Is It Okay to Wear a One Piece Bathing Suit?

Bathing suits are one of the cutest, awesome, breathable, comfortable pieces of clothes you can ever own. They are very nice and can make your swimming experience amazing. For each individual, there is a matter of preference. While some people prefer a one piece swimsuit, others prefer a two piece set, whatever the poll count is, the fact still remains that bathing suits are appealing to most humans.

Even though a lot of people love bathing suits, there are still a few doubts and questions hanging over them. This could be from a perspective or societal opinion. One of such questions is, Is it okay to wear a bathing suit?

Yes, it is okay to wear a one piece bathing suit. Though there are people who are not comfortable with a one piece because they believe they aren’t sexy enough but one piece swimsuits are very comfortable, breathable, a lot of them have tummy control panels, hide love handles and still make a man or woman look very good. Yes, you heard right, a man.

There are one piece bathing suits for men that look so good. While some are not so comfortable with them, some men are at peace with flaunting their sexiness in a one piece bathing suit. You can try it out and see. However, there is still a lot to learn about one piece and how sexy you can look in them. Trust me, you will enjoy this, especially if you have been planning on a one piece this summer.

Why Wear a One Piece Swimsuit?

This question is valid, why wear a one piece swimsuit?, When you can wear a sexy two piece? Don’t worry, I can read minds now. A lot of people quite wonder why they need to wear a one piece swimsuit when they can look all sexy and beautiful and amazing and gorgeous in a two piece swimsuit. Well, there are a lot of reasons why you should wear a one piece swimsuit.

I know, they are traditional and not so sexy but read this first, you will learn to appreciate one piece for what they do.

1. One Piece Bathing Suit Provides Protection from UV Rays

Unlike bikinis that expose the body to more sunlight thereby exposing the skin to UV radiation, the one piece swimsuit protects a lot of the skin from the sun. In case you do not know, sun tanning can have dangerous effects on the body ( check our previous post on How To Protect Your Skin From Tanning While Swimming ). Tan is a way your body is communicating that it is burned by the sun you are in. Bikinis cannot help to protect you from this only one piece suit can. This is because even sunscreen is not enough to protect you from the dangers of being exposed to sunlight.

2. One Piece Swimsuit is Comfortable

Wearing a one piece swimsuit ensures that you are comfortable and that you do not have to adjust or be worried that anything can come loose. Your one piece will stay in the right place without you needing to adjust every few minutes. Unlike bikinis, you do not have to be conscious of your swimsuit because they need no adjustments.

3. One Piece is Great for Hiding Scars, Bulges, etc

The good thing about wearing a one piece swimsuit is that you do not have to worry about going to the beach and exposing the parts of your body that you do not want the world to see. The one piece swimsuit will help you to hide tummy bulges, love handles, muffins, and any scars that you might want to hide from the public. This is because the one piece swimsuit covers as much of your body as possible.

4. One Piece Swimsuit Boosts Your Confidence

There is no swimsuit that helps to raise the confidence level like the one piece swimsuit. The one piece swimsuit will boost your confidence while you are at the beach. Because they hide more than the bikini can, they also cover all the parts you need to draw attention away from. This boosts your confidence for a great time at the beach.

5. One Piece Can be Styled for Outings

The beautiful part of wearing a one piece swimsuit is that you can wear it outside of the beach. Whether you are wearing a shirt on top and going to the neighborhood store or you are styling it with jeans and heels with accessories for a serious outing, one piece swimsuits are perfect for wearing out for casual occasions.

6. One Piece Bathing Suit Makes You Stand Out

Due to the fact that most ladies prefer wearing bikinis, looking good and confident in your swimsuit makes you stand out from other ladies wearing two piece swimsuits at the beach. This alone can make you feel on top of the world.

7. One Piece is Cheaper than Two Piece Bathing Suit

Getting yourself a one piece swimsuit is cheaper than getting a two piece set. The one piece swimsuit is known to be cheaper and easier to get than the two piece swimsuit. It costs you less and you will still get great designs for good prices.

8. One Piece Swimsuit can Make You More Active

Wearing a one piece to the beach gives you less or no restrictions that you might get when wearing a bikini. You can easily surf, water skate, swim, play water sports, dive, and do other things using your one piece swimsuit. You do not have to worry about it shifting or slipping off.

9. One Piece Swimsuit Display Sexiness and Class

The one piece swimsuit designs are unique and classy. They last longer than the bikini set. These days they are even more elegant and sexy than a two piece swimsuit and give a healthy dose of self-confidence to you when you wear them. Moreover, they do not go out of style at all.

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Is It Weird To Wear a One Piece at the Beach?

Wearing swimsuits can be very nice especially when you have planned to show off your beautiful, flawless skin during the summer, however, recently there have been speculations about swimsuits, the one piece swimsuit especially. One of the questions that are floating around is, is it weird to wear the one piece swimsuit to the beach?

Absolutely not, It is not weird to wear a one piece swimsuit to the beach at all. It’s just like asking if it’s weird to wear a suit to work. Though some people feel that it is weird for a guy to wear a one piece swimsuit but that’s like less than ten percent of the population and these days even those are no longer creeped out by that. So, no it is not weird at all to wear swimsuits to the beach.

Choosing a One Piece Bathing Suit

One piece swimsuits are classy, elegant, sexy and the best piece of swimsuit you can ever have if you choose well. In order to get yourself a one piece that fits this is what you should do;

1. Know Your Body Shape

Knowing your body shape will guarantee that you can get yourself a bathing suit that will fit you and look very good on your body.

2. Choose a Size that Fits

Do not for any reason go for swimsuits that are bigger or smaller than your size, it might end up becoming a problem. Instead, go for swimsuits that fit you perfectly.

3. Choose Quality

If you are a swimwear lover like I am and you love to swim frequently then it is nice you go for swimsuits that will not break down easily. Get something you can use for a while.

4. Go for Your Favorite Brand

If you don’t have one yet it’s fine, this just gives you the option of exploring. Instead, explore and go for a very nice brand that has the quality and will deliver just what you want.

Now that you know what your options should look like when getting one piece swimsuits; I would like to recommend a few I think will take your breath away.

Recommended One Piece Bathing Suit For You

1. Viottiset Women’s Ruched High Cut One Piece Swimsuit

Viottiset Women's Ruched High Cut One Piece Swimsuit Cheeky Tummy Control Bikini Army Green Large


The Viottiset one piece swimsuit has a drawstring closure with a ruched high cut. The monokini features ruched detailing that makes it good for tummy control and gives a slimming look when you wear it. It has a sexy U neck that is backless, high rise and shows off your flattering figure. It has a removable padding bra that is wire free, and adjustable shoulder straps that you can flexibly fix all by yourself. It is suitable for the swimming pool, the beach, vacation, honeymoon, party and water activities.

2. SweatyRocks Women’s Bathing Suit

SweatyRocks Women's Bathing Suits One Shoulder Cutout One Piece Swimsuit Swimwear Monokini Pink Medium


The SweatyRocks bathing suit is made out of polyester and spandex. It is a two tone, one shoulder, cut out design. The fabric is good, breathable, comfortable, lightweight and quick to dry. It is perfect for vacations, beach, honeymoon, swimming and pool parties.

3. CUPSHE Women’s Halter Lace Up One Piece Swimsuit

CUPSHE Women's One Piece Swimsuit Striped Cutout Halter Lace Up Twist Bathing Suit, M Orange


The Cupshe women’s one piece swimsuit is made of chinlon, spandex and polyester fabric. It features a tie closure, self tie halter and floral print with a cut on the tummy. The padded cups are made for firm support and are completely removable. It is appropriate for the beach, honeymoon, swimming, pool party, beach party, vacation etc.

Conclusion – Is It Okay to Wear a One Piece Bathing Suit?

The question, is it okay to wear a one piece bathing suit, is one prominent question when inquiring about swimsuits, and their appropriateness. And if you must know, you are free to wear your one piece swimsuit on and out of the beach, exciting right? In fact, some people prefer to wear a one piece bathing suit rather than a two piece bathing suit. 

One piece bathing suits give more coverage and support, they are sexy and attractive at the same time without going out of style. They are also known to boost confidence and hide whatever you want to hide. They also make you stand out of the crowd, make you look unique and the best part is that you can style them like your everyday piece of clothing to go out. You can even put a cover up on them or a sheer Gown and you are good for your casual outing.

In case you want a one piece swimsuit and you do not know how to go about it, consider first, your body shape, your size, how frequently you will be putting it to use and of course, your favorite brands. You can also check out the jaw dropping one piece swimsuit I recommended just for you above. 


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