Can You Sleep in a Swimsuit? No and Here’s Why

It might not be the biggest question in the history of the world, but it seemed like an interesting one to me: Can you sleep in a swimsuit?

Sleeping in a swimsuit is not recommended, as the chlorine and other chemicals used to clean your swimsuit can irritate your skin and cause irritation.

The best way to sleep in a swimsuit is to use a rash guard. A rash guard is a sleeveless shirt made of Lycra or spandex material that prevents you from having any friction against your skin when sleeping.

If you have sensitive skin then you may want to consider wearing a long-sleeve shirt under your suit. This will help protect your skin from any irritation caused by wearing a swimsuit while sleeping.

If you do choose to wear a rash guard while sleeping in your swimsuit, be sure to wash it often with warm water and soap or baby shampoo (if available). This will help keep germs away from your body while still allowing you to enjoy swimming and playing sports in the water.

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Is It Bad To Sleep In A Swimsuit?

Sleeping in a swimsuit may be common for some people, but is it bad for your health?

The answer is yes and no. If you are going to sleep with your swimsuit every night, then yes, this is bad for you. You should not do this because it can cause damage to your skin.

However, if you only do it occasionally and don’t keep the swimsuit on overnight, then there is no problem with it.

Why You Shouldn’t Sleep in a Swimsuit

Sleeping in your swimsuit can cause serious health issues. It can also make your suit smell like the swamp that it is. Below are some reasons why you should never sleep in your swimsuit.

  • It will cause chafing and rashes
  • You could get infections from the chlorine or saltwater
  • It will stink like hell

Tight Clothes to Avoid Sleeping In

1. Synthetic Clothes

Clothes made from synthetic materials such as spandex, polyester or nylon are not ideal for sleeping. This is because it traps body heat and moisture, thereby forcing you to sweat.

Experts say there is no excuse for having a polyester or any other synthetic variety near your body or bed. These materials aside from their ability to obstruct your breathing, have been linked to rashes, itching, dermatitis and in some rare cases, a lower sperm count in men!

2. Underwear

Although wearing underwear to bed is a common practice among women, it is essential to state that this practice may be unfavourable to your health.

Covering your private part during the night may create an ideal condition for moist, dark and warm conditions for bacteria growth, especially for women.

If you are a woman who is prone to bacteria and yeast infection, sleeping with underwear is laying a foundation for many unwanted medical conditions especially if you are a consistent bedtime thong-wearer.

3. Bra

Sleeping with a Bra makes you uncomfortable and also vulnerable to different diseases. First, Bras can be constricting and if you are wearing one that fits tightly to your skin, you are preventing the free flow of blood around your body.

Bras can also squeeze and tighten the area around your chest, thereby exactly undue pressure on your chest which can make breathing difficult. Wearing Bra to bed increases your chances of developing a fungal infection.

Having a Bra on during your bedtime can also cause sleeplessness as it hampers your ability to achieve a night of truly deep sleep. Finally, a Bra’s hook, strap or underwire can dig into your skin, causing indentation, irritation and even welts.

Comfy Clothes You Can Choose to Sleep in Over Swimsuits

1. Molerani Women’s Swing

MOLERANI Women's Casual Swing Simple T-shirt Loose Dress, X-Large, Black


This is a simple, elegant and flowing outfit made from a combination of rayon and spandex. Available in more than 25 colours and patterns including purple, sunflower, grey, blue, rainbow etc; you can easily wear them with a denim jacket and a pair of wedges.

It is ideal to wear this cloth as a simple casual summer dress or nightshirt and you can also put it as a cover when bathing on a beach.

You can wear this with a jean jacket with scarf, long cardigan and sweaters in the winter. It fits perfectly with all kinds of footwear for fun casual day wear. If you are looking for something to wear to bed, this is an option to consider.

2. Daily Ritual Women’s Tencel Sleeveless V-Back Jumpsuit

Amazon Brand - Daily Ritual Women's Tencel Sleeveless V-Back Jumpsuit, Dark Olive, 14


This is a good choice for those looking for something nice to sleep with. This jumpsuit is made wholly from lyocell and is specially made to prevent you from sweating on hot days. It comes with an elasticized waistband that can be perfectly paired with different kinds of belts.

The Well-designed V-neck on the back adds a stylish touch to the elegance of the dress. The jumpsuit has two side pockets which provide comfort and comes with a back zipper closure. It can also be machine washed and it is also an amazing choice when going to bed.

3. Roxy Women’s Oceanside Pant

Roxy Women's Oceanside Pant, Sea Salt Large


Roxy Women’s Oceanside pants can be worn when going to bed. This pants is made from viscose and linen. Specially made for high temperatures, they have an easy, loose fit that makes them ideal for lounging. Their elasticized waistband with a built-in drawstring adds to the comfort.

You can get them in different colours. These breathable pants are greats for sleeping. The only drawback is that it doesn’t support machine washing and so can only be washed using hands.

4. Hoperay Women Coverups for Swimsuits

Hoperay Beach Cover Ups for Women Bathing Suit, Multicolored V Neck Half Sleeve Kaftans Long Beach Dress with Elastic Waist Rope C-blue 3 One Size


This is designed with chic leg slits at the bottom which helps to improve airflow. The loose sleeves plus the wide V-neck gives it a relaxing feeling. Made from 100 Polyester, the cloth is lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is suitable for different occasions including the beach, swimming pool and water park.

You can wear it as swimwear cover-ups for your vacation. It can be ironed and also washed by hand in 32-degree water. You can also buy one as your bedtime dress.

5. Bsubseach Women Beachwear Turkish Kaftans

Bsubseach Sexy White Swimsuit Cover Up Swimwear for Women Half Sleeve Side Split Beach Dress with Tassel  CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

This gown can be worn for vacations, parties, swimming pool, beach, casual picnics and sleeping. It is made from polyester and has an elastic belt which makes it both breezy and stylish.  It is a little transparent and makes your body look a little slimmer.

6. Calvin Klein Women’s Blouse

Available in pink, black or green, this draping top from Calvin Klein is a dress you can wear for many occasions. It can serve in a gym while relaxing at home or anything in between including when going to bed. It has a plunging V-neck rim and a criss-cross at the front. It is specially produced using material from Rayon, Polyester and spandex.

7. Daily Ritual Women’s Super-soft Terry Relaxed-Fit Sleeveless Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

This jumpsuit is ideal when the outside is too hot for pants. It is also very comfortable for aeroplanes. Made from ultra-soft terry fabric, you don’t have to worry about anything weighing you down as the materials are extremely light.

One of the outstanding designs of this jumpsuit is the elastic waistband that you can adjust with a drawstring to control the fit. It is available in colours such as Black, grey, navy and others. It can also be washed in a machine. It is also ideal for going to bed.

8. Conceited Premium Ultra Soft Harem Shorts – Pockets

These are lightweight, stretchy harem shorts. They are soft, on-trend and very comfortable. Produced using a mixture of Polyester and spandex, both of which are stretchy and cinched along the side hems. They are available in over 15 different colours and patterns. They can also be machine washed and can be worn to bed!

9. AILUNSNIKA Robe Kaftan Bikini Swimwear Cover Up

Another great choice for going to bed. This offers you a rare combination of comfort and cuteness. With the Plunging V-neck top and details along the edges, it makes an excellent swimsuit cover-up and you can also wear it around the house and enjoy the comfort and elegance it brings.

Conclusion – Is It Bad To Sleep In A Swimsuit?

Now, you probably shouldn’t wear your bathing suit to bed every night, as that might lead to some fairly undesirable outcomes, as far as sleeping is concerned, anyways.

But wearing your bathing suit to bed a couple of times a year shouldn’t be all that bad for you. And if you really think about it, there are worse things you could do when it comes to self-care.


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