How Many Swimsuits to Bring on Vacation? (Let’s Find Out)

Your swimsuit is one of the most important things to pack when going on vacation. Whether you’re headed to the beach, a relaxing resort, or are planning an adventure-filled trip, your swimsuit will be a staple of your packing list.

A lot of people going on vacation ask a lot of questions, one of which is, how many swimsuits to bring on vacation? You should bring at least two new swimsuits with you on your next vacation. Because you will likely wear this during most of the activities planned for your trip and it will get wet often, it’s important to have a few options so that you can switch them out if one gets damaged or becomes uncomfortable.

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It’ll also be nice to have more than one option for different activities. It’s important to consider fit and style when choosing the right swimsuit for your needs and body type.

The question of how many suits to bring on vacation is one that plagues even the most seasoned travelers. If you’re someone who has been swimming in a backyard pool for their entire life and loves the water, then you probably know the answer: more than one.

If you’re not a frequent swimmer, and this is your first trip to a destination with copious opportunities for swimming, then don’t worry, By following these simple rules and guidelines, you’ll be able to figure out how many swimsuits are right for you.

  • Bring more than one swimsuit.
  • Bring more than one type of swimsuit (one-piece/bikini).
  • Bring more than one color of swimsuit (black/blue).

Reasons Why You Should Bring Multiple Swimsuits on Vacation

You should bring multiple swimsuits on vacation because of these reasons

1. Sunscreen can ruin your swimsuit

You could spill sunscreen or other chemicals on your swimsuit. It’s crucial to remember that sunscreen can ruin a swimsuit if it isn’t rinsed out properly before drying.

2. Your Swimsuit can get damaged.

Your swimsuit could get damaged when you’re swimming around or doing other activities at the pool or beach. Chlorine is particularly known for making fabric fade and deteriorate, so you may not want to wear the same suit every day.

3. As a backup plan

Your swimsuit could get lost in transit. Even if your bag is labeled correctly, there are still chances that your swimsuit can get lost one way or the other will get lost during your vacation. If this happens, it would be nice to have so that you can enjoy your vacation.

4. In a case where your luggage is delayed.

There could be a delay in your luggage arriving after you land at your destination. Airlines lose thousands of bags every year, which means there’s a chance that yours could become one of them; having a backup plan will help ensure you aren’t stuck wearing the same swimsuit over and over again until they arrive.

5. In the case of wardrobe malfunction

You could have a swimsuit malfunction and need another one right away: Having more than one bathing suit gives you peace of mind especially since we’ve all been on vacations where things didn’t go exactly as planned! For instance, maybe someone got sick at dinner so you couldn’t enjoy your planned beach day or maybe there were two flight delays before arriving at your hotel (and now there’s only time left for snorkeling).

With multiple suits packed up and ready to go, you don’t worry about wasting valuable vacation time going shopping instead. Plus, you save money by bringing your own cute options from home with you instead of spending extra cash buying something new just because an emergency came up unexpectedly (like when my bikini top broke during an exciting rafting trip last summer).

Other Things to Bring for Vacation apart from Swimsuits

Swimsuits and “beach wear” are no-brainers, right? You just throw your bathing suit on and head to the beach. At least that’s what most of us do. We don’t think a lot about what to bring besides swimsuits, since we’re not planning on getting into the water or doing any activities that call for different attire.

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When you pack for vacation, don’t overlook these items:

1. Sunscreen

There’s nothing more annoying than the peeling skin after a day at the beach, so it’s important to keep reapplying sunscreen throughout the day. Plus, it can help in other ways if you get rashes from bug bites or something similar.

2. Sandals/Flip flops

After all that walking around in high heels during lunchtime or when visiting museums, why not exchange them with sandals or flip flops when you’re relaxing on the beach with your friends?

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very important when you are on vacation. Apart from the fact that they protect you from the sun, they also make you look good and classy on your vacation.

4. Beach blanket

Something soft and cool to sit on while reading a book at night by the ocean or watching the sunset.

5. Beach towel

A beach towel is needed on your vacation. Especially when you go for a swim and you are all wet. Your beach towel can also act as cover up for you.

6. Hat

Something lightweight enough that you can put it on while taking a selfie with your family by picnicking beside the sea. Get that baby doll hat in your suitcase when packing for vacation. Apart from beautiful selfies, it will also protect you from the sun.

7. Waterproof camera

Don’t let sand ruin all those beautiful shots. Ensure that the camera you are bringing is waterproof in order to be safe. It also gives you the opportunity to capture all the underwater moments and fun you’ll be having.

8. Lip balm & insect repellent

The ocean is full of bugs, especially sand fleas which can ruin your beautiful skin. An insect repellant will do a good job of chasing them off. Your lip balm is also important because of your lips.

9. Snacks & drinks (and other snacks)

Also, make sure there are things like chips or pretzels so you don’t get hungry usually between meals. And water (of course) is always necessary as well.

How Many Swimsuits Can You Bring on a Cruise?

How many swimsuits can you bring on a cruise? To be on the safe side, it is better to bring more than one swimsuit. Anything could happen on the cruise that would warrant extra swimsuits, you can even have malfunction. Therefore, bring as many swimsuits as possible. You can even bring them in different colors and types. It makes it more fun.

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The first thing to know about the dress code for cruises is that it’s going to change from cruise to cruise. This can be irritating, but the good news is that you don’t have to worry about it until you get on board, so your shock factor should be low.

The second thing to know is cruise-specific, and it’s related to how many swimsuits you’re allowed. Ideally, you’ll want one swimsuit per day of your vacation if there are three days of sun (or whatever your cruise has planned), that means bringing three bathing suits plus an additional extra one (if you end up not wearing them all).

You can even bring more than one bathing suit per day if there’s a stretch of time where you’ll be at the pool or beach more than once in a single day. Just keep in mind that they usually need to match and look like what the ship might call “sportswear”, think black and white leopard print with neon pink accents.

When shopping for swimsuits, remember this tip: If it doesn’t feel like something you’d wear on land and around people who aren’t dressed as casually as yourself, then leave it at home.

It will just add stress when searching for a swimsuit during disembarkation when everyone else is trying to get through customs smoothly without any delays or fines, plus most other people will assume that if a piece of clothing isn’t recognizable as being from land then it must just not fit right because everyone knows what looks right on the land.

Conclusion – How Many Swimsuits to Bring on Vacation?

All in all, whether you’re going on a cruise or just spending the day at a water park, it’s best to bring more than one swimsuit when you go on vacation. If the weather is warm and sunny where you’re headed, bring at least two suits.

For popular destinations that regularly draw high numbers of tourists, stores will be stocked with plenty of swimwear options but these stores tend to be expensive and are far less likely to sell items that appeal to your style or preferences. It’s best to plan ahead so you don’t get stuck with poor quality swimsuits that have been marked up in price by 50 percent or more.

Plus, if you have a lot of items on your itinerary while you’re away, bringing an extra bathing suit gives you an option for changing into dry clothes after each activity. Swimsuits that don’t get the chance to air dry properly are prone to develop bacteria and odors faster, which isn’t ideal for anyone who wants their new swimwear to last as long as possible.


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