable to wear for a long time.

The suit has high quality and good texture details. It’s skin-friendly, breathable, premium spandex nylon fabric, and non-pilling and anti-oxidizing material, which enable it to keep its colourfastness. It also has radiant colour, smooth surface and great elasticity, so that it fits you perfectly.

2. PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Two Pieces Leopard Print Knot Front Crop Off-Shoulder High Cut Bandeau Bikini Sets

PRETTYGARDEN Women's Two Pieces Leopard Print Knot Front Crop Off-Shoulder High Cut Bandeau Bikini Sets Bathing Suit Yellow


This bandeau bikini set includes a sexy leopard printed crop top and high-waisted bikini bottom with matching leopard print pattern. Off the shoulder design can make your clavicle more prominent and make you look more fantastic and attractive.

The high cut bottom will make your legs more longer,and moderate coverage for bottom elegantly contours your curves, this swimsuit is the best choice for your holiday.

Available in two pieces set includes swim top and skirt,perfect for tropical vacations, summer, beach, pool swimming, surfing, diving and so on. The unique off-shoulder design makes your tops more charming. The top has a knot on it for you to adjust the size at the neck. This swimsuit is the best choice for your holiday.

Two different Styles: The tops can be wore as bandeau or lace up at neck. Material: Polyester+Spandex (50%Polyester+50%Spandex).

3. CUPSHE Women’s Stripe Bikini

CUPSHE Women's Black White Grey Stripe Bikini Bowknot Shirred Swimsuit Medium


With a dotted, sling-back design, the Cupshe Women’s Stripe Bikini Bowknot Shirred Swimsuit is just the thing for days spent on the beach.

Made from a soft and durable bikini fabric with a comfortable underwire bra, it’s designed for all-day wear. Suitable for both small and petite busts, it’s made to suit even the most modest figures. The matching swim brief can be worn together or separately.

This CUPSHE women’s Stripe Bikini swimsuit will make a stand out statement on the beach, poolside or even at the party. The beautifully designed bathing suit is both fashionable and classic. You’ll be sure to feel confident with this sexy bikini.

4. CUPSHE Women’s Bikini Swimsuit Floral Print

CUPSHE Women's Bikini Swimsuit Floral Print Lace Up Two Piece Bathing Suit, M


CUPSHE women’s bikini swimsuit is made to be both functional and fashionable. The two-piece has removable padding, while the top has a plunging V neck design with thin shoulder straps, so you can wear it on any occasion.

You can wear this type of bikini as swimming apparel or use it as underwear during hot summer. Our swimsuits are made with high-quality UV ray resistant fabrics, also soft and comfortable to touch. This quality control process is to make sure the suit is free from print fading and scratch after repeated use.

Cupshe bikini swimsuit features an all over floral print with a lace up v neck front, halter neck ties, and a tie side bottom.  Cupshe bathing suits offer a trendy, high quality style and fit at a price that you’ll love.

5. OMKAGI Women’s 2 Pieces Bandeau Bikini Swimsuits

OMKAGI Women's 2 Pieces Bandeau Bikini Swimsuits Off Shoulder High Waist Bathing Suit High Cut(Medium,Black)


OMKAGI Women’s 2 Pieces Bandeau Bikini Swimsuit,including top and bottom,comfortable and durable. good for people with hip dips, high quality polyester fabric, no fade in color.

This swimsuit is made of high quality material, soft, stretchy, with a perfect fit. OMKAGI Off-Shoulder Bikini Set features supportive bra design and high cut design around the legs which highlights your beautiful curves and high kick.

You will be super comfortable when swimming in this swimsuit. Wherever you are, or whatever you do, we are ready to make you look outstanding.

6. ZAFUL Women’s Tie Back Padded High Cut Bralette Bikini

ZAFUL Women's Tie Back Padded High Cut Bralette Bikini Set Two Piece Swimsuit (Green Yellow, M)


ZAFUL swimwear is perfect for active and adventurous women who want cute trendy styles that flatter their figures. The tie back padded high cut bralette bikini set will make you want to be on the beach or by the pool ALL day.

ZAFUL Women’s Tie Back Padded High Cut Bralette Bikini Set Two Piece Swimsuit is a very nice and affordable set that will match with your beach needs. This Padded High Cut Bralette Bikini Set is one of the hottest trending styles this season.

Matching top and bottom that can work separately or together, this bikini is made to order. The strap ties can be used to tie the neck or wrap around for a different look for the bikini. Adjustable and stretchy straps allow for a perfect fit with any bust size.

7. SweatyRocks Women’s Sexy 2 Piece Bathing Suit Cut Out High Waist Bikini Set

SweatyRocks Women's Sexy 2 Piece Bathing Suit Cut Out Leopard Block Printed High Waist Bikini Set Leopard M


Be on top of your fashion game in the Sexy 2 Piece Cut Out High Waist Bikini Set by SweatyRocks. Built with a comfortable spandex/polyester blend fabric and wired bottoms that sculpt and shape, this suit is perfect for both the poolside and the beach.

The blue and white colours are vibrant, yet classy, specially designed for women who want to feel comfortable and confident as they walk around pool parties or in public beach areas.

With clear straps and padded bra tops, a matching high waisted bottom made from our special material that contours to your curves and wire free bottoms, this beautiful bikini set is your one-stop shop for everything that you need for having fun and looking sexy at the same time.

This bathing suit set is made of high quality material, soft, comfortable, and stretchy. Fits well for most body types, sexy and elegant. Water-oriented material gives you the sensation of comfort. It is a must for Summer.

8. ioiom Womens Sexy High Waisted One Piece Swimsuit

ioiom Womens Sexy High Waisted One Piece Swimsuit Tummy Control Swimwear Neon Yellow S


Every woman wants is a swimsuit that can show her figure, but some girls can’t wear a normal swimsuit. maybe there’s a belly or hip dip, so ioiom bathing suit will be a good solution for you.

This standard bathing suit uses swimwear fabrics, with high elasticity, which has a good slimming effect on the tummy and hips, offering you a perfect curve of the body. And meanwhile, it is resistant to the sun-ray ultraviolet, which should prevent your skin from aging.

Thanks to the tummy control and adjustable straps, this bathing suit is ideal for your trip to the beach. The high waistline will help you look amazing.

Conclusion – Best hip dip bikini for flattering hip dip

These bikinis are stunning, but they are not the only hip dip bikini out there to consider, of course. There are a lot of other great options you should look out for, such as the Freya bikini top or the Natori swimsuit. So make sure to shop around if you want the best deals.

I hope you now have a better idea of how to choose the best hip dip bikini for you. Whatever your needs are, there is sure to be a bikini that will fit your style while still fulfilling your expectations. Best of luck in your search.


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