How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair for Bikini

Pubic hair is the hair that grows around the genitals. Due to the fact that two piece swimsuits such as are very revealing, the hair around the pubic area is bound to show when you wear a bikini. Recently, it has been revealed that some women were showing off their pubic hair in a bikini. According to them, they do not have to shave off their pubic hair because of any reason including wearing a bikini.

However, a larger percentage of women are still self-conscious about wearing a bikini while their pubic hair is showing, they are bound to feel uncomfortable and sometimes even irritated because of this. If you are part of this percentage then I’ll be showing you how to get rid of pubic hair. Getting rid of pubic hair is quite simple, you can do this yourself. All you have to do is;

How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair for Bikini

1. Shave

To shave you will need a razor and a shaving cream. Make sure that your razor is sanitized before you use it because the skin there is very sensitive and can be easily irritated. When shaving, shave in the same direction that your hair is growing from. Once you are done moisturize.

2. Wax

Waxing is a form of removing hair that involves using wax. Once the wax is removed then you can quickly rip it off once it cools. You can either use wax at home by doing it yourself or you can go to a salon and get either a bikini line or a full Brazilian wax in a salon. If you will be waxing your bikini line yourself then make sure that the wax isn’t too hot before you apply it.

Apply the wax in the direction of your hair growth and pull it off in the other direction using a cloth strip.

3. Use Depilatory Cream

Depilatory creams such as Glossiva remove hair from the skin using chemicals. Once the hair shaft is removed, only the root remains. It is one of the least painful and complicated methods of getting rid of your pubic hair. 

Do not leave them for too long on the skin, they can burn and irritate the skin. Also, make sure that you are always following the instructions carefully and keep the cream to the minimum time of usage when you use it for the first time. Rinse the cream off your skin once you are done.

4. Sugaring

Sugaring like waxing pulls the hair from its roots. The Sugaring solution is made of sugar, lemon, water and honey. Once it has been applied, allow it to stick then pull it out. When Sugaring makes sure that you are pulling out the hair in the same direction that it grows, unlike waxing. I will recommend getting your sugaring from a trained professional.

5. Epilator

The Epilator is an electric tool that you can use to pluck out hair from the root all at once. It can easily be used at home. Exfoliate the skin part where the pubic hair is, then loosely hold your epilator and move it in the direction of your hair growth.

6. Laser Hair Removal

Another way of getting rid of your pubic hair is by using the laser hair removal procedure. This cannot be done at home, you have to go see a specialist who understands the job. This procedure heats up the hair follicle there and stops new ones from growing again. This is not totally permanent but only a few hairs grow back there. 

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What Do Girls Do to Protect their Pubic Hair from Peeking Out of Their Bikinis

There are different questions about pubic hair and some of them are; what can girls do to protect their pubic hair from peeking out of their bikinis? This is quite simple, to protect your pubic hair from peeking out of your bikini, this is what you can do

1. Shave it off

One of the best ways to stop your pubes from peeking out of your bikini is to shave it all off. Shaving will ensure that there is no hair peeking out from anywhere around your bikini bottoms. If you have never really tried shaving then you can start with trimming with a pair of scissors then shaving after. This helps you to prevent irritation on your skin.

2. Trim Your Bikini Line

You can decide to trim your bikini line so that nothing is peeking out. Trimming does a good job of hiding your pubic hair especially when your trim your bikini line. You can wear your bikini and be comfortable with your hair not showing out for all to see.

How to Hide Pubic Hair While Wearing a Bikini

As I have written earlier, there are some women that do not like shaving their pubic hair at all. Now if you are this person and you will like to hide your pubic hair while you wear a bikini then you can try the following;

1. Wear bikini bottoms with wide crotch

If you want to wear bikini bottoms and you do not want to shave your pubic hair then you might have to get bikini bottoms with a wide crotch, this will help you to hide the pubic hair. However, if your pubic hair is in excess then I would advise you to trim it down a bit so that you can contain it in your bikini bottoms.

2. Trim it down to your bikini line

You can also get a beard trimming around your bikini line in order to hide your pubic hair. However, if anyone looked closely it might be possible to see your pubes peeking out but only if they look intently which would be very weird. So, you can go trimming your bikini line in order to hide your pubic hair while wearing a bikini.

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Should a Woman Remove Her Pubic Hair?

This is a question that has been up for debate for a while now. Before the world was enlightened, a lot of women were told that keeping pubic hair is dirty and lacking in personal hygiene but it has long been shown since then that removing your pubic hair as a woman is not a sign of any personal hygiene. In fact, there is no benefit to removing pubic hair. So, to answer the question, medically a woman shouldn’t shave her pubic hair.

The reason is that pubic hair protects the genitals from a lot of things flying around. It’s a sort of filter for germs and bacteria that can make your genitals their home. However, you can trim regularly and care for it so that you would not breed lice. This means that you can shave if you want to and if you don’t want to then you do not have to shave off anything at all.

Do I Have to Shave to Wear a Bikini?

A lot of women ask, do I have to shave to wear a bikini? The answer is no. you do not have to shave before wearing a bikini. Frankly, the choice is all yours. If you are not afraid or put out by the idea of wearing your bikini bottoms without shaving then please by all means go for it. Wear it like that. But if you aren’t too comfortable with the idea then you can go right ahead and shave. This is only because you are not so comfortable, not because you have to.

You can also go for the option of trimming your bikini line if you want, this will also keep the excess pubic hair away and you can wear your bikini in peace.

Can Bikini Trimmer be Used for Pubic Hair?

Bikini trimmers are trimmers that can trim your pubic hair without touching your skin. They are very good for those with extremely sensitive skin or who want a painless experience. It is also smoother than razors and is less likely to irritate the skin. This brings the question, can bikini trimmers be used for pubic hair? Absolutely. In fact, it is called a bikini trimmer which means that it is specifically made for trimming your bikini line. So, yes, a bikini trimmer can be used for your pubic hair.

In case you have not used one before, here’s how to use one;

1. Sanitize your bikini trimmer blades

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your bikini trimmer has been sterilized. Make sure that you sterilize it properly before thinking about using it at all. Some bikini trimmers need oiling, make sure that it is well oiled before you use them. After sterilizing, you can then attach the trimming guard.

2. Trim down long pubic hair with scissors

If you have too long pubic hair then it is advisable that you trim it down with scissors first in order to reduce the length. It will not only make the trimming faster but there will also be less mess. Ensure that your scissors are hygienic. Sanitize your scissors before and after use.

3. Take a bath

If you want to trim then it is easier if you do it after you have taken a bath. This is because the hair will be softened enough for easier trimming. You can even apply a pubic hair conditioner if you want before you shave.

4. Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliating will help you to remove dead skin but if you’ve never done it before then I would recommend you wait until you’ve trimmed a few times before trying it. The reason is that at that point your body is used to the process. Else you might develop rashes after trimming.

5. Apply your shaving cream

If you will be using a bikini wet trimmer then apply shaving cream. Please ensure that this cream is specifically made for pubic hair. Ensure that you check the type of trimmer you are using before shaving so that your trimming process will not be affected and it will not affect your skin.

6. Get down to business

Once you have prepared your skin for the trimming, turn on your bikini trimmer and start trimming carefully. Make sure that you are trimming in the direction of your pubic hair growth. Going in the opposite direction is a recipe for disaster. Ensure that you do not use your blade on the skin, let your bikini trimmer do all the work.

7. Take a bath or soak in the bath again

Once you are done trimming, take a warm bath or soak in the bath again. Also, ensure that you clean up your bikini trimmer and every other thing you use after you are done with warm water.

Can Pubic Hair be too Long for a Bikini?

Can Pubic hair be too long for a bikini? Yes, it can. Your pubic hair can be too long for a bikini. When your pubic hair grows to a point then it can be too long to be contained in your bikini, it would always show no matter what you do. What you can do if you badly want to wear a bikini and you don’t want your pubic hair to show is to trim it down a bit or shave. It’s all up to you eventually.

Conclusion – How to Get Rid of Pubic Hair for Bikini

Getting rid of pubic hair is very easy, all you need to do is to shave, wax, sugaring, or trim. Whatever works for you and if you do not want to get rid of your pubic hair at all then it’s your choice. Whatever your choice is, enjoy your time at the beach.


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