Can I Go Swimming After Dying My Hair Brown?

When it comes to swimming, bathing suits aren’t the major point of focus. Other aspects must be given maximum attention so one can have a swell time at the beach or pool. There is no better way to enjoy swimming without having to thoroughly prepare for it.

This is to say that no part of the body should be neglected. Every area matters. Either from the crown of your head or to the sole of your feet. For this post, we’ll be looking at human hair styles and what to expect when swimming. Here is a question that says, Can I Go Swimming After Dying My Hair Brown?

Yes, you can go swimming after dying your hair brown. Having your hair dyed wouldn’t pose a risk when it’s time for swimming. No matter the color of hair you have on, you can jump right into the water with it and bask in the euphoria of the water. But then, to be able to achieve that effortlessly, there are some things to take note of before entering the water with your brown hair.

Having answered the question, Can I Go Swimming After Dying My Hair Brown, let us look at the factors to put into consideration before swimming with a brown hair

1. Wait For A Day Or Two

If you have your hair dyed recently, it will be best to hold on for some hours before hitting the water with the newly dyed hair. Preferably for a day or more. Entering the water with your hair dyed brown will lead to the dye fading off. And what does this imply? It implies that all the efforts in getting your hair dyed to brown would go down the drain.

Do yourself the favor of waiting for it to settle in first. Let the dye seal in and let it blend alongside your natural hair. And all these will take either a day or two for the dye to settle in finally. The reason why it is expected of you to wait for that long is to allow the dyed hair to stay longer. If you go into the water with the fresh dye on your hair, it would fade off thereby, fading into the water.

If you feel you can’t wait for such a duration of time, then you shouldn’t get the hair dyed. Because it requires patience before you can fully enjoy your hair by going for a swim when the dye has settled in completely.

2. Hair Saturation

After waiting for a day or two, don’t just go into the pool water directly. The next step would be to have your hair saturated. What does hair saturation mean? To avoid the root of your hair showing after having the hair has been dyed.

And to saturate your hair before entering the pool, you will need tap water to do. Please, do not use the pool water. Using the pool water for this will lead to the dyed hair fading off. Tap water is suitable for this. Get a little amount of the tap water, and, wet the dyed hair with it.

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Also, you can add a little bit of conditioner to the tap water for proper saturation. Not so much but a little drop of hair conditioner is what is needed. The essence of having the conditioner mixed with the tap water is to properly saturate the dyed hair so it prohibits the hair from sucking up chlorine.

If chlorine should come in contact with your dyed hair, it will not only cause the dyed hair damages but also to your natural hair.

What To Do After Swimming With A Dyed Hair

1. Rinse Well

Stepping out of the water after swimming with your dyed hair, would require you to rinse the hair before anything else. Get into any of the showers made available and rinse well. Do not be in haste such that you end up doing a haphazard job.

Take your time to rinse the chlorine water off your hair. Be it a chlorinated pool or not, the bottom line is that you get the dyed hair properly rinsed. You can then proceed to the next stage after this.

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2. Use A Shampoo

For someone with dyed hair, endeavor to get your pool bag stuffed with shampoo. Washing your dyed hair with shampoo is a prerequisite. You have to thoroughly wash out the chlorine or pool water, so your hair isn’t ruined.

Rinsing the dyed hair with water only wouldn’t help to preserve the dye from fading. Rather, it will cause the dyed hair to fade more. If care isn’t taken, you could end up losing a large chunk of your hair. The shampoo will help to not only wash off the chlorine but have the dye sealed to avoid fading.

Kindly check out the following shampoo.

1. L’Oreal Paris EverPure Volume Sulfate Free Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Volume Sulfate Free Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair, Volume + Shine for Fine, Flat Hair, with Lotus Flower, 2 Count (8.5 Fl; Oz each) (Packaging May Vary)


The L’Oreal Paris shampoo is that shampoo that never fails to do a perfect job for colored or dyed hair. What makes it more peculiar is the fact that it is recognized and easily approved by hair colorists for dyed hair. It seals in the color and protects the dyed hair from fading.

To add, it is sulfate-free which makes it a lot safer to be used on the hair after swimming and rinsing.

3. Use A Conditioner

This is optional and not a must. If you wish to use a conditioner along with the shampoo, please feel free. A little drop of hair conditioner on the hair would also help to keep the dye intact. The hair conditioner has the right chemicals to keep the dyed hair from falling apart or from fading gradually.

Apply it on the hair after rinsing the dyed hair and washing it with shampoo. But if you don’t have a conditioner or you do not feel the need to use one, it’s fine. Hair conditioner is optional.

Are you looking for which to get for your hair? Then this Herbal conditioner will be suitable.

1. Herbal Essences Color me happy conditioner for colored hair

Herbal Essences Color me happy conditioner for colored hair color treated hair, 29.2 fl oz, 29.2 Fl Oz


Getting a good conditioner for your hair can be a bit stressful. Especially knowing that there are so many fake hair conditioners out there that don’t even do one-tenth of what their description says. This is why I love talking about the Herbal Essence conditioner because it is something that I have used over the years.

It is safe, protects the dyed hair, and the best part of it all is that it has been tested by a certified dermatologist.

What Can Be Used To Cover A Dyed Hair When Swimming?

1. Swim Cap

If you are looking for what to use in covering the hair, the swim cap is one of the best alternatives. A swim cap can be used to cover dyed hair when swimming. Using a swim cap will provide adequate protection for your hair.

A durable and quality swim cap will keep the dyed hair from being affected by chlorine. This is why it is good to be picky about the right swim cap to use. Not all swim caps can prevent water from touching one’s hair.

Check out the following for a swim cap.

1. Arena Unix II Unisex Lycra Swim Cap for Men and Women

Arena Unix II Unisex Lycra Swim Cap for Men and Women, Navy, One SizeCHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

The Arena swim cap is one popular brand of swim cap that is widely used, not because it’s inexpensive, but for the fact that it is durable, gives better coverage, and is made with panels that boost its usefulness.

It is stretchy which can be used for both short and long hairs. Lastly, it is produced to protect your dyed or colored hair from the sun. The Arena swim cap is that swim cap that never disappoints.

2. Scarf

Yes, you can use your scarf as an alternative for a swim cap. The scarf can still be used as an alternative to cover dyed hair when swimming. So, if you can’t lay your hands on a swim cap, then use the scarf as a substitute for the swim cap.

Please note that the scarf would not cover the dyed hair completely. There will be loopholes that would allow for water to get into your dyed hair. Well, get ready for this. Or better still, you could choose to swim without dipping your hair in the water.

Here is a scarf you can check out.

1. Ailments Store 4 Pc Set Large 35 x 35 inches Satin Square Scarves

4 Pc Set Large 35 × 35 inches Satin Square Scarves Neck Hair Head Scarf Bundle (Set Y31)


I specifically chose this scarf due to its large size, which would be wide enough to cover the entire hair. With its wideness, there will be no room for a portion of your dyed hair to fall out.

It comes in four (4) designs where you get to choose from any color that matches your bathing suits. It is a quality scarf and you certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on this scarf.

Can I Go Swimming After Dying My Hair Brown – Conclusion

Yes, swimming with dyed hair wouldn’t cost you any harm. Colored hairs won’t fade in pools as long as you are fully ready or prepared to go through the process involved in maintaining the brown hair so the dye doesn’t fade off.

The only way to swim after dying your hair brown would be to carefully follow the instructions that have been given. Do this and thank me later.


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