What Can I Wear if I Don’t Have a Swimsuit?

Let’s say you want to go swimming. You’ve got a perfectly good bathing suit ready to go, but you don’t want to wear it or you want to go swimming yet you have no swimsuits and no desire to get one.

There are many reasons why a person might feel this way: maybe they have body issues that make them uncomfortable in a swimsuit, or maybe they just don’t like traditional swimsuits for some reason or another. 

Regardless of the reason, there are plenty of options out there for those who want to skip the swimsuit and still get their feet wet. This brings up the question, what can I wear if I don’t have a swimsuit?

There are quite a few alternatives that you can wear if you don’t have a swimsuit or you are not willing to wear the one you have. A lot of people think that swimming is an activity only possible with a traditional bathing suit, but they’re wrong.

Let’s take a look at a few alternatives you can wear apart from the traditional swimsuits:

What You Can Wear If You Don’t Have a Swimsuit

1. Wear Yoga pants

 If you’re hanging out at a pool, or just want to cover up your legs a little bit, yoga pants can be a good option. The stretchy material means that they won’t be too constricting if you do decide to jump into the water and will dry pretty quickly once you come back out again.

2. Wear Leggings

 Another favorite of pool-goers who are there to primarily sunbathe or lounge around is leggings. Similar to yoga pants, leggings are lightweight and flexible, so you still have freedom of movement while wearing them in the water.

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3. Wear Rompers

If you’re someone who feels uncomfortable or insecure in a swimsuit, you can absolutely wear what makes you feel your best. If that means wearing a romper, then that’s great.

Rompers are one-piece outfits that have shorts attached to a top, making them as comfortable as possible to wear in any situation.

They come in a variety of styles and colors, so you can pick one out that fits your personality and goes with the event you’re attending.

You could even find one with pockets if you want somewhere to put your phone or keys while playing by the water.

4. Wear Sweatpants

If you don’t have a swimsuit, wear sweatpants instead. That’s it. You can easily incorporate sweatpants into your pool attire by wearing them with a t-shirt, tank top, or button-down.

If you want to be extra fashionable, don plain black sweatpants and pair them with a bright top.

5. Wear Crop Tops

For those opposed to the fact that swimsuits involve any skin exposure at all, you may want to consider a crop top instead.

Although they’re often associated with music festivals and “alternative fashion”, crop tops are great for the beach because they cover the midriff but not too much. 

If you’re self-conscious about your stomach but still want to show off your body, a crop top is a good alternative to wearing no shirt at all. Similarly, if you have a large bust but don’t want to wear a full shirt or swimdress, a crop top can be an ideal solution.

6. Wear Maxi Dress

If you don’t have a swimsuit, or if you don’t feel comfortable wearing one, a maxi dress is an excellent alternative. It is just as versatile and easy to wear as a swimsuit and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

You can wear it to the beach or pool party over your swimsuit for some extra coverage, or wear it on its own with flat shoes or sandals.

A maxi dress is perfect for any occasion, whether you are going to the beach, spending time at home with friends and family, or even going out for the day. You can wear them as a relaxed look with flats and an oversized bag or dress them up with heels and accessories.

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7. Wear Overalls

If you don’t have a swimsuit, but you still want to go swimming, overalls are an excellent option. You’ll look like a lifeguard right out of the 90s.

The only caveat is that your overalls need to be made of material that dries quickly. This is not the time to pull on your jeans overalls. They’ll get uncomfortably heavy and soggy when they’re wet, and won’t dry out in any reasonable amount of time.

8. Wear Top and Shorts

A top and shorts are a functional way to cover up at the pool if you don’t have a swimsuit. You can wear them over your swimsuit if you just want to look cute at the beach, but not necessarily get wet.

You can wear them instead of your swimsuit if you want to go in the water but don’t know how to do that yet.

9. Wear Jumpsuits

If you’re looking for a stylish and comfortable alternative to swimsuits, consider wearing a jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are loose and flowy, which is ideal when you’re trying to cope with the heat of summer.

You can wear them on the beach or in the pool, and they are versatile enough to be worn at other events where swimwear is inappropriate.

10. Wear Playsuits

There are many ways to style a Playsuit for the beach. You can wear any one-piece that you can easily slip into, especially if it has a backless or deep plunging neckline.

Because playsuits are designed to be worn with bare legs and feet, they will instantly make you look taller and more elegant. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your thighs rubbing against each other or getting chafed under the sun.

You can also buy Playsuits that come in different colors and styles such as halter neck, sleeveless, strapless, one shoulder, V-neck, etc. The trick is to find one that suits your body type.

11. Wear a T-shirt or tank top over your bra.

Wear a T-shirt or tank top over your bra. These pieces of clothing can be a way to cover your chest and make sure that you feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

You can wear a t-shirt over your bra and shorts or leggings. If you want to wear something that covers more of your body, try layering a shirt over your bra. Try looking at thrift stores for inexpensive shirts, or ask around to borrow some from friends or family members instead of buying them new.

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12. Wear a long-sleeve shirt over your bra.

Button-down shirts work well for this look. Simply put one on over your bra and tuck it into your bottoms be they shorts, pants, or a skirt.

The shirt should be long enough that when you sit down, it covers your bottom completely. If the shirt is untucked or too short, then you may want to consider another outfit choice.

 To safely wear this look in public, button all of the buttons from top to bottom and keep the sleeves rolled down instead of folded up.

13. Wear an oversized t-shirt.

Borrow an oversized t-shirt or coverup from a friend. You can also wear your own oversized t-shirt that you don’t mind getting wet.

If you’re worried about being seen by other people at the beach, lake, or pool, borrow a shirt from a friend that covers your thighs and comes down to your knees. However, make sure the shirt is not see-through.

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 Choose one that’s dark in color for more coverage. You also don’t want to wear something too tight because it will ride up when you’re in the water.

Wear shorts and a tee over your bathing suit if you feel self-conscious about wearing just a bathing suit on its own.

Wear shorts and tee combo over your swimsuit if you’ve got one and are comfortable enough to wear it around others without feeling self-conscious.

 Just be aware that this outfit might get uncomfortable when you get wet the shirt will stick to your body and the pants may bunch up around your shins or ankles.

Reasons Why People Wear Other Outfits Apart from Swimsuits

Sometimes, you may want to avoid swimsuits for various reasons. Keep in mind that some people prefer using other outfits instead of swimsuits because they have body image issues.

Perhaps they don’t like their bodies, and they are not comfortable wearing swimsuits in front of other people. Other people may not like the available sizes and styles of swimsuits.

Some people may be uncomfortable wearing a swimsuit. They could have low self-esteem or confidence in their bodies after experiencing weight gain or loss, which has made them feel uncomfortable when showing off their skin with a form-fitting suit.

There are also those who don’t want to wear suits because they can’t afford them; this is especially true for families on a budget who can only splurge so much on vacationing activities and necessities outside of travel costs such as food or lodging once there.

Finally, there are those who would rather cover up from head to toe with clothes if possible; these people could be concerned about the effects that sun exposure has on their health overall due to skin cancer risks or photosensitivity for medical reasons.

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Conclusion – What Can I Wear if I Don’t Have a Swimsuit?

You don’t have to wear a swimsuit when you go swimming. The type of clothes you wear depends on where you are swimming and what climate you live in. If it is cold, then wearing a t-shirt and leggings may be appropriate. If the weather is warm, then a wrap dress could be worn instead.


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