13 Best Swimsuit for Flat Chest (2022 Review)

Regardless of if you plan to lounge around the pool or partake in some active beachside activities, you will need a swimsuit. Getting the best fitting swimsuits requires many considerations, one of which is your bust size. This is because the size of your chest area is one of the most prominent physical attributes of your body. And if you have a small bust size, looking for bathing suits might be pretty challenging each season.

Plenty of bathing suit designs are made explicitly to look astonishing on you, even with your modest bosoms. And if you wish to accentuate your bust, the first option that comes to mind is padded swimwear which provides a natural lift to make your boobs appear more prominent. Thankfully, this isn’t your only option, and designs such as bandeau tops, front tie bikinis, one-shoulder, and others can help feature your cup size flawlessly. 

Here is a list of the best swimsuit for flat chest to ease your search.

Buyers’ Guide to Best Swimsuit for Flat Chest

Before heading off to the store to get your preferred swimsuit, it’s essential to understand a few metrics that define such a product. A buyers’ guide provides you with this knowledge forehand, thereby making your buying decision easy as it serves as a filter for numerous products.

1. Price

Pricing is critical, and it’s essential to know you are getting the value for your money’s worth. To this end, this list features a wide range of prices but mostly less than $100. This means swimsuits on this list are pretty affordable to many without sacrificing quality.

2. Brand

This list features swimsuits from top brands on the Amazon platform. These brands have, over the years, churned out impressive swimwear products and maintained quality.

3. User feedback

Many of the swimwear present on this list have been around for now. And in that time, these swimsuits have raked in an impressive user review and rating on the Amazon platform. This list features swimsuits with an average rating of over four stars on Amazon.

13 Best Swimsuit for Flat Chest

Getting the perfect fit from your swimwear shouldn’t be difficult if your chest measurements fall within the AA, A, and B-cup sizes. That said, there are a lot of designs, styles, and brands to pick from, which can further complicate the process. One key factor to note is that the best swimsuit for you will also have the best bra feature. This means your swimsuit should consider the set and shape of your chest.

To help you out on your quest for the best of the best, you should consider any of the following swimwear:

1. Bandeau Tops

If you are not interested in making your modest bust look more prominent, then you can consider the bandeau-style swimsuit. Bandeau tops are great for creating straight-across, even tan lines with tube-like designs. And if you have a flat chest, this design works perfectly for you. Bandeau swim tops tend to slip off, but many now utilize a detachable strap to prevent this. This aside, bandeau designs that feature ruching or ruffles can further create the appearance of a bigger bust. 

Ocean Blues women Twist Bandeau Bikini Top

Ocean Blues Women's Black Halter Twist Bandeau Bikini Top Size Medium


This Bandeau bikini top comes with a twisted front design that is great for your flat chest. It also has an adjustable tie-back feature to allow you to tighten or loosen your piece as much as you want. Made from sturdy material, you get excellent quality. Also, its soft molded cup ensures comfort, and it has no underwire.

2. Puff Sleeve Bikini Top

One design of swimsuit you should consider for your flat chest is the puff shoulder style. Thankfully, bikinis, irrespective of their designs, can help you create a well-defined bust that effectively masks the actual size of your boobs.

Peddney Two-piece Puff Sleeve Bathing Suits

Peddney Women Flounce High Waisted Bikini Swimsuit V Neck Ruffle Two Piece Bathing Suit Bright Black


With its puff sleeve design that covers your arms, this swimsuit effortlessly flatters your figure and enhances the appearance of your bust. It also uses a soft pad to provide more support for your flat chest. The Peddney two-piece comes from tough composite spandex and nylon for maximum durability.

3. Front Tie Bikinis

New generation bikini tops now feature front ties, which, aside from its added beauty, can be helpful for your flat chest. This design helps the small chest by adding extra volume. Also, depending on your shape, you can use this design to create more cleavage by tightening the knot. And the more cleavage you can squeeze out of your bust, the bigger they tend to appear.

CUPSHE Floral Print Knot Adjustable Two-piece Bathing Suit

CUPSHE Women's Red Floral Print Knot Adjustable Bikini Sets, S


Designed as a cross Bikini Top, it features an adjustable shoulder strap for firmness and a tie-front design to further support your flat chest. Furthermore, it uses removable padded cups, which means you can rely on the knots alone for a fuller bust or the pads for creating that extra. 

4. Sweetheart Necklines

If you dislike the idea of padding or underwire to help your flat chest appear more significant, then a sweetheart neckline design is your best option. This is because a sweetheart shape will effortlessly frame your chest and create the impression of a slightly larger bust. Additionally, this design provides excellent coverage and is suitable for family and friends.

Hilor One-piece Retro Inspired Monokini Swimsuits

Hilor Women's One Piece Swimsuits Front Twist Bathing Suits Tummy Control Swimwear Retro Inspired Monokini Black 8


Featuring a classic sweetheart neckline, this swimwear combines it excellently with a center ruched design to help you accentuate your flat chest and create the illusion of a bigger bust. Also, it uses non-removable soft molded bra cups but provides excellent rear and front cover. This makes it wearable even with kids around.

5. Ruffled Swimsuits

Swimsuits with the ruffle design have diverse use. From hiding belly pooch to concealing muffin top, you can rely on them to help your flat chest as well. They provide volume through their extra materials to create a fuller chest. More so, your options aren’t limited, as you can get a one-tier ruffle top for two-piece swimsuits or layered ruffles in a one-piece.

One Piece Lace Up Ruffled Swimsuits by Tempt Me

Tempt Me Women Sexy One Piece Lace Army Green Ruffled Off Shoulder Swimsuit XL


Arguably one of the best swimsuits for flat chest available today, its ruffled, off-shoulder, frill approach is a powerful one. This one-piece swimwear is excellent at making your flat chest appear fuller, which eventually improves your overall body shape. Its cushioned push-up top emphasizes your bust and gives you much-needed confidence.

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6. Cross Halter Triangle Bikini Top

The cross halter triangle bikini is an exemplary string two-piece swimsuit for accentuating a flat chest. This multi-styled design is excellent for your small chest area with easy maneuverability and adjustment.

Striped Cross Halter Bikini Swimsuit by Beauty

beautyin Womens High Neck Swimsuit 2 Piece Teens Halter Bikini Swimwear Stripe


Made with adjustable lace-up straps to allow for an easy fit to your flat chest. You can tighten the belt to lift your bust as you want. Also, this high neck top has removable pads and full lining for extra support to your chest area, making it appear fuller.

7. The Wrap Plunge swimsuit

The plunging neckline makes this list, but the wrap plunge variant is first. Swimsuits with this design provide incredible support for your flat chest, making them appear fuller. If your flat chest makes you appear masculine, you can count on this type of swimwear to bring feminine shine to your appeal.

CUPSHE One-piece Sexy Deep V Neck Wrap Swimsuit

CUPSHE Women’s One Piece Swimsuit Sexy Deep V Neck Solid Red Bathing Suit, M


This swimsuit comes designed with a nice wrap and plunge, which creates support for your bust and enhances your flat chest effortlessly. It also has a crisscross back and self-tie straps at the waist for an overall curvy appeal. Its cup style features a removable pad if you don’t mind using pads as an extra means of support.

8. Smocked Swimsuit

Smocked swimsuits are much similar to the ruffle design. It uses extra fabric fashioned in accordion style, often called pleats, with a string sewn in to hold the fold. This design in swimsuits helps create the appearance of a fuller chest area effortlessly.

Dokotoo Women Strapless Smocked Swimsuit

Dokotoo Womens Floral Print Push Up Beach Summer Strapless Smocked Ladies Bikini Set Ruffled High Waist Swimsuit Bathing Suit 2 Pieces Swimear Swim Bottom


This swimsuit is best suited for you if you have a flat chest using the smocked design. Its extra fabric at the chest area makes the illusion of a bigger bust which flatters your figure perfectly.

9. Deep V-Neck

While deep V-necks might sound counterintuitive, swimsuits featuring low-cut necklines are an excellent option for you if you have tiny busts. If you have a flat chest and wish to show a bit of chest skin, you won’t get from bandeau without worrying about spillage; you have nothing to fear with this design. Its shape likewise provides the much-needed lift, regardless of your cup size. And many have argued that this design remains stylish among individuals with a flat chest.

Holipick One-piece Plunge V Neck Strappy Cutout Swimwear

Holipick Women Black Sexy One Piece Swimsuits Plunge V Neck Bathing Suits Lace up Monokini Strappy Cutout Swimwear M


Featuring a close-up lace design, this swimwear can not only help you flaunt your flat chest but can also create a feeling of a more extensive, fuller bust. It additionally includes a hot strappy lace up on each side, assisting with more curves—a perfect choice for you to leverage.

10. Push Up Bikini Top

I mentioned this at the beginning of this piece as it remains the easiest and most likely the first option that comes to mind. Swimsuits that feature extra padding will effortlessly lift your bust as they cushion them upwards. It will make your figure fuller, creating extra cleavage from your flat chest. If you are considering this option, it’s essential to note the pads’ design. But generally, they are made with a thick bottom and thin top, which is where the pushing effect comes. 

Bikini Push Up Halter Top Swimsuit by Tempt Me

Tempt Me Women Black Bikini Top Push Up Swim Top Halter Retro Bathing Suit Top Padded Swimsuit Top Only XL


This push-up bikini top has an adjustable self-tie halter neck, a clasp hook closure at the back, and pad cups to provide all-around support for your flat chest. It creates the illusion of a fuller bust than what you truly have. You can easily combine this with other bikini bottoms that further help accentuate your body shape.

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11. Print or Pattern Swimsuit

Again, if you have a flat chest, you can leverage swimsuits with prints or patterns on them to flatter your bust. Depending on other designs incorporated into the wear, you will be able to pull onlookers’ attention to your lively prints of patterns without necessarily paying attention to your flat chest. In simple terms, they add enhancement to your flat chest without really using extra fabrics.

COCOS Retro One-piece Swimsuit

COCOSHIP Black & White Striped Fashion One Piece V-Neck Swimsuit Bather High Waisted Criss Cross Swimwear Monokini L(US8)


Cocoship retro swimsuit leverages its bright prints and halter style to be suitable for flat-chested individuals. The suit offers good support for a small bust, helping create the appearance of a more prominent figure. Also, its print quickly distracts the eyes by quickly drawing all the attention to its beautiful patterns. In truth, this is a multi-use swimsuit that can serve several purposes, aside from accentuating a flat chest.

12. Off Shoulder Swimsuits 

Nearly all off-shoulder style swimsuits work brilliantly on individuals with a modest chest. This design will create the illusion of a fuller bust since it excludes your shoulders. If you wish to opt for this option, you can further make a more appealing appearance by getting those incorporated with ruffles or ruching.

Tempt Me One-piece Off Shoulder Ruffled Bathing Suits

Tempt Me Women's Black Off Shoulder One Piece Swimsuits Flounce Ruffle Bathing Suits L


Another masterpiece from the Tempt Me brand focuses on individuals with a flat chest. This one-piece swimsuit features an adjustable and removable strap with a padded bra for creating desirable shape and excellent support for the bust. To further improve your flat chest, it uses a flounce in combination with its off-shoulder design.

13. Fringe or Tassel Bikinis

The fringe or tassel design is another excellent option when it comes to the best swimsuit for a flat chest. It uses extra materials in front of your top to create added volume for the chest area. This is an effortless way to appear appealing even with your flat chest.

COCOS Women’s Mesh Tassel Trim Swimsuit

COCOSHIP Tropics Green Palm Leaves White Mesh Striped High Waist Bikini Set Tassel Fringe Top Halter Straps Swimsuit Swimwear 6


Just like the ruffle or ruch design, this triangle top uses a tassel trim top in combination with adjustable straps to accentuate your flat chest. Extra support for the boobs comes from its removable padding cups. Excellent for combining with any of your swimsuit bottoms when planning a beach day.

Conclusion – Best Swimsuit for Flat Chest

Having a flat chest can be a little disheartening, often due to excess emphasis laid on a fuller chest line. You don’t necessarily have to feel bad about it, as a perfect body doesn’t exist. Having a flat chest also comes with its own perk as it becomes easy to get fitting clothes, including swimsuits. That doesn’t mean there isn’t anything you can do about your flat chest when wearing a swimsuit. With the above designs and recommended product, you can be sure of having a much fuller bust even with your flat chest.


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