Is It Weird To Wash My Car In A Thong Swimsuit?

Thongs are a special brand of swimsuit that specializes in delivering top-notch, quality, and classy swimsuits that suit the masses. Thongs, in general, are suits that give an aura of confidence when worn. This can be seen by millions of people who are ardent lovers of thong bikinis or swimming suits.

Nevertheless, while it may seem to be a highly sought-after swimwear, with lots of expediency and usefulness, it is best to note that there are likely to be issues arising from wearing thongs swimming suit. The aforesaid question says, “Is It Weird To Wash My Car In A Thong Swimsuit”?

The answer is both in the positive and in the negative context (Yes and No). While a section of people may think it is weird to wash a car in a thong swimsuit, others see the washing of a car in a thong swimsuit as something not to feel so uneasy about.

In other words, humans are wired differently which leads them to make choices involving their being. So, if a person should find wearing thongs to wash a car unappealing, there is someone else that doesn’t fuss about it.

Now, let us find out why the question above, “Is It Weird To Wash My Car In A Thong Swimsuit”? happens to generate both a Yes and a No. That is, we are going to list out some of the reasons why some people may find it weird to wash a car in a thong swimsuit. Attached to it, would be other reasons why others find car washing in a thong to be fun and exciting.

Reasons Why It Doesn’t Feel Weird To Wash A Car In A Thong Swimsuit?

1. No Restrictions

I know not everyone would agree to this reason, but, looking at it from an aerial viewpoint, washing a car with a thong swimsuit leads to a lack of restrictions and flexibility. What we normally see are ladies in fully clothed wear or semi-clothed wear washing their cars within their vicinity.

And to some extent, I believe some persons may not entirely feel so comfy or flexible in such kind of wears where almost or some parts of the body are fully clothed.

That is why you tend to see some car washers, folding up their sleeves and trousers, all in a bid to overcome restrictions and to make room for flexibility. It is reasons like this that make several ladies wear their thongs swimsuits in situations like this.

Mind you, not all ladies in thong swimsuits are craving attention and trying to look all sexy. To allow for free movement of both the hands and the legs, thongs are worn to be able to achieve such.

I believe that you have come to grasp the concept of ladies wearing thongs swimsuits to wash their cars. Well, not everyone would agree on this, however, a reason has been stated to show that there are ladies that fall under this first category or reason.

2. Heat Period

The heat period is usually referred to as summertime. During summer, the blazing sun burns the skin resulting in intense heat. And this causes people to put on skimpy wears that allow for a fresh breath of air on the skin.

A person wearing a thong swimsuit during this period is doing such because of the season (heat period). Of course, I don’t think anyone would want to be fully clothed in summer when washing their cars. Peradventure, someone wears complete wear to the car garage to wash her car, then the person in question would be causing more harm than good to themselves.

This is why wearing thongs swimsuits to wash a car doesn’t sound so weird in summer seasons. It is understandable being that it is a heat period and everyone needs fresh air.

3. Sun Or Tan

Did you know that there are people that stay longer in the sun in a bid to get their skin properly tanned? This isn’t uncommon because it is a popular known practice among ladies in general. As a known fact, the body needs vitamin D which is usually gotten from the sun.

As such, you see people in skimpy wears walking or working in the sun to get the right vitamin needed by the body or to get the skin tanned. The same thing can be said for ladies who wash cars in thongs swimsuits. They do such not specifically for attention or other reasons as stated in the course of this article, but to get enough sun on them. Hence, the idea of wearing just thongs swimming suits is to give space for the sun to penetrate the whole body.

4. It Brings Attention

This would certainly be the second reason on the list being that there are ladies who find this worthy enough to want to step out in thongs while washing their cars. Although, to a level of degree, we have persons who are currently seated in this category. They can as well be called “attention seekers” in a not so offensive way.

Getting stares and glares from those around the neighborhood kind of make ladies quite elated. It gives them this feeling of being admired and adored either in a sexy way or in a not-so-sexy way. As such, you see them in thongs watching cars at schoolyards, homes, and other car washing centers.

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Attention seeking can cause a person to get to this stage of picking out thongs to wear, rather than settling for swimming wear that partially or fully covers the body. Well, since there are people who purposely wear this for attention’s sake, the least one can do is to respect their choice of wear. And one more thing why it doesn’t feel weird to wash a car in a thong swimsuit it’s because these ladies do it to get attention and the likes.

5. Lack Of Swimming Suit

At a point in our lives, we all have found ourselves in positions where we are stranded. In such kinds of situations, we find ourselves looking out for alternatives rather than being caught stranded.

In a situation whereby someone desperately wants to wash her dirty car and has nothing to switch to, the person could take off her clothes revealing her thong swimsuit. Instead of washing her wears getting soaked, the thongs swimsuit act in place of the wears.

This can be attributed to a saying which goes “do not judge a book by its cover”. Not everyone wearing a thong swimsuit is doing so for attention. There are other underlying issues like this scenario that have been painted right now.

6. A Free World

Since it is a free world and almost all souls are free to do whatever they please, I guess it is safe to say that washing of car in a thong swimsuit doesn’t feel weird. More like, we are free to do anything we choose to do without having to feel indifferent about ourselves.

This also implies that people are free to put any wear they deem fit.

Reasons Why It Feels Weird To Wash A Car In A Thong Swimsuits?

1. Slip

Are you aware that there is a slight possibility of having to slip when washing a car in thongs’ swimsuits? There are some accidents that you do not see coming, but they tend to take place at unexpected times. If you are about washing your car in a thong swimsuit, have it at the back of your mind that you might have a nip slip.

By nip slip, I am referring to the boob or one’s private part coming off by accident during the process of stretching while washing the car. This is why people find it weird to wash a car in a thong swimsuit. They do not want to go through any embarrassing moments.

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Let’s try painting a scenario where you are washing your car, and all of a sudden, you have a nip slip in the presence of others around. Quite an embarrassing situation right? Reasons like these are why people feel it is weird to wash a car in a thong swimsuit.

2. Environment

Environment matters a lot. If you are in an environment or vicinity where there are lots of underage kids, it would not be cool to put on thongs when washing your car. Yes, it is a free world and everyone is expected to be themselves, however, in an environment where kids are, it is best to dress accordingly.

Kids are easily triggered by what they see. This is why a different category of swimsuit would be suitable in such kind of environment. Nonetheless, you decision to make still. Do what you feel is right within you.

3. Religion

The last on the list is religion. Some person believes would not give room to them to dress in thongs swimsuits while washing their cars, since their beliefs involve dressing properly and covering the appropriate body parts without exposure. For such people, it feels Weird to wash a car in a thong swimsuit

Is It Weird To Wash My Car In A Thong Swimsuit – Conclusion

Having answered the question, the choice between washing your car in a thong swimsuit or not is left for you to decide on. If you feel the need to forge ahead, ensure that you are aware of both the advantages and disadvantages.


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