Do You Wear Underwear With Swim Shorts?

Swimming is a fun sport, with the swimsuit being the most common swimwear gadget. If you don’t wish to wear a swimsuit, you can rely on swim shorts to participate in water-related activities. Swim shorts also protects your skin from the salty water, dirt, and other stuff that can cause damage.

Thankfully, swim shorts come in several designs, which removes any restrictions. Also, you have a large pool of choices to pick from. But when it comes to using swim shorts for swimming, several questions abound. One central question you can ask is, do you wear underwear with swim shorts?

This is one question that has both a positive and a negative answer. This means you can decide to wear any underwear with your swim shorts or not. Although most people frown upon this act, there are some reasons you may want to consider wearing something underneath. In the end, it often comes down to personal preference and what is acceptable at your location.

What Are Swim Shorts?

Swim shorts are a form of swimwear worn by men and women during swimming or sunbathing. Swim shorts typically use a quick-draining material such as polyester or nylon. They vary i n length from about mid-thigh to below the knee and are looser than most trunks worn for sports like soccer or running.

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Types of Swim Shorts

Most types have an elastic waistband that tightens by tying a lacing cord on the front of the shorts. Some styles have pockets, either along the side of the legs or the backside. Swim shorts can also have mesh lining inside them so that when you go into the water, it can drain out all the water, including any underwear you might be wearing underneath.

1. Board Shorts

These are the most popular choices for surfers, and they’re also the most “traditional” option for men who don’t want to wear speedos or other tight, short styles.

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Board shorts come up around your waist and generally have an elastic waistband or drawstring to keep them in place.

2. Swim Briefs

Also known as square-cut swimsuits or speedos, these skimpier styles hug your butt cheek and crotch while still leaving room to play around and have fun without feeling self-conscious. Because of their form-fitting design and lack of pockets/loose fabric, these suits are ideal if you plan to do any swimming laps or surfing since it’s easier for water to glide over them than it would be with baggier designs such as board shorts or swim trunks.

3. Swim Trunks

If you’re unsure which style is best for you, swim trunks are an excellent place to start. They sit at the hips and usually have pockets on either side of the waistband. While they don’t offer as much support as board shorts or briefs, they still provide enough coverage that you can comfortably dive into a lake without worrying about exposing your groin area.

4. Swim Boxers

This broad category includes everything from jammers to bikinis and even thongs. Swim boxers often mean that there will be some skin exposure, and it’s best to ensure your choice looks good before heading out into public spaces.

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Reasons You Can Wear Underwear with Swim Shorts

Modern swim shorts are much more fitted. While they look great on the beach or vacation, they can be uncomfortable to wear in other situations. If you’re trying out a new pair of swim shorts, it’s best to take precautions by wearing underwear underneath them. Below are some reasons it’s important to wear underwear with your swim shorts:

1. To Prevent Chafing

Unfortunately, swim shorts can rub against your skin, especially during vigorous activity or wearing poorly-fitted ones. This rubbing can cause chaffing, a severe issue that can lead to painful and irritating skin conditions. Worst still, if not appropriately treated, it can even lead to infection.

Chafing occurs when your clothing repeatedly rubs against your skin and causes irritation. This is most likely in sensitive areas like the inner thighs and genitals concerning swim shorts. It’s also essential to ensure that the swim shorts fit well; loose-fitting shorts are more likely to slip around and cause chafing than those that fit snugly without being uncomfortably tight.

2. To Reduce Transparency of Your Swim Short

One of the most annoying things about swim shorts is that they can become completely transparent when wet. If you’ve ever worn a pair of swim shorts, you know how frustrating this can be. It’s not just that you become see-through; it’s also highly uncomfortable and limits your movement both in and out of the water.

Wearing underwear in this instance makes total sense, and a pair of briefs for your time at the beach can give you much confidence and comfort. It’s a simple solution to the problem of modesty, and it makes sense that you want to ensure you aren’t inadvertently showing too much when in public.

3. Lounging Around the Pool or Beach

There isn’t an easy way to put this: if you are lounging around the pool, make sure you are wearing underwear under your swim shorts. This is applicable since it provides essential cover for your groin, which a swim short might not. That said, it’s necessary to know the rules of the pool and ensure you are not wearing your underwear too close to the pool.

Reasons You Shouldn’t Wear Underwear with Swim Short

Many people frown at having underwear on with your swim shorts. Rightfully, they have grounds to base such feelings on, and below are a few reasons its best for you not to wear underwear with swim shorts:

1. Wearing Underwear with Swim Shorts Is Bad For the Pool

Underwear is to be worn under other clothes, not swim shorts. Wearing underwear under swim shorts is terrible for the pool as your underwear can introduce dirt, lint, and bacteria into the pool. This dirt can make the pool water unhealthy for other users and increase the chances of the spread of infections.

Asides from these, the introduction of such particles can lead to premature aging of the lining, structural damage, and increased costs due to chemical imbalances of chemicals used in pool water treatment.

2. Wearing Underwear with Swim Short Is Bad For Your Groin Area 

Wearing underwear with your swimming shorts is terrible for your groin area as this can increase your chances of jock itch, skin irritation, and bacterial infections. The combination’s moist environment created inside the crotch region makes it an ideal breeding ground for bacteria as water and sweat get trapped between the two layers of fabric.

3. Wearing Underwear with Swim Short Is Bad For Your Underwear

Swim shorts are good because they have a quick-drying material, are comfortable, and the elastic waistband doesn’t dig into your waist. On the other hand, underwear is terrible for swimming because the materials making it up aren’t compatible with harsh chemicals from beach and pool water. Also, you will need to wash it after each use to reduce the effect of chlorine and salt on it. This can cause the elastic to break eventually, which brings up additional expenses in getting new underwear.

4. Color Fastness Can Occur

Color may bleed from your underwear onto your swim shorts or vice versa. This is important if you consider that the most common items of clothing that color may bleed from are swim shorts, underwear, and socks. Although your underwear and swim shorts frequently use colorfast fibers, the amount of exposure to pool, ocean water, or sun can make them lose their colorfastness.

5. Additional Weight When Wet

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why this practice is problematic. For one thing, wet underwear can weigh you down, which is a big no-no when swimming. Weighing your legs down with extra clothing material only increases the difficulty of your swim strokes. It can cause you to get exhausted more quickly than you’d otherwise be able to handle. In addition, wet underwear could add unwanted weight to your existing attire and make it harder for you to move around freely in the pool or ocean.

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What Can I Wear Under My Swim Short?

While many have no problem wearing regular underwear under their swim shorts, it’s best to stay away from coot and wool materials. But if you are unsure of what type of underwear to have on, going for any of these below ones can help you out:

1. Thongs

A thong or skimpy swimwear is originally a woman’s underwear that is wearable with swim shorts. Today, manufacturers now have thongs that are suitable for use by male folks.

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Regardless, thongs are an easy way to add an extra layer of cover to your swim shorts without packing a lot of stuff.

2. Compression Shorts

Compression shorts, sometimes called “spandex” shorts, are meant to be worn under your regular swim shorts for extra protection. They use breathable material that keeps sweat away from the body and usually has an antibacterial treatment to reduce chafing. Most importantly, they have a snug-fitting that prevents muscle vibration while moving through water.

Can I Wear My Swim Short as an Undergarment?

You probably should not use your swim shorts as an undergarment. Swim shorts help to protect the skin of your genitals from the harsh materials of a pool. Because of this, they use different fabrics and patterns from regular underwear. However, swim shorts can help you create a comfortable and flattering appeal. And while this isn’t technically something its design is for, it’s not exactly a significant offense either.

Conclusion – Do You Wear Underwear With Swim Shorts?

You can wear underwear with your swim shorts, but you shouldn’t. You have no reason to wear underwear with Swim shorts for a practical reason: to allow the water that gets into your shorts to escape before it weighs them down. It comes down to your decision whether or not to wear underwear with your swim shorts.


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