Can You Wear Workout Clothes to Swim?

Workout clothes are clothes that are used to work out, train, exercise, or even perform sporty activities. Workout can be different things depending on your preference.  Since workout involves different activities, the clothes have been made according to what each workout activities may entail.

However, a lot of people just think gym, running and outdoor activities when discussing workout. But a few people have asked vital questions about what workouts entails. One of such questions is, can you wear workout clothes to swim?.

Yes, you can wear your workout clothes to swim. For people who do not know, swimming is a part of workout exercises also includes swimming and for people who would want to know if they can swear in their workout clothes then yes you can swim in your workout clothes.

The reason is that most workout clothes have been made from lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that swimsuits are made from. A lot of workout clothes have also been made from Lycra, spandex, polyester, nylon etc that swimsuits are made out of. This makes them suitable for swimming in. So yeah you do not have to wait until you get your swimsuits before you can swim. Your workout clothes are good enough.

What You Should Not Wear To Swim

There are several clothes that you should never wear to swim, this is because they will drag, restrict your movements, wear you down because they soak water and be very uncomfortable. These set of clothes should never be used in place of swimsuits. It will be a disaster. Some of them are;

1. Baggy T-shirt and Trousers

Do not wear baggy shirts and trousers to swim ever especially if they are wool or cotton. They become soggy, uncomfortable and makes it difficult for you to swim. They keep dragging you back and can be very frustrating.

2. Jeans or Denim

Jeans materials especially denim are not suitable for swimming, not only do they soak water, they become heavy on your body thereby dragging you as you try to swim. They are also not moisture-wicking fabrics so the chances of drying easily are very slim.

3. Heavy Clothes

Heavy and baggy clothes are not appropriate for swimming in any way. They drag and make you float, they are very uncomfortable and soak a lot of water. Wearing heavy clothes is a very bad idea.

4. Cotton Clothes

Cotton clothes are not appropriate for the pool because they absorb so much water which can make them heavy for whosoever is wearing them. These materials can also clog your pool filters if you aren’t very careful.

5. Clothes Made with Mesh

If you don’t want your clothes to cling to your skin like they are one then never try swimming with mesh. This material will cling to the body like a second skin and it can be very embarrassing. The mesh fabric is not ideal when you want to go swim in your workout clothes. It can totally ruin your day. It is better to just avoid them when you want to go swimming.

Wearing clothes like this can be very disastrous if you are not careful. It is better to not wear them to the pool at all.

Workout Clothing You Can Wear to Swim

1. Shorts and Leggings

Shorts and leggings can be worn when you intend to go swimming. A lot of swimmers like to wear this especially when they are exercising or working out. 

2. Fitted Shirt and leggings

You can also wear a fitted shirt and leggings to swim. These are also workout clothes that you can wear if you want to go swimming.

3. Board Shorts

Board shorts are also workout clothes that can be used to swim. They are very comfortable, breathable, and very lightweight. Most board shorts are also non-absorbent so this makes them appropriate for the pool without concerns that they will disintegrate in the pool.

4. Sports Bra and Shorts

Your sports bra is a definite yes when you want to go swimming. They are very comfortable, moisture-wicking, and give no restrictions. You can pair your sports bra with shorts or leggings, according to your preference. 

Can You Wear Gym Shorts to Swim?

Another important question that people ask is, can you wear gym shorts to swim?

Yes, you can wear your gym shorts to swim, it is allowed. In fact, you can swim in pretty much any of your gym workout clothes as long as they are not cotton or wool. Gym shorts are made from synthetic fibers which do not disintegrate when you get into the pool therefore you have no fear of then clogging your pool filters. 

Cotton and wool, however, soak in water and become heavy when soaked so it’s a no. But so long as your gym shorts are made from moisture-wicking fabrics that are lightweight, breathable, and very comfortable then you can use them to swim.

However, you need to be careful not to always use them in the pool because they can eventually fall apart due to the chemicals in the water. You can wear your gym shorts to swim if they are made from; Lycra, spandex, nylon, or polyester.

Can You Swim With Active Wear?

Before I answer the question, I’m sure you are wondering what active wears are. Active wears are clothing designed for exercising, sporting activities, outdoor activities, and playing sports. They are casual clothes doubled as workout clothes and still make you look so good. Active wears are lightweight, breathable, comfortable with fewer restrictions, and made out of moisture-wicking fabrics that make them dry quickly whenever you sweat or get wet. 

So back to our question, can you swim in activewear?

Yes, you can swim in your activewear. Active wears have a lot of designs like that of the swimsuits, they are so similar they can be used for the same purpose which is swimming. Active wears like most swimsuits are made out of moisture-wicking materials that make them dry quickly without making you uncomfortable. Like swimsuits, they also have qualities that make them firm and not sag once they are wet. 

A lot of them are also made out of fabrics like spandex, Lycra, polyester, nylon, elastane, etc that swimsuits are made out of. So if you are looking to use your activewear as a swimsuit to swim then go right ahead. Make sure you find activewear that is of high quality and have the qualities mentioned above. This is because there are different qualities of activewear existing in the market.

Can I Wear Yoga Pants to Swim?

Yoga pants are pants that are used for performing yoga. They are stretchy, elastic and very flexible, and lightweight. This is because they are made for conditions where they need to be stretched and exposed to hear and even a bit of acrobatics. 

But, can I wear yoga pants to swim? Yes, you can. Why not? Yoga pants like other workout clothes have been made from lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and flexible fabrics that give you the freedom to do anything you want in them including swimming.

As long as you get high-quality yoga pants then you do not have to worry about swimming in them because they like the swimsuit are quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and firm when worn thereby reducing the risk of a drag when you swim with them. Another reason is that yoga pants are made to weather a lot of workout routines due to the way yoga is structured. This makes them okay to be used for swimming. Since there is no risk of losing its elasticity.

But, it is also advisable that you do not wear this every time to swim because over time they can go slack. However, if you want to take just an occasional dip in the pool, then the yoga pants can work in your favor.

Conclusion: Can You Wear Workout Clothes for Swimming?

Workout clothes are clothes that you wear when you want to exercise, train, workout, and participate in any sports or outdoor activities including swimming of course. Because of this most workout clothes are made to fit in for all the activities mentioned above due to the fact that they are breathable, lightweight, comfortable, and are made out of moisture-wicking fabrics. So this answered our question, can you wear workout clothes for swimming? Yes, you definitely can.

When you intend to swim in your workout clothes though, remember to never swim with your cotton or wool workout clothes as this might eventually end us as a disaster. You can also go swimming in your gym shorts or your active wears

 As long as they are nylon, spandex, polyester, lycra or bamboo then you are good to go. Always remember that for your workout clothes to work for your swim then it must be lightweight, not restricting, and be able to dry quickly so that it can make your swimming experience easier.


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