Can You Return Unworn Swimwear?

Swimwears are the garments we wear out to the beach, pool, or water parks. They are intended to help us participate in water-related events or sports, like swimming, surfing, or diving. Swimwears have also found use in sunbathing, glamor photography, gym, as well as other activities that intend to involve virtually all parts of the human body. You wouldn’t want to attend any of the above with any other type of garment.

With this multiple-use, swimwear has become an integral part of our fashion sense. This means nearly everyone owns one, or is planning to buy one. If you belong to the latter group, shopping for fitting swimwear can be tedious. Aside from the many types and designs, getting the perfect one for your body also becomes a challenge. You most likely have to buy a few before zeroing in on one that looks good on you.

For this reason, it’s often wise to know the answer to the question; can you return unworn swimwear?

In most cases, and depending on the retail store where you made your purchase, you might be able to return any unworn swimwear you might have bought. While this sounds exciting, several rules govern this, and failure to satisfy all might result in a decline from the store.

Note: Please keep in mind that the rules guiding return policies will vary from store to store and it’s essential to figure out what works in a store before making a purchase.

Can Swimsuits Be Returned?

Yes, swimsuits can be returned but this depends in the return policy of the store it was purchased from. Generally speaking, lots of retailers such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart have return policies tailored to meet different standards. Many use similar policies for the return of swimwear as well as for other items. For instance, if you purchase swimwear at Target, you can return the product as long as it remains unopened and in good condition within 90 days. After returning, you can choose to either get a refund or simply exchange for another swimwear.

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Other retail platforms such as Marshalls have a not-too-simple return policy, that often requires you to attach correct tickets to the returning swimwear. Similarly, in stores like Zappos, you can enjoy return periods of up to a year alongside free shipping for your returns. For stores that don’t allow the return of swimwear, their decision is often a result of hygiene concerns.

Can You Return Unworn Swimsuits to Walmart?

Yes, Walmart accepts returns of unworn swimsuits in sellable conditions purchased from any of its stores. This return is not infinite, and you have a 90-day grace period from the day of purchase to decide if you wish to return or not. Keep in mind that Walmart may decline your return. This can happen if there is any damage such as a stain or rip from your handling of the swimwear. 

According to Walmart’s clothing return policy, “customers can return all clothing items (even without tags) within 90 days of purchase as long as they are in the original condition and have no stains, marks, or tears. Additionally, clothing items will need to be returned to Walmart with a receipt for a full refund.”

Walmart Marketplace Return Policy for Swimsuits

Yes, you can return Walmart Marketplace swimwear. Although the marketplace return policy differs from Walmart’s Policies, it still has some semblance. The platform expects minimum standards from all its sellers and has such a 30-day return policy for swimsuits purchased.

Can I Return My Swimwear To Walmart Without My Walmart Receipt?

Yes, Walmart regularly accepts returns of swimwear purchased at its store even if you’ve misplaced your receipt. This will only be done if you can prove via alternative means that you made the purchase. If you’ve misplaced your receipt and wish to return your unworn swimwear, ensure you go along to the Walmart store with a government-issued photo ID or the item tag.

These documents serve as an authentication means of your purchase from their database. This is an essential step before the beginning of the refund verification process. Depending on the price of the swimwear purchased, you can expect a full cash refund or via store credit.

What Is The Return Policy For Swimsuitsforall?

The swimsuitforall platform prides itself on total customer satisfaction. And if you decide to buy your swimwear from them, they offer an excellent return policy as well. According to its return policy statement, “all unworn, unwashed, or unblemished swimwear can be returned within a 60-day grace period from the day of shipping.” The store will accept, exchange or refund you at no extra cost to you.

Asides from accepting your decision to refund, the swimsuitforall platform also allows you to decide whether to get a refund as an e-gift voucher corresponding to the price of your returned swimwear. The E-gift vouchers are similar to regular gift cards with the only exception being that you will receive this via email. The email will contain a digital card with a series of unique codes. You can then proceed to use these codes to make a future purchase at any of its FullBeauty Brands. If you don’t have an email address, then your e-gift voucher will be shipped to the address submitted in your initial order.

Alternatively, you can decide to get a refund back to the payment method you used. It’s important to note that this method will attract a transaction fee from your initial payment. Keep in mind that the platform will not accept any return that has exceeded the 60-day grace period after which all sales are tagged as “final.” Also, its return policies exclude swimwear purchased via third-party outlets such as Amazon.

Can Swimwear Be Returned On Shein?

Founded in 2008 by Chris Xu in Nanjing in China, Shein is an online fast-fashion retailer that is known globally for its affordably priced garments. The platform is an excellent source of getting cheap, inexpensive swimwear.

While the SHEIN platform offers free returns and will refund your original payment within 30 days of receiving your order for most items found on it, it doesn’t allow for a return of swimwear, bodysuits, and lingerie.

How Can I Identify Stores That Offer Excellent Return Policy?

Identifying stores with a return policy can be easy, but understanding the wording of each store policy can be a complex process. And since the policy will differ from store to store, it becomes important to know exactly what constitutes an excellent return policy. A common trait to all return policies is for them to be as clear and concise as possible for easy understanding. Any retail store offering a return policy helps create a sense of safety for potential buyers.

And if you spot one in any store, you can be sure of purchasing your swimwear as described by the store. On the off chance that a retailer doesn’t give this assurance, then, you have the right to be suspicious and move on to stores that allay your fears. This policy should be beneficial to you and below are some key pointers to look out for:

1. Check Stipulated Time Frame

A reasonable time-frame in the return policy should give you ample time to make your final decision on whether to keep or return a purchased swimwear. In general, you can get between thirty to sixty days from many retailers. Others offer 90 days and on rare occasions, you might get a one-year grace period.

Regardless, the amount of time stipulated in the policy should work with your personal preference and there is no need for you to rush into making any decision. The time stated should show that they value your business.

2. Check Expected Condition of Return

Aside from the time frame, this has to be the most important factor when deciding if a retailer has an excellent return policy that suits you or not. Carefully go through the policy to know in what preferred condition the store will be willing to accept your return. If a retailer is using words such as “unused,” “unworn”, “lightly used” and “intact,” then you are almost sure of getting your return successfully.

Other times, retailers stipulate that any damage done by you invalidates the return policy. Some also offer lifetime guarantees which cover the use of the swimwear for life!

3. Check for Compensation: Store Credit or a Full Refund

An excellent return policy should also indicate the mode of compensation the retailer is willing to part with. For one, having a bad experience with a retailer might want to make you run from such a store. But a new trick now is many stores offer store credit in place of a full refund.

If a store is offering a little extra than the original amount paid such as free return shipping, then you might consider that as an option. Alternatively, many stores still offer a full refund to the original payment method and you can also use this option. In the end, it comes down to personal preference and convenience.

Conclusion – Can You Return Unworn Swimwear?

Having the right swimwear can mean having the most pleasant day at your favorite beach or pool activity. In like manner, badly fitting swimwear can leave you low on confidence. Thankfully, most retail outlets that sell swimwear have some form of return policy that you can take advantage of. If you are just heading to buy swimwear, always ask about the store return policy before making a purchase. This prevents you from buying swimwear you can’t use.


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