Why Do Swimsuits Have A Hole In The Back?

Many persons like the idea of going to the beach during the summer season to catch some fun while wearing swimsuits of various styles and brands. I’m not an exception though but one thing that has baffled me all this while is this; why do swimsuits have a hole in the back?

Swimsuits have a hole in their back so as to provide comfort and for performance. Another reason is that the hole or opening at the back of a swimsuit gives flexibility and aids for effective movements of the arms during swimming.

Well, I did a little research and above are my findings. When you’re comfortable with swimwear, you’ll be most likely to perform well. This is one aspects brands pay close attention to and that’s why we have several swimwears today for various activities.

That said, let’s look at some few back types and the various activities you can use them for.

Swimsuits Back Types

Why Do Swimsuits Have A Hole In The Back

Spending a considerable amount of time in water can be fun but that can only be possible if you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing.

Truth is, it’s not enough to go after any swimsuits you come across but rather, certain things ought to be considered like the back style or type before you make any purchase.

Choosing the wrong back style can somewhat ruin your whole swimming experience especially if you go after back style with little to no space for movement of your arms.

For this reasons, it’s best that you not only consider the look of your swimwears alone but also look at for swimsuits with maximum coverage and allows for flexibility with enough support system in place to make your swimming exercise a memorable one.

Without further ado, below are some few swimsuits that do not only comfort you but gives you enough space for you to move your arms

1. Racerback

First on our list is this awesome swimwears that offers greater coverage (at the back), an excellent support system for bust ( with this, you won’t have to bother about leaking bust while swimming) and also, a perfect swimwear for swimmers.

The Racerback is a popular swimwears among female swimmers today with a cutting that looks more like a “T” designed and sew to reveal more of the wearers’ shoulders alongside with their counterparts (shoulder blades)

2. Crossback

As the name implies, the cross back crosses over the back in form of letter “X” with a more thinner strap than Racerback.

The Cross-Back style is another stylish and fashionable swimwear with a considerable amount of coverage both at the bottom and bust.

Another interesting thing worth mentioning about this back style is that it can help reduce tan-lines to a reasonable amount.

3. V Back

The V-black is a slight modification of the Racerback. It combines features of other back styles (cross back to be specific) to create a modest version of the Racerback with a more thinner strap offering maximum coverage ( back) for all age groups ( both old and young)

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What You Should Know Before Settling Down To Buy A Swimsuits For Your Water Aerobics

There may be lots of bathing suit out there but the truth is, they are not made the same. What this means is that swimwears are tailored to suit different needs.

Below are some of the various swimwears style you need to look out for before making a purchase.

Competition Swimsuits

As you may have already guessed, this swimwear is designed for all forms of water competition. They are the kind of bathing suit you see swimmers wore on TV, particularly during Olympics games.

I know you may be thinking by now what’s so special about this swimwear that isn’t in other bathing suits? Well, unlike other swimwears, this SW allows swimmers glide over waters swiftly and without delay.

All of this forward movement is made possible because the materials or fabrics they’re made of are of high quality with lower resistance to prevent stings, drags etc.

Among other swimwears wore by competitive swimmers are briefs, jammers, bodyskin and racerback etc. Having listed them out, let’s quickly look at each of them.

1. Briefs

Why Do Swimsuits Have A Hole In The Back

This is a Brief Style Swimsuit Bottoms (otherwise known as a swim brief) worn by male swimmers. It is a kind of swimwears specifically design to be worn during competitive swimming, diving and all forms of water aerobics.

Racing briefs offers slightly brief coverage and they can come in different colours and shape which is usually in the form of a “V” shape (the same shape with your regular underwear).

Swim briefs are usually won below the waist region with many, held together to the waist either with a waistband or drawstrings. Majority of them are made up of nylon while a few of the long-lasting ones available online are from polyester.

Reasons Why Professionals Wear Swim Briefs

1. They’re the recommended swimwears for competitive swimming and water polo and other forms of recreational activities.

2. Another reason why competitive swimmers prefer briefs to other swimwears is that they help reduce water drags.

3. They can also be worn under pants for those that are into scuba diving.

4. Unlike other swimsuit, briefs dry quickly.

2. Jammers

Why Do Swimsuits Have A Hole In The BackJammers is another competitive swimwears won by male swimmers. It comes in various designs and colour with a medium coverage from the mid-waist down to the knee level. They’re oftentimes made of nylon and polyester materials that allow for a quicker dry.

Reasons Why Competitive Swimmers Wear Jammers

1. They provide greater speed advantage during swimming and swimmers alike.

2. The materials in which they’re made from help reduce water resistance to a greater extent.

3. They provide greater coverage especially to the legs than any other swimwears.

3. Bodyskin

As the name implies, this bathing suit is designed in such a way to hug the body of the swimmer for increased speed and flexibility.

Why Do Swimsuits Have A Hole In The Back

The bodyskin is a type of swimsuit made from sophisticated fabrics and worn by both males and females during competitive swimming.

Reasons Why Professionals Swimmers Wear Bodyskin

1. To reduce water drags and increased speed.

2. It helps covers a major part of the body starting from the neck region down to the wrists.

What Type Of Swimsuits Back Style Is Best For Me?

When it comes to choosing a back style for your swimwear, it’s more of an individual thingy and that’s because we all have different preference and taste.

But if you’re that type that doesn’t want to reveal more of your skin, then you should consider Swimsuits that offers maximum back coverage.

Why Do Swimsuits Have Keyhole?

Keyholes are those little cuts on a swimsuit that can either be found on the stomach, neckline or at the back. The essence of having a Keyhole either at the front or back of a swimsuit is to allow for a smooth passage of water (In and out).

On the other hand, the presence of a keyhole at the back of a swimsuit can help keep the strap from falling off (intact)

What’s The Difference Between A Back Hole And A Keyholes?

Well, both are of great value to swimwears. Keyholes help to prevent sagging by allowing water to easily go in and out irrespective of their locations. A back hole, on the other hand, increases performance and flexibility for easy movement of the arms during swimming.

Do All Swimsuits Has Back Hole?

Well, there are quite some few (body skin) that lack this feature but for the most part, the majority of the competitive swimsuits do have a back hole in them.

Which Brands Has Swimsuits With More Back Style?

At of all the well-known swimwear brands, Speedo tends to have swimwears with a back style I love the most. In fact, they have varieties of back style for almost anyone interested to be comfortable and at the same time want to perform excellently.

They have Crossback for those seeking for more flexible straps with maximum comfort and also easy to wear, there is Racerback style with full bust support and maximum coverage for those that are a bit shy and a host of others.

Is Back Hole An Important Factor To Consider While Choosing A Swimsuits?

Well, it all depends on what you want. The essence of a back hole in a swimsuit gives the swimmer the ability to perform well while giving rooms for more flexibility as there’s an easy movement of the arms without any forms of restrictions.

What Does It Mean When A Swimsuit Is lined?

A swimsuit can be partially-lined or fully-lined. When it’s half lined, what this means for you is that there is the possibility of some part of your body being seen when you’re wet.

Whereas, fully-lined swimsuits have an extra material attached or sewed behind the visible fabrics to help prevent getting seen when wet. (Especially sensitive regions of the body)

The Final Note On Why Swimsuits Have A Hole In The Back

Swimwears are a great piece for swimming but they can become a nightmare to you if you plan to spend more time in the water.

If you’re a competitive swimmer, then you do not only need a swimsuit that fits alone but Swimsuits with a hole in their back.

The presence of a whole in a swimsuit back does not only give you comfort while swimming but also, will enable you to move with maximum flexibility as there won’t be any obstruction of your arms.

For these reasons, I recommend that the next time you plan on buying that your favourite swimwear from your favourite brands, ensure to go after those ones with holes in their back so that you can have memorable swimming experience.


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