Can You Sit On Leather In A Wet Bathing Suit?

While there are astounding benefits that reside within having to swim and other swimming activities, the downside isn’t talked about enough. Swimming, in general, is like a driving force that keeps stress far away from the body. The submersion of the body into the water is like having the body being relieved of whatever shackles that have plagued it down.

However, what’s next after swimming? Do we proceed with the rest activities for the day by heading towards the home or the office? And even when we do, how do we go about it? Thoughts like these, have led to a question being asked, Can You Sit On Leather In A Wet Bathing Suit?

No, it isn’t right to sit on leather in a wet bathing suit. In fact, on no occasion should this be carried out. You are putting your leather chair at a huge risk by sitting on it in a wet bathing suit. There are quite a couple of reasons why it is generating a negative answer. Before that, let’s talk about what happens if water touches the leather.

What The Leather Does When It Is Wet

When the water touches the surface or the skin of the leather, the oil that is inherent within the leather, tends to come together with the water.

The moment the water from the wet bathing suit dries up completely having evaporated in the leather, the oil starts coming out bit by bit. During this period, the quality and even the durability of the bathing suit starts dwindling. It doesn’t end there.

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Water touching the leather can as well cause the leather to start rotting. This can become possible if the leather has taken too long to dry out.

And having provided a syllabic answer to the question, can you sit on leather in a wet bathing suit, here are the reasons why you shouldn’t.

1. Change Of Colours

Sitting on a leather seat with a wet bathing suit, places the leather at risk, due to the high possibility of the bathing suit fading into the seat. A few of the bathing suits will have, are most likely to fade as a result of one or two underlying causes. And when one happens to be putting on one of such suits to sit on the leather chair, the suit fades into the chair in the process.

Whatever color of suit it may be, the color will thus, be evident on the leather, thereby having the leather chair ruined a bit. And this will result in the leather seat having a change of color. That is, the portion gets stained with the color of the swimming suit you have on. Reasons such as these, are why one is advised not to get on a leather chair in a wet bathing suit.

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Here is something you should also know. It doesn’t necessarily matter if the bathing suit you have on is fading or not. It isn’t ideal to sit on it in a wet bathing suit. There are other alternatives to this and, will be touched soonest.

2. Unpleasant Smell From Not Being Properly Dried

A second reason why you shouldn’t under any circumstances, sit on leather in a wet bathing suit, is to prevent the possibility of having an unpleasant smell oozing from the leather seat. Let me buttress on this a little.

First, one should never sit on leather while on a wet bathing suit. But if peradventure you end up sitting on the leather sit apparently, something is likely going to transpire. And that would mean your leather sit, bringing out a not-so-pleasant smell. Mind you, this only becomes a reality when the leather chair is left for long without being attended to.

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That is, rather than getting a thick towel or piece of cloth to wipe out the wetness instantly, it is left to perhaps, air dry by itself. And the consequences are realized when it is completely dried. It is at that point that it gives out this not-so-pleasant smell that can trigger one.

To avoid such kinds of scenarios, it is best to adhere to the instructions that bind against sitting on a leather chair in a wet bathing suit. Or better still, have the seat cleaned as soon as possible.

Things To Do To Sit On A Leather With A Wet Bathing Suit

1. Get A Towel

If you are the type that wouldn’t want to take off the bathing suit before having to sit on leather, get the towel as an alternative. The towel is one of the best alternatives to this. If you have such around you or you went to the pool or beach with it, you can use this instead if you have leather in your car, or a leather in the car you are about to enter.

Moreover, we aren’t talking about the small towels that are used in cleaning or wrapping the body. Such kinds of towels are a bit smaller for this. The towels needed in such a situation, are large towels that can occupy a larger space. With such a towel spread on the leather, there wouldn’t be room for the wet bathing suit to get the leather wet in any way.

To add, please ensure to get a towel that absorbs water so well. Not all towels are absorbent. This is why you have to get the ones that are very thick for this purpose.

2. Seat Covers

Sometimes, I feel we shouldn’t worry too much, knowing the age (century), we are now, and the numerous alternatives that have been made possible to mankind. Take, for instance, the subject of discussion. Since we have a few alternatives before us, there is no more room for more excuses.

Knowing that you shouldn’t sit on leather with a wet bathing suit, but still goes ahead to sit on it nonetheless, makes it all wrong. Why? You have got stuff like the seat covers that can be placed or worn on the leather.

The seat cover is one of the most thoughtful ways to get the leather properly covered, to avoid the droplets of water from the bathing suit, to drop on it. And also the right way to prevent the leather from smelling too. If the water drops, it wouldn’t get to the leather, because the seat cover will be the one to protect the leather.

Since you are now aware of this, go with seat covers for safety measures. There are different marketplaces where the seat covers can be purchased. And please, ensure to get the one that aligns and matches your leather.

And the seat cover that should be used for the leather, is the Wet Okole seat cover.

Wet Okole is a brand that specializes in making seat covers for all kinds of seats. When it comes to seat covers, the wet Okole remains one of the most popularly known brands for this.

They are not known for just the production of seat covers, but for their durability and quality that take them to a position where they remain one of the best in the production of seat covers. Such covers are the ideal covers for your leather.

2. Changing To A Clean And A Dry Wear

Are you aware that one of the alternatives includes this? Changing to a different wear after swimming will save you the stress of trying to get either a towel or seat cover for your leather.

Using the towel to dry your body foremost, before putting on the wear is one way to have your leather highly protected from the occurrences that are bound to follow when the former, is carried out. With these, always endeavor to go swimming in clean dry clothes or wears.

3. Raincoat

Yes, the raincoat is the third alternative on board. I would like you to understand something, please. The raincoat isn’t for the rain only. It can be used for other situations where a raincoat can be needed. If there’s water dripping somewhere, and the person wants to go over and doesn’t want to get wet, the raincoat can be used.

For the scenario of the wet bathing suit and the leather seat, the raincoat can very much be used. You can have it worn over the wet bathing suit while sitting on the leather. And no, the leather wouldn’t get wet or soaked from it.

How To Clean A Wet Leather

To clean a wet leather, you wouldn’t be needing much, except for a piece of a clean cloth and water.

Start by washing your hands. The goal is to remove water, grease, or oil. So, your hands should be thoroughly cleaned so the leather doesn’t absorb anything from your hand.

Get the piece of cloth and start dabbing. Clean both the surface and the inner. Leave to dry for some time. Do not spread by moving your hand in a circular motion, but dab. If you do the former, you’ll be spreading the water to other places. Dabbing is just fine.

All we need to do here is to stop the leather from getting soaked, but instead, ensure it is a bit damp so nothing happens to it.

Conclusion – Can You Sit On Leather In A Wet Bathing Suit?

Sitting on leather in a wet bathing suit is off and shouldn’t be condone. Since we have elaborated on what could occur from doing such, the right thing to do now would be to desist from this and stick to the alternatives presented, to keep your leather safe and secured from external forces.


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