Can You Wear Swim Shorts in the Gym?

Two pastime activities that often go hand in hand are swimming and a visit to the gym. In most cases, you perform your routing fitness activities in the gym and head for the pool to relax and refresh your sore muscles. At other times, you can head from the beach to the gym to get some time on the treadmill. Be that as it may, you are sure to need an outfit for both activities and this can cause a bit of a conundrum.

One gear you will need to perform both activities is a pair of shorts right for each occasion. But then, does that mean you have to get two separate shorts for each activity? This thought becomes more pronounced if you are on the budget and in search of means to cut back on cost without having to forgo one sport for the other. Consequently, you begin to find answers to the question; can you wear swim shorts in the gym?

The answer is yes, keep in mind that swim shorts are thigh-length shorts designed for swimming. This means they are meant to be used on water-related activities that require a certain level of strength which might not be the same as required for other exercises. The mesh lining on the inside of these shorts ensures they dry faster, keeping you dry and comfortable when out of the water. Having answered the question can you wear swim shorts in the gym?, read on to know when you can wear these garments to the gym.

Wearing Swim Shorts In The Gym

As earlier stated, the answer to this question is not quite straightforward. If you had asked me this same question some years back, my answer would have been no, Why? Swim shorts of older designs do not meet the strength requirement for the intense activities that occur in a gym. Simply put, older swim shorts were not made to be an all-purpose sport short and can easily lead to a wardrobe malfunction which can be quite embarrassing.

Ask me the same question today and I wouldn’t bat an eyelid before giving you a positive answer. Why? Swim shorts today have undergone tremendous improvements in their make as well as design. Sports gear manufacturers such as Nike or Under Armor are constantly in search of ways to simplify our life. To this end, swims shorts now have extra strength in them to withstand the rigors of gym activities.

But choosing the right designs, swim shorts can easily be worn to the gym without causing a stare. The most essential fact you need to know before wearing your shorts to the gym is to know the stretch of the material used in making the shorts. Thankfully, this piece of information can be gotten from the label that comes along with your short at the point of purchase. Keep in mind that non-stretchy materials will be uncomfortable and will most certainly lead to a failure of the short!

Also, not everyone will conform to the fact that you have on your swim shorts in a gym, so get ready for the eyes that give you that out-of-place look.

Swim Shorts That Can Be Worn to the Gym

New swim shorts offer excellent support and functional styles which makes them perfect for the pool or gym. If you are trying to add some versatility to your wardrobe, these types of multi-use shorts can come in handy.

More still, it allows for compact packing of your gym and beach bag simultaneously. Now that you are aware of the fact that you can wear swim shorts to the gym; albeit specific ones. It’s time to show you some swim shorts that can easily double as workout gear:

1. Prana’s Datum Short

Talk about a swim short that can easily be converted into a gym short and back. The Datum short from Prana has a two-inch inseam, making it perfect for anyone who truly needs to be wearing as little fabric as conceivable. It holds exceptional coverage of the bum for both men and women so no need to worry about anything popping out. Its wide waistband won’t delve into the skin and sits sufficiently in place during intense calisthenics.

Even so, it doesn’t create the feeling of smothering often associated with many high-rise shorts. So with these, you are sure of really digging into your HIIT exercise without any hindrance from your short. Visit the Prana store on Amazon to shop for this dual-usage short.

2. Lululemon Train to Beach High-Rise Short

The Lululemon Train to Beach High-rise short is another classic example of a multi-use swim short that has found its way into the gym. This particular design boasts of ten-inch length to prevent any form of chafing while providing you with the necessary cooling effects of a short.

In comparison, the inseam is longer than most bicycle-style shorts and keeps water or sweat from disturbing your thighs during swimming or gym activities. It also incorporates a high-rise waist to further improve your level of comfort while perfectly sitting on your skin.

3. Athleta Offshore Paddle Tight

In search of swim shorts to hit the gym with, look no further than the Offshore Paddle Tight. These amazing tights are produced using recycled nylon mixed with Lycra. This helps you create the speedy dry effect of nylon with the cozy fitting of Lycra. While this is actually a legging, it has proved to be durable for both swimming and specific exercises in the gym. To be specific, you can wear this to the gym to perform extensive cardio and ab-related workouts.

4. Body Glove Cross-Over Capri

Another leggings-styled swim short that can double as an effective gym short is the Roam Cross-Over Capri. Its design ensures that it has enough materials to go over the knee in length. It also features a mid-rise, extra-wide waistband that sits perfectly on your skin ensuring you don’t have to worry about it digging into your skin. The waistband holds it in place when swimming or practicing any other exercise at the gym. Many users have found this to be exceptionally useful during yoga since it’s made from super-stretchy recycled polyester material.

Can I Work Out In A Swimsuit?

Yes, You can actively work out in a swimsuit, although you have to be wary of the type you choose to use.  While most swimsuits are best for water-related activities, some have found use as effective garments for work out. For the most part, you can work out comfortably in a one-piece swimsuit. This doesn’t mean two-piece styles are ineffective!

Today, swimsuits are often referred to as athletic suits making them usable in both recreational sports and professional sporting activities. That said, the following, are examples of swimsuits that can be worn during a workout session:

1. One-Piece Suit

This has to be everyone’s definition of a swimsuit and is your regular one-piece garment to use in your water or sun activities. It evolved from bulky swimming attires had has since been the go-to wear for the summer months.

2. Blouson Swimsuit

If in search of a swimsuit that can also double as gym attire, look no further than the Blouson bikini top. From its design, Blouson swimsuit makes it simple for you to conceal all of your stomach region as well as your back. Many Blouson are designed today with sporting activities in mind and as such, they qualify as an excellent replacement for gym shorts. You can rely on Yonique Blouson swimsuit to partake in both events.

4. Rash Guard

Swimsuits that double as excellent gym wear are the Rash Guard. It is made of polyester, spandex, or nylon. Specifically designed for an athlete, you can visit the gym with this swimsuit without worrying about a wardrobe malfunction. An example of a rash guard you can rely on to use as gym wear is the Hawk Sports Compression Rash Guard and it’s available on Amazon.

Can I Work Out in Swim Trunks?

Yes, you can work out in your swim trunks. Generally speaking, swim trunks are designed for use specifically for water-related activities. Its design makes it one of the most popular among beach goers as it allows for easy swimming, quick-drying and extra air circulation to further cool you. These traits have also been leveraged on workout sessions where intense activities can lead to sweating.

And since swim trunks are made from breathable materials that accommodate for decent flexible motion, it is suitable for performing workouts. It uses an additional mesh lining on the inside to provide additional support. Concerning working out, swim trunks are suitable for leg activities such as jogging, running, skipping, treadmill as well as stationary cycling.

Conclusion – Can You Wear Swim Shorts in the Gym?

When it comes to relaxing your muscles and reinvigorating your body, two activities always come to mind: swimming and visiting the gym. Most times, you might wish to do both, and having to back different shorts for both can give rise to concerns. If you are in this situation, worry no more, as you can rely on your swim shorts to help you complete your exercises in a gym. Today’s swim shorts now have the required strength to withstand the rigors of gym activities, and you don’t have to spend money on getting separate shorts for both activities.


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