Why Do Bathing Suits Turn Green?

In life, certain things aren’t meant to remain in their natural form forever. No matter how perfect they seem to be from the onset, there are bound to be arising issues that may cost their existence if only it gets to the stage of no return. Mind you, this has nothing to do with its production.

Some awful incidences arise from our external environment and sometimes, they are caused by man-made actions. Looking at the clothing industry, a lot can be said. Are wears getting to a stage of total wreckage? Or our clothes down to our bathing suits, having color variations? Concerning this, let us look at one of this most frequently asked questions, Why Do Bathing Suits Turn Green?

Bathing suits turn green from several factors which mostly are caused by our external environment. The major factors that cause bathing suits to turn green are chlorine, sunlight, and detergent, sunscreen and copper. These five items can lead to color variations in our wear if not properly taken care of.

Now, having answered the question, Why Do Bathing Suits Turn Green, I’ll explain in simpler terms, why these listed items are the major cause of bathing suits turning green.

1. Chlorine

Chlorine in general has never been in a great relationship with the bathing suits. Chlorine coming in contact with your bathing suits will lead to greater damage if not curtailed. Normally, the use of chlorine in pools is basically to keep the water free from germs and bacteria. Chlorine helps to ensure that the water is completely safe without those germs and bacteria affecting our bodies and wear.

No doubt, chlorine does a fantastic job when properly used in water. Sadly, it gets into our bathing suits and ends up ruining those suits in ways that are beyond our expectations.

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Well, this happens if the bathing suit isn’t rinsed in water before washing. This is why we stress on the importance of washing the chlorinated water first before anything else.

But this doesn’t negate the fact that chlorine affects bathing suits to the extent of having their colors altered. As long as the chlorine keeps coming in contact with the bathing suit, it is bound to be affected one way or the other.

So no matter how long you choose to rinse the chlorine off the suits, it wouldn’t stop the bathing suit from changing to green. That is, the constant use of bathing suits in chlorinated water will eventually lead to the bathing suit changing to a completely different color which is the green color.

In a bid to avoid all these, bathing suits that are chlorine resistant were made. Such that chlorine no longer has a hold on your bathing suits. If you happen to wear a chlorine-resistant swimsuit, be rest assured that the chlorine water can not have your suit damaged. It is safe and will help to prolong the lifespan of your bathing suits.

If you are sourcing for a chlorine remover wash, here is one you may want to look through.

1. Fashion Care Splash Swimsuit wash Chlorine Removal

Fashion Care Splash Swimsuit wash Chlorine Removal 280 ml


The best way to get rid of chlorine faster is with the fashion care chlorine removal wash. A little drop of this on a bowl filled with water would get the chlorine out in a jiffy.

Aside from chlorine, it takes off other fluids out of the bathing suit like saltwater and oil from the chlorine. Isn’t this a great invention? With this chlorine removal, the simplicity of life has made taking off the chlorine from bathing suits less burdensome.

2. Sunlight

The second component that can change a bathing suit to green in the sunlight. The amount of sunlight on a suit for a long period will cause the suit to weaken and at the same time, changing it from its usual color to that of green.

While it is good to expose your body to the sun for skin nourishment, ensure not to stay too long in the sun always. The more time you spend in the sun, the more your bathing suits are prone to color changes. However, not all bathing suits fall under this category.

A quality bathing suit will put your mind at ease, knowing that it is produced with carefully selected and long-lasting materials that will get the bathing suits to span for years, regardless of the amount of time spent in the sun. In a simpler sentence, the bathing suit being purchased can influence the state of your suit.

A low-grade bathing suit will most likely be affected by sunlight, thereby, changing the color of the suit to green.

3. Detergent

Yes, the detergent you use in washing your bathing suits will determine the outcome of the suit. Will it remain the same as it was when it was purchased? Or will the detergent used cause a change in colors?

To avoid such questions, go for detergents that are recommended for bathing suits alone. Swimsuit detergents were manufactured for a purpose. Mainly because they ain’t produced to be harsh because the harshness can automatically have the bathing suit ruined for good.

A mild detergent is best used when washing suits. Abrasive detergents will cost you your bathing suits. Go for it will help to maintain the color and quality of your bathing suits. Kindly look out for mild detergents or cleansers from Amazon for more details and information.

You can as well check this detergent out

1. Everything But Water Swimwear Cleaner

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Going by the brand name, it spells out the usefulness of the cleaner on our bathing suits. Not harsh, but delicate enough to keep your suits looking their very best.

The damages a harsh detergent or cleaner does to a bathing suit are alarming. It doesn’t only ruin the suits, but have them changed to a different color entirely. The more reason why you have to be picky about the detergent or cleaner and this is where “Everything but water swimwear” shows up in the picture.

3. Sunscreen

To a large extent, the sunscreen used can turn a bathing suit into a different color entirely. Not all sunscreen does the job they were created for. Some are so fake that it shows in the bathing suits. Knowing the right sunscreen to use that wouldn’t alter your bathing suits should be considered.

As such, when next you go to the beach or pool, look for any changes on your bathing suit after applying the sunscreen on your skin. If you notice that your bathing suit is turning green, then the sunscreen should be changed for another.

4. Copper

The degree of copper in the water will eventually cause the bathing suits to turn green. If the copper inherent in the water has risen to a higher level, then it is time to have it changed. Or, you can treat it so it doesn’t end up ruining more bathing suits by turning them to the color green.

The algaecide which is an element in the water also contributes to the bathing suits having different colors. If this happens to be the case for you, kindly look for solutions and have the pool treated instantly.

How To Stop Bathing Suits From Turning Green

To help protect your bathing suits from turning green, there are certain ways to make that a reality. You’ll be needing a few items and you are good to go. I believe you have these items at home and you wouldn’t have to break your account to get them.

The following items needed are;

1. A bowl or a sink
2. Vinegar
3. Water

1. A Bowl Or A Sink

Either of the two can be used. What is needed is to have both filled with water. Not hot water, but with cool or warm water. Introducing hot water to your bathing suits is a risk you shouldn’t even dream of. It would likely lead to your bathing suits not looking their best. This is why we are emphasizing the need for cool or warm water.

2. Vinegar

Get your tablespoons and measure two spoons (2) of vinegar into the bowl or sink filled with water. Vinegar has components that can rid the bathing suit from turning green. As active as the vinegar is, it can be used for situations like this. Adding it to your water will help neutralize the suit such that the color doesn’t fade.

After adding the vinegar, get the bathing suit in the water and leave for about thirty minutes (30). The essence of leaving it for so long in the water is to allow the vinegar to settle in so it seals the color and prevents it from turning green. You can then proceed to hand wash a little after soaking.

Take the bathing suits out to air dry.

Please Note: You can do this before the bathing suit turns green or after the bathing suit turns green. Whichever way, the vinegar is there to do a perfect job for your bathing suits.

Why Do Bathing Suits Turn Green – Conclusion

Now that you have come to the knowledge that bathing suits turn green from a variety of things which are as a result of our actions, it is advisable to be mindful of your actions and your environment, so you don’t get your bathing suits changed to colors that are off.

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