Can Girls Wear Board Shorts Over Their One Piece Swimsuit?

When the discourse on swimming comes up, the next word that fits into the second line should be substitute. With swimming, comes the ascendancy to substitute, swap, or make do with whatever is available or what you wish to try out as a way of fulfilling a desire or ticking off your bucket list.

Like a friend would say, there is nothing that sounds impossible in line with swimming or bathing suits. In as much as it involves inundating oneself in the water or savouring in the beauty of its view, anything is allowed. Before you, is a question that goes, Can Girls Wear Board Shorts Over Their One Piece Swimsuit?

Yes, girls can wear board shorts over their one piece swimsuit. Wearing board shorts over a one-piece suit has appeared to be a popular trend. Miss A may choose to wear the board shorts being that there is a reason somewhere on why she has the board shorts on. Miss B may see the board shorts as a wear that shouldn’t be worn over the one-piece suit.

What are we saying in essence? That wearing the board over a one-piece suit is completely allowed, as it stems from individual preferences.

What Are Board Shorts?

Board shorts are high-waist shorts without an inbuilt brief, often worn over the one piece swimsuit. The board shorts are loosely fitted, which is commonly worn by those who surf, hike and paddlers.

It is casual wear that is made readily available for both the male and female folks. Moreover, the board shorts are made mainly from nylon and also polyester, which causes them to dry faster when wet.

Are There Differences And Similarities Between Board Shorts And Swim Shorts?

Yes, there are a few differences and similarities between the board shorts and the swim shorts. While the former are produced to be high waisted with pockets at the sides, the latter stops at the waist and often come with pockets too.

Moreover, the board shorts do not have inbuilt briefs, whereas, the swim short has briefs within as an extra layer of protection. Lastly, board shorts are longer than swim shorts. These are few of the differences and similarities that exist between them.

Why Do Girls Wear Board Shorts Over Their One Piece Swimsuit?

1. Menstrual Flow

The monthly menstrual cycle could be a reason why girls wear board shorts over their one piece swimsuits. To stop their flow from staining their one-piece suit thereby becoming visible to all, they put on the board shorts as a means of covering themselves to avoid awkwardness or embarrassing moments.

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In addition, some ladies wear board shorts to cover their pads from being seen in public. Since it is a one-piece swimsuit, pads are liable to be exposed with such a suit. To mask the pad, they wear board shorts as coverage.

2. Protection

A second reason why girls wear board shorts over their suits is to protect a certain part of their body from the sands at the beach. Not everyone feels comfortable sitting on the sand, as this could result in some serious health problems.

The sun rays are not excluded. Rays from the sun may result in severe sunburn. Protecting themselves from the rays is enough reason why the board shorts are worn. It acts as protection where the body is protected from both the rays and the sands.

Body scars can be protected as well. In a bid to have the scars hidden, the board shorts can be worn to protect the scars from the eyes of the public. Reasons such as these, are why girls wear them board short over their one-piece swimsuit.

3. Insecurity

Insecurities can lead to girls wearing board over shorts. Not all ladies can confidently flaunt their flaws and imperfections in public. Especially when the flaws or imperfections are seen on the down part of the body, like after the waist. The board short is then used as a cover-up to hide those little flaws or imperfections.

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For others, they walk confidently with theirs without having to second guess what people have to say about their bodies. While this is great, it doesn’t mean one should belittle or talk down on those who are yet to face the public with theirs. All the same, insecurities contribute to girls wearing board shorts.

What Could Prevent A Girl From Wearing Boards Short over A One Piece Swimsuit

1. Not Exposed

The need to have their bodies displayed while at the beach, pool, hiking, surfacing or paddling, could result in the low patronage for board shorts for some girls.

Wanting to have their drop-dead gorgeous bodies exposed to all, is one reason why other girls do not subscribe to board shorts over a one piece swimsuit. Besides, how best can they flaunt their bodies if the body is covered?

Some girls are more confident in themselves when parts of their bodies are exposed. But with minimal coverage like the board short, it can reduce the level of confidence needed.

2. Inability To Swim

Sadly, it is what it is. Wearing a board short over your one piece swimsuit can be all fun and rosy, till you get to the water and you realize you are unable to swim with the shorts.

Not saying you can’t swim with it, but the restrictions that one is certain to encounter due to the inability to move the legs freely, are what make it difficult to swim in it. This is why the board short is best worn for hiking, surfing or paddling as the case may be.

Activities That Requires A Board Short Aside Wearing It Over A One Piece Swimsuit To The Pool Or Beach

As mentioned in the course of this article, surfing, hiking, and paddling are some activities that require the use of the board short.

Board shorts are best used for these activities because they are light weighted, giving you the freedom to move your legs about while surfing, hiking, or paddling. It acts as a way of protecting the skin from harsh weather conditions, sun rays, and other unfortunate circumstances.

Check Out the Following for Some Board Shorts

1. Alex Vando Womens Swimwear Shorts Beach Boardshort Trunks

Alex Vando Womens Swimwear Shorts Beach Boardshort Trunks,Black,L


Short, classy, and catchy are the right words to best describe the Alex Vando shorts for the female gender. Is there something to frown on with regards to this short? Nothing because it is a top-tier short for sophisticated ladies.

The short is produced with two slits which are located at the sides of the short, to make legs appear sexier and slender. On it, is a drawstring for quick adjustment when necessary. The materials are high-quality ones that would span for long with proper care.

2. BALEAF Women’s 3″ Quick Dry Mesh Summer Shorts Beach Board UPF50+

BALEAF Women's 3" Quick Dry Mesh Beach Board Shorts Liner UPF50+ Swim Surf Bottom Black XL


How do you love your board shorts? Dope, attractive? Because the Baleaf women short have this and even more to offer to you. This is a brand that understands the assignment and has produced just that for you.

The most peculiar feature to look out for in this short, are the sun protection feature, the chlorine resistant feature and the quick-dry mesh which all contributes to giving you the best quality board short you can ever find.

3. BALEAF Women’s 2″ Quick Dry Beach Board Shorts Knit Waistband with Mesh Lining

BALEAF Women's 2" Quick Dry Beach Boardshorts High Waisted Surf Swim Trunks with Mesh Liner Blue 3XL


I didn’t mince words when I stated that the Baleaf women’s shorts have much more to offer. Is it in terms of durability, quality, or value? They have everything you’ll ever need in a short.

I picked this brand twice, reason being that it is a short I’ve worn and it has not given me a cause for regrets. It comes with drawstrings, waistband, mesh lining, and the ability to resist chlorine. To add, it is that perfect short to pair with virtually any top.

4. Unitop Women’s Bathing Boardshorts Swim Shorts Quick Dry with Lining

unitop Womens Tropical Board Shorts Quick Dry Swim Shorts with Mesh Lining Orange XS


Another brand you can trust with quality shorts for you is the Unitop brand. They are readily available to provide to you your heart desires in form of their board short.

Here are some noteworthy features that make this brand exceptional in all areas. The women board shorts are light weighted such that when wet, it doesn’t drag you down. It gives flexibility which is gotten from its stretchiness. Lastly, the board short has pockets and lining to help keep the short stronger and durable.

Conclusion – Can Girls Wear Board Shorts Over Their One Piece Swimsuit?

No rule forbids girls from wearing board shorts over their one-piece swimsuit. All you need do is finding out your purpose for wanting to wear the board shorts and act accordingly. Feel free to rock your shorts over your one-piece suit, without worries.

For those who are eager to get one, please check them out by clicking on the links given. If you’ve got any questions, do well to inbox us and we will respond as swiftly as possible.


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