How To Get Ink Out Of A Bathing Suit In 2022

Some things just happen and we just can’t put a stop to them. And most of the time, they’re done unconsciously thereby leaving us in a pool of embarrassment. The most common is having ink stains on our wears. Let’s divulge into the bathing suit aspect. You may have your wear set for swimming and all of a sudden, you discover that your white swimsuit has an ink stain somewhere.

Nonetheless, something has to be done regarding it. As such, this has birthed the question of “how to remove ink from bathing suit”.

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How To Get Ink Out Of A Bathing Suit

To remove an ink stain from a bathing suit, you’ll be needing the following items

  • HairSpray
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Aerosol

Let me share my story with you on how I came about these three wonderful elements that take off ink stains from bathing suits. There was a time in my life that I had wanted to go to the beach to spend a couple of hours cooling my nerves. It was during the weekend because I already had a stressful week so I needed to let off some steam so badly.

Unluckily for me, I didn’t have a swimsuit to put on being that I had emaciated drastically and none of my suits fitted. So I had to think of a way out by going directly to Amazon to purchase one that would hug my body like a second skin.

Finally found one and I ordered it right away. On receiving it, I hastily tried it on and walked around my home with it. It was beautiful and perfect and this is one of the reasons why I have never stopped buying stuff from amazon because they’re the best.

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Unluckily for me again, I had a phone call and decided to sit on one of my armchairs that had a fresh ink stain on it. And that was how my new bathing suit got stained with ink. I looked for ways to take them out but all to no avail.

I got fed up till I communicated with a friend who told me to use any of the three things (hairspray, hand sanitizer, and aerosol) to get the ink stain out of my suit. I decided to try out the first one which is hairspray and behold, the ink stain was gone. Other times, I tried the rest two (hand sanitizer and aerosol) and they worked as well.

Since these three items worked out perfectly well for me, I decided to share them with you so that such mistakes don’t end up ruining your day. If it wasn’t for my friend who informed me of these items to use on my suits, I guess I wouldn’t have made it to the beach that faithful day. So now, let me share with you how to go about it and the safety measures to follow for a better and quick result.

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1. HairSpray

I believe you’ve got hairspray amongst your beauty products. Peradventure you do not, I’ll share a link below so you could check out the one I used on my bathing suit to take off the ink/permanent marker stains. So let’s proceed.

The first step would be to get the bathing suit out after holding the hairspray. Lay the suit on a flat board on a clean surface. Ensure you’re directly facing the ink stain. Now, hold the spray nozzle and spray directly into the stain. Leave for a while so the chemicals emanating from the hairspray can settle in so that the stain is wiped out completely as you blot with a cotton ball or launder it. Like I earlier stated, Here is the hairspray (GOT 2B Glued Blasting Freeze Spray) I used.

To show you how awesome this hairspray is for removing ink stains, let me share some of its features with you and Pros. Such that aside from using it for ink remover, you can use it for other purposes like your hair most importantly.

Click To See Price/Customer’s Reviews

Got hairspray is what you need daily to style your hair and to get it looking dope like it always should be. And the best part about getting such a hairspray is the fact that it helps you with the tiniest things like taking off ink stains from your bathing suits.


  • Longevity: What’s the usefulness of a product if it won’t be used for long? Got 2B hairspray lasts longer on hair till you’re ready to have it shampooed. Also, when in use to remove the ink from your suit, the stain will forever be gone without a trace.
  • Quality: Well, I sure wouldn’t use something that has zero quality. I always ensure that I go for simply the best and I want you to do the same as well. The Got 2B speaks the usual language which is quality. They are produced with the finest of materials.
  • Durability: Want to know if it is durable? Trust me, you’ve got no cause for alarm. Some hairspray bottles fall to the ground and they get distracted with the spray nozzle pulling out. Nonetheless, this isn’t the case with Got 2B freeze spray. It is highly durable.


  • This hairspray is a one-way ticket to removing ink from bathing suit
  • It will work great for your hair.
  • It is a multi-purpose hairspray
  • It is less expensive with a long lifespan till the content is exhausted
  • It has quality
  • No foul smell


  • None. With regards to being used in removing ink stains from the suit, the hairspray has no Cons.

2. Hand Sanitizer

The second element that you can also use to remove ink from the bathing suit is hand sanitizer. The contents of hand sanitizer contain almost 90% alcohol. Since they are largely alcohol-based, they will work better in removing whatever ink stain that must have stained your suit.

Lay the suit on a flat board or surface, then apply the hand sanitizer directly to the affected area. Hold on for a while before rinsing it off to meet a squeaky clean suit. Suave Hand Sanitizer Alcohol-Based is the sanitizer I used to get the ink out of my suit.

3. Aerosol

The best aerosol to use on your bathing suit in other to remove the ink stain is Lysol. It is this Lysol that will bring your bathing suit back to life. So follow the rest procedures by laying the suit on a surface or whatever you can lay it on without it getting stained again or soiled, spray the Lysol directly, and rinse with water.

The one I bought is currently unavailable. So you can purchase one around you. Ensure you get the best so you don’t ruin your suit.

These are the three household elements that you can use to remove ink from a bathing suit. If you can’t get across to any of these or you wouldn’t want to use them, you can subscribe to an ink and stain remover.

There’s no harm or whatsoever in using this ink and stain remover. I have friends who use this at all times and it gets the stain off permanently. So if you don’t have any of those household items, you can get one of these on amazon.

  • Amodex Ink and Stain Remover: This is a commonly known stain remover in some parts of the world. It surpasses the rest because it has the best quality, durability, and productivity. I’m speaking this way because the majority of my friends use this product if they do not want to use either of the household items mentioned above. And the result is marvellous. It gets the ink stain from the bathing suit within minutes. Here’s the link if you’ll be kind of to have a look at it.

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What Causes Ink To Come In Contact With Our Bathing Suit?

1. Carelessness

This is one of the main reasons why you may get to see ink stains on your bathing suit. First of all, our bathing suit must be properly taken care of. You don’t just go about placing it in different places. If those random places happen to have an ink stain on them, the higher possibility of you getting an ink stain on your suit. Hence, you must be careful about where you keep your bathing suit.

2. Place Of Drying

Where you intend to dry your bathing suit matters greatly. Normally, you should have it placed on a flat board or surface right under a shade or close to your home. But if you happen to place it on a board that isn’t clean like it has an ink stain, then, your suit would certainly come in contact with ink.

3. Beach/Pool Play

Most times when you’re at the beach or pool, you may get carried away by sitting or standing on areas with ink stains thereby, transporting ink to your

How To Prevent Ink From Bathing Suit

Okay, it’s high time we looked at some of the ways to prevent your bathing suit from ink. They are;

1. Proper Storage

How are you storing your bathing suit? Do you mix them up with your clothes? Well, if your suit isn’t kept in the right places they ought to be kept, then you’re endangering them by allowing ink, dirt, and stains to rub them. Normally, bathing suits ought to be kept in either a drawer or open plastic bin bag. With either of these, your suit is free from ink.

2. Be Cautious Of Where It Is Being Spread To Air Dry

Before placing your bathing suit on a board or a surface to dry, you must get to clean the place with a clean cloth and water if possible. This way, there are no stains on it.

3. Be Mindful Of The Places You Sit Or Rest At The Pool/Beach

Swimming is great and fun. However, don’t get too carried away such that you stand or sit in places that have ink stains. So, be mindful of where you sit or stand.

How To Remove Ink From Clothes

1. Removing The Ink Stain With A White Cloth

This works best for a fresh ink stain. Spread the stained cloth and get a clean white cloth to blot the stain out from it. First, you’ll be needing another cloth to place under the stained cloth. Take the white clean cloth and start bloating. Please dab and don’t rub the cloth on it so you don’t spread the ink stain further.

When you’re certain it is cleared, you can then flip the stained cloth to continue dabbing until it is cleaned as well.

2. Hairspray

In the first part of this article, I talked about how to remove ink from a bathing suit. Listed the hairspray as one way of getting ink stain from bathing suit and attached a link to it. All you need to do is to check out the hairspray I used for mine by clicking on the link.

Spray the affected part with the hairspray. Get a clean cloth preferably white or cotton wool and dab out the stain from it. Mind you, dab immediately without allowing the hairspray to stay longer. Also, you should test run it on one side of the cloth first to see the outcome before going to the major one.

3. Alcohol

Get your rubbing alcohol, and pour it into a bowl. Dip a cotton ball into it and use it to dab the stained cloth till the ink stain is completely gone.

4. Baking Soda And Water

Mix baking soda with water to form a thick paste. Dip a cotton ball into the paste and use it to dab the stained cloth.

How To Remove Ink From Bathing Suit – Conclusion

All that it takes to get ink from bathing suit and clothes as well have been dealt with amicably. Just follow the procedures and instructions to get the best results in taking off the ink from your bathing suits and clothes.


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